11 Ways On How To Print Without A Printer

There are many ways to print without a printer, from printing pdf files to fax and printing wirelessly. The most suitable solution for you depends on the urgency of your document.

AirPrint and Google Cloud Print are the most simple and widely used methods for printing without a printer. You’ll need your phone or computer, as well as a stable internet connection, for this.

Aside from that, here are a few options to get your printing needs met without owning a printer at your home.

Print Web Pages as PDF documents

If you’re not in a rush to print your documents urgently and have some time, you can print web pages as pdf files. You can save these pdf files and store them in your USB, hard drive, or your phone to print them later at another place.

  1. Open a webpage that you need to print and hit right-click on your mouse. PRINT-WEBPAGE
  2. Select Print.printer settings
  3. Click on Microsoft print to PDF.

The formatting will remain the same. You can even choose if you want it in black and white or color. Change the layouts and select the number of pages to print as well. 

Print at FedEx

Another easy option to print your documents is using FedEx. What’s good about this is that you can even get your printed documents shipped to your doorstep. Although the shipping charge may add to the cost, it’s convenient if you’re often busy. 

You can simply submit your files online to FedEx through Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Print at Staples/Office Depot 

Often office supply stores also provide printing services. You can send your documents online and pick them up from the store. If you don’t have the time to pick it up, you can even order and get it shipped to your door. 

You can also customize and choose the weight, size, and color of your paper, along with getting it laminated or punched. 

Fax/Email Your Documents 

Fax Telephone Email

Physical copies of documents may not be compulsory everywhere. You can kindly ask the receiver if they will accept other options. Most likely, they might be open to fax. If not, they might accept an email. 

If the document is a form you need to fill and submit, you can digitally add both the info and your signature. After that, just fax or email it. Many popular phones have a built-in feature that lets you create and save your signature. You can reuse the same signature in the future.

Wireless Printing

One of the quickest ways you can print without a printer is by printing wirelessly. Someone near you might have a wireless printer. Even your apartment building might have printing, fax, or scan services. All you need to do is to scan for one and ask for their permission to use it. 

  1. Go to Devices settings on your Windows laptop. settings-device- How to Print Without a Printer
  2. Select Printers and scanners.
  3. Select Add a printer or scanner. add-a-printer-or-scanner
  4. Once it shows an available printer, you can select it and print it. 

Print at a Local Copy and Print Store

You might have a store nearby you that offers all types of copy and print services. If you’re not sure if there is one near you, you can google it. Once you find one, you can contact them and mail them the documents you need to print. When you get to the store, you can get your printed copies right away. 

They will charge some fees, but it’s usually very cheap

Print at Your Workplace

Printing in Office

Every workplace has at least one printer. If it’s an important and urgent document, printing it once at your workplace won’t be a big deal. But, it’s best to inform or ask permission from your supervisor about it. 

Print at a Library

Printing in Library

Libraries can also offer copy, print, scan, and fax services. Sometimes it can be for free if you have very few documents but if not, it’s very cheap. You can go to your nearest library and ask if they provide such services. If they do, then you can easily print from there.

You can even look for a printer at your college library. They most likely will have computers and printers. If you need to print a college assignment, the librarians may be more than happy to let you print. Even if you’re not a college student, you might get your documents printed for a very low cost. 

Print at a Hotel or a Stationery Shop

There are so many hotels that you can probably find more than one near you. Hotels can even have advanced printers. You can simply go and request to print your documents. They’ll most likely accept your request for free. 

Stationery shops always have printers and office/school supplies. So, you can print out your documents at a very affordable cost. You might also get options on how you want your document to be printed. For e.g., you may choose the quality of the paper, the color, and the size of the paper. 

Print at Your Local Grocery Store/UPS Store

If there are no hotels or universities in your area, there is most likely a local grocery store, a pharmacy, or a drug store. You can go and print your documents for a very low cost. 

You might also easily find a UPS Store near you. A lot of them provide copy and print services. You can also choose the style of your paper. If you want to know the cost beforehand, you can upload your documents to UPS and they’ll provide an estimated price. 

The UPS Store will also give you an estimated time. You can later go and pick your documents from the store. 

Ask Your Neighbors or Friends and Family 

You can always ask your neighbors or friends and family if you can use their printer. It’s also free and safe if the documents you want to print have private information, like your social security number. 

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