15 Best Exercise Games For Nintendo Switch In 2022

Nintendo Switch consoles are well known for introducing unconventional yet entertaining ways to play the games. One such feature they’ve created is the use of motion sensors in its joy-cons and use them to track the player’s movements.   

For whatever purpose they’ve created this method, it does make pretty good technology to incorporate them in fitness games. It not only takes away your worries of having to visit the gym, but it also gives you the perfect opportunity to stay fit while gaming.

It is truly an impressive innovation that will help many players who are too introverted to interact with people. If you are someone searching for the best exercise games for Switch that will help you get fit and fine, here are the best ones to try out.                         

Best Exercise Games for Switch

Ring Fit Adventure


This game is perfect for someone who wants to have full-body exercise while also enjoying some games at the same time. It is an exercising RPG game where you have to perform different moves to beat monsters and move forward in the game. 

The game ships with a ring-like device known as Ring-Con, and it can attach one Joy-Con. You also need to attach a leg strap to your leg to play this game. These devices are used to track your hands and leg movements based on the task shown on the screen.

It includes all kinds of exercises from legs and arms to back and thighs. You mic the moves shown on your screen and defeat the enemies. You can also try adventure where you just exercise without playing games. It has several mini-games for certain exercises too.

Fitness Boxing


Fitness Boxing is a type of game that everyone should play. It teaches you basic boxing moves while also having fun. You need to use your joy-con controllers to track your movements while playing this game.

It allows you to train different parts of your body, such as the chest, biceps, legs, and so on. The game is basically played by performing actions and maneuvers shown on the screen. You can also choose instrumental versions of different songs while playing the game. 

The exercise is different for each song, and you’ll get scores based on how well and precise your moves were. This game is perfect if you want to spend some time doing basic exercises like punching and jumping.

Mario Tennis Aces


It is basically a tennis game that you can play using your own two hands. You can pick different characters from the Super Mario universe and play as them. These characters are unlocked when you participate in monthly tournaments, and if you don’t participate, they will get added to the next tournament’s character roster. 

All of these characters have special shots that you can use while playing. You can use your joy-con controller to return or serve the ball. You can also use special moves and attacks by filling up your energy gauge. It is a fun exercising game with good voiceovers and slick animations.

Zumba: Burn It Up!


If there is one thing people expect from exercise games, then it should be having fun while working out. Well, this game does just that in so many better ways. You can learn different dancing moves while also working towards having a well-shaped body when you play this game.

You basically copy each move your trainer(I don’t know what you call them) is doing on the screen while holding your joy-con and until the music ends. It has several songs and beats to choose from, but most of them are originals.

So if you’re searching for some good new songs to dance to, it will disappoint you there. But the game is pretty fun if you’re into Zumba. It is a great way to exercise and make yourself sweat without visiting gyms.



Arms is a fighting game that you can play with up to three of your friends. As the name suggests, you fight using your super long, stretchable arms with the purpose of knocking down your opponent. It features multiple characters with different arms and special moves that they can use by charging up the attack meter.

It is a super fun, entertaining game that requires you to move your hands to throw out punches constantly. However, you can also dodge or block incoming attacks. It has various modes that you can try with friends and have a blast playing together.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise


It is the sequel to Fitness Boxing game that came out in 2018. Although it doesn’t offer that much in terms of gameplay, the UI and controls seem to be a bit better in this one. Like the previous game, it comprises a daily workout or training menu when you launch the game.

You can choose either of those to start playing. In workout mode, you can choose what kind of workout you want to do as well as music and background for the workout. You can also specify the difficulty level of your workout.

The workout itself consists of throwing some punches and doing maneuvers shown on the screen. The punches can range anywhere from cross and jabs to uppercuts. And based on how well you do, you’re given a score at the end of the workout.

Nintendo Switch Sports


Nintendo Switch Sports is a collection of family-friendly games that you can play with your friends and families. It mostly features the games of Wii Sports that came out in 2006, along with some additional ones. And the games are mostly played using joy-con as motion sensors to perform various moves.

Unlike Wii Sports, it has enhanced graphics and mechanics, which gives this game a modern look. The characters look nice, and it feels even nicer to play the games. If you want to feel the nostalgia of playing different games on Wii Sports, there is no better alternative.

Knockout Home Fitness


Knockout Home Fitness is another fitness game that is highly influenced by kick-boxing elements. Like Fitness Boxing, it also encourages you to perform different moves to match the actions on your screen. These moves include a series of punches, kicks as well as other cardio moves. 

It also shows you different colors to help distinguish which side you should use (left or right). You can see your score at the end of each training to see how well you performed.

Just Dance 2022


Just Dance 2022 is a brand new game in the Just Dance franchise, and it is probably the best one till now. It has lots of popular songs to choose from and also tons of moves to master. The songs range from pop and party to all the way to Kpop. So you can be quite picky when it comes to choosing the song for your exercise.

The goal of the game is simple; you pick a song and try to copy the moves of characters you see on your screen. You can even see how well you’re doing live on your screen. It gives you stars based on how well you’re doing, with one star being the lowest and five stars the highest. Your objective is to get five stars, of course.

It also has kids mode, which is like an easier version of the game. So if you want your kids to have some fun exercise while also laughing and dancing, it can be a pretty good choice.

Jump Rope Challenge 


Imagine skipping but without a rope. That’s exactly what this game is all about. You hold one(or both) joy-con in your hand and perform skipping challenges shown on the screen. It doesn’t have the pretties graphics, but it does have some hardcore exercises to make up for it.

You can also play this game with your buddy or a family member, with each person holding one joy-con. It lets you customize the number of jumps that you need to do in order to pass and also keeps a record of jumps on each day for future reference. It is a simple fitness game that will keep you busy for hours and fit for days. 

Sports Party


Sports Party is another collection of games that require you to use your joy-con to play. It has six games in total, but they are all kind of average if you’re trying to have fun. But if you’re just looking for an excuse to get some exercise, it is worth a try.

Like all fitness games, you use your hand and body to perform various moves. It consists of games from volleyball to golf, so you can expect to use all your body parts when playing this game. The controls are kind of okay and not super accurate, but you can have fun with it. It is even better when you’re playing with your family or someone online.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Tokyo 2020


This game lets you play as different characters from Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog universe. It also contains a series of mini-games that you can play with either your family member or someone online. It requires the use of joy-con to perform various moves and maneuvers. 

The games include running, karate, soccer, boxing, and much more. You can pick different characters in each of these games. The animation and gameplay in this game are very neat, and it is actually quite enjoyable when playing with someone you know.

Yoga Master


Yoga Master is a fitness game in which you can practice different poses of yoga. It teaches you how to perform those moves with the on-screen tutorials as well as voiceovers. You can select a pose to perform from more than 150 poses, and it also specifies how difficult it is.

So, you can gradually move from performing easier poses to harder ones without any difficulty. Although it doesn’t have the prettiest of graphics, it does hold up pretty well.

After all, graphics don’t matter when you’re learning something. It also adds some soothing music when you’re performing your moves so that both your body and mind can enjoy it in peace.

Lets Get Fit


Lets Get Fit help you exercise and stay fit from the comfort of your home. It has different programs and challenges for you to complete, which will help you stay in shape and exercise even when you’re at your home.

Like all fitness games, you can choose the type of program that you want to work on. It consists of programs ranging from cardio exercises to stretching and strength.

You can also choose the duration and difficulty for each of the challenges. As you keep practicing these exercises daily, you can also increase the intensity and duration of the program.

Super Mario Party


Super Mario Party is a collection of mini-games that you can play with your friends and relive the memories of the good old days. You use your joy-con to control the movements of your character, and it actually feels pretty damn good. Although it isn’t a proper fitness game, it does have its moments when you have to use your hands over and over.

The games are fun and challenging as well and encourage the players to work together. The game mode can vary from free-for-all to 2v2 or, in some cases, even 1v3. You can also see various characters from the Super Mario universe and interact with them while playing the games. 

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