15 Best Fishing Games Of All Time

Fishing is a great sport. Nevertheless, in this fast-paced world with busy schedules, it is difficult for some of us to take a break and go fishing. But the good news is, you can get into the virtual world and play some amazing fishing games. Fishing games offer a relaxing and thrilling pastime. 

Now, row your rod properly, place an interesting bait and fish in the various places around the world or the fictional world from the comfort of your home. 

In this article, we have handpicked the best fishing games you can play right now.

Best Fishing Games

If you are into Fishing but cannot manage your busy schedule to visit the fishing lakes and ponds, then you can play the fishing games on your PC or console. You can have an immersive and fun time playing fishing games. 

Cat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing

Cat goes fishing is an interesting and very goofy fishing game that you can play. I mean, it’s a cat catching the fish. But the game is very fun and interesting. In this game, the player starts off with a fishing rod on a small island. 

The fish in this game have different behaviors so you must learn about them and use the various different equipment to catch them. You need to catch tons of fish and upgrade your arsenal.

You can even buy better rods, accessories, and boats. Then you can catch rarer and big fishes. Furthermore, there are various quests in this game that you can play

Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing

Euro Fishing is one of the most immersive and entertaining fishing games that you can play right now. The sheer enthusiasm and adrenaline rush this game offers is beyond imagination. In this game, You can fish in almost all the famous lakes located in Europe.

In this game, you need to master all the basic essentials of Fishing. You must learn to use the rod, line, and other tactics and move on with the game. Moreover, the game mechanism in this game is for professional players and amateur players who are just starting the game.

The control mechanics are also refined to offer amazing gameplay. Additionally, There is both multiplayer and single-player mode to play.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

With enthralling music roaring in the background, this game is a treat for any fishing game fan. The realistic approach this game took really pays off as this game has a lot of amazing gameplay to offer.

The fishing equipment looks realistic, and the free-flowing water also looks fine. And the amazing feature of this game is the day-and-night cycle.

The game is also fast, and you do not have to wait for too long to catch the find. But you need to know the basics of the game, and then you can move further with the game and be better at it.

There are varieties of lakes to catch the fish. Besides, the fish in this game are realistic. Furthermore, you need to find a suitable location, drill the hole, and you can also do ice fishing. 

Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet

The fishing planet is a first-person multiplayer fishing game developed by Fishing Planet LLC. The graphics in this game is highly realistic and immersive. The game is free to play. So, you can easily download this game and play it anytime you like. 

The thrill and utter excitement of Fishing in this game are so amazing. The realistic graphics and immersive game offer you some fun and entertaining time. There is a day-and-night cycle and the season in the game also changes.

Furthermore, the AI fish in this game are very sneaky and fast. So, you must be patient and use your best skill to catch the fish. There are 23 beautiful places to fish and more than 170 fish to catch.

Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes is a fishing simulator. Under the harsh and ever-changing weather, You must understand the behavior of fish and make your strategy accordingly. This game features a large number of fishing gears and accessories that you can use to catch the fish.

In this game, there is 32 open-world map in which you can fish. Almost 35 species of fish are also available in the game. The amazing thing about this game is that it features various modes like battle royale mode, competition mode, and tournament mode. 

The graphics in this game is very good. The ever-changing weather is depicted very well in this game. Furthermore, there is a learning curve in this game because the season affects the fish’s behavior. So, you need to learn and master the rod. 

Fishing: Barents Sea

Fishing- Barents Sea

Own different boats, explore various lakes, and fish there. Fishing: the Barents Sea is a fishing simulator that explores the Norwegian Sea for the varieties of fish.

Initially, the boat is inherited from the character’s grandfather, but you must fish some fish and upgrade the board and explore Barents Ea more, and move toward the dream of constructing a big fish market. 

This game is an open-world game, so explore the various palaces and find the best fishing spot. But you need various equipment like GPS and radar to find the best fishing spot.

Furthermore, the graphics in this game is semi-realistic and smooth. The ever-changing weather and day-and-night cycle feature enhance the gameplay. 

Fishing: North Atlantic

Fishing- North Atlantic

Fishing: North Atlantic is a sequel to the highly acclaimed Fishing: Barents Sea. Like its predecessor, this is an amazing and immersive game. This time, explore the vastness of Canadian Nova Scotia and catch various fish.

Now, Get into your boat, explore the Sea and catch various fish and sell them. After you collect enough money, upgrade your boat and your fishing equipment and fish for rare and bigger fish.

The game looks realistic; the fish, boats, and the water in this game look very amazing. The dynamic weather adds more to the fishing experience in the game. Furthermore, there are varieties of boats to choose from. You have various fishing types of equipment at your disposal.

Russian Fishing 4

Russian Fishing 4

This is the best game in the Russian fishing series. With amazing gameplay and immersive gameplay, this game offers the players fun and engaging time. You have the freedom to explore various unique reservoirs with different weather conditions and day-and-night cycles. From the variety of place reservoirs, you must find the best fishing spot and catch some fish.

The AI fish are very sneaky and smart. You need to master the rod line as you move along with the game. You need to use a plethora of equipment to catch more fish in the game. Furthermore, the graphics and water mechanics in this game are commendable. The realistic graphics enhance your gaming experience. 

Fishing Resort

Fishing Resort

Fishing Resort is a fun and entertaining fish game. This game does not have all the ingredients to make a great fishing game, but somehow, it is a great game to play anytime you like. With minimal graphics and cartoon characters, this game offers one of the most exciting gaming experiences. And in this game, there is a beautiful and enduring storyline.

This game features eight different areas to fish on and explore the various place for better fish. There is a plethora of fish caught in this game. With the various pieces of equipment, you can now stay at the shore and catch the fish. You can use various baits to catch the fish.

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Ace Fishing- Wild Catch

If you don’t have any information or experience in Fishing, then you must play this game. The game is very fun and educational sometimes. This game reveals various fishing techniques and teaches you how to bait and lure the fish.

In this game, You can explore exotic places to find amazing fish. Now explore the deep blue paradise, and catch amazing fish. The one-touch control in this game is very easy and fast. But you must time it right to catch the fish.

Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for a long period of time to catch the fish. It is important that you take the right movement to catch the fish.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022

Bassmaster Fishing 2022

The sheer thrill and excitement this game offer is so alluring and addictive. You will be hooked to the screen every time you play this game. Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is a very innovative and interesting fishing game you can play right now. 

Deep dive into the world of Bassmaster Fishing 2022, manage everything that you need, find the best equipment, and customize it according to your style. The most important thing about this game is the complete freedom this game gives.

Whether you are an amateur or professional, this game is interesting and appealing for both. In this game, the players are the world’s best top anglers. So, you can choose your hero and explore the water to find fish. 

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

Fishing Sim World- Pro Tour

Endorsed by the world champion and 8-time tour champion, Fishing Sim world Pro tour is a must-play fishing game if you are searching for the best fish games. This is a very immersive and entertaining fishing game. With ultra-realistic graphics and amazing gameplay, this game offers you wholesome entertainment.

Initially, the video tutorial is provided by the game rather than the in-game information and tutorial. But after the tutorial, you can now explore ten different lakes to catch 29 different species of fish. The water dynamics and ever-changing weather is great in the game. 

This game has large fishing equipment. First, you have to know how to use them and then master them to rank up to become the best in the Fishing sim world. Remember, there is no luck in this game; only your skill can help you to rank up.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark- Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game. You are stranded on a mysterious island with none to fewer resources to stay alive in the game. So, you must explore various places for resources, good clothing, food, and water. For food, one of the best options is Fishing. 

The fishing in this game is almost true to life. In this game, you need to craft your own fishing rod. You need certain resources to do so. Then, you need to find the proper place, find the best bait and cast the line to catch the fish.

You can use leech blood or sap as bait to catch the fish. Find the most comfortable possible and wait for the fish to get into your trap.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world game. Along with the plethora of things to do in this game, You can fish in this game. But remember you cannot directly go to the lake and you can fish.

First of all, you need to find the fishing rod, and you will be able. In Chapter Two, there is a quest named A Fisher of Men. In this quest, you learn the basics of Fishing. 

After that, you can basically fish in almost any lake you want. And there is no time-bound or any limit that restricts you from doing so. You can fish for money, health, or survival.

There are 15 fishes in the game that you can fish, and each fish has its legendary version. For baits, You can use small fishes like Bluegill or Perch. But for legendary fishes, you need a more attractive bait.



Minecraft is a survival sandbox game developed by Mojang. The world is yours to create and explore. You can build anything you want in this game. With your creativity and imagination, this game becomes a colorful and enthralling world with vivid possibilities.

Fishing is this game is so underrated. You need to craft your own fishing rod and go to some chill places to relax and fish. You can even build your own lake to fish in it. You need to cast a line in the lake and just wait for fish to come.  

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