15 Best PS4 Or PS5 Games For Kids

Gaming is for everyone, as it’s just another form of escapism in the entertainment industry. Therefore, we’re looking for the best PS4 or PS5 games for kids. All of your family can join the party.

And, by the way, party games are the main genre kids would enjoy, but there’re other examples. We’re browsing across various genres to find the type of games both adults and kids can enjoy.

Selecting The Best PS4 Or PS5 Games For Kids

The PlayStation Store is full of titles for all family members. Kid-friendly games belong to various genres but are generally easy to play, colorful, and fun.

They are also age-appropriate. That means no violence, politics, or, you know, underwear? So, by “kid,” I mean people below 13 years old. Teenagers are a whole new deal.

Regardless, the games we selected boast great scores with the public and remain popular on the platform. Moreover, they thrive on simple mechanics, no-nonsense fun, and kid-friendly gameplay loops.

The Best PS4 Or PS5 Games For Kids


  • Developer: Mojang Studios
  • Publisher: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: November 2011 
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Xbox 360, Raspberry Pi, Windows Phone, PS3, Fire OS, Wii U, Apple TV, tvOS, Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo Switch

Minecraft is our top pick. The sandbox crafting game remains the most popular experience for kids. It’s easy enough to pick up, learn, and play for six years old. Still, it features a massive and comprehensive world full of opportunities. Sadly, it’s not officially available for PS5.

Here, you play as a blocky avatar on procedurally generated open worlds. These are “voxel” settings, meaning each portion of the world has its own geometrical block. You can break, move, and transform every block with the right tools.

So, the freedom it has makes it easy for younger players. You start with simple tools, which allow the avatar to chop trees and rocks. Then, through a simple interface, the avatar can build your kid’s first shelter.

The game becomes even easier in its Creative Mode, which grants infinite resources and HP. Older players can join the Survival mode, which focuses on surviving against night terrors and growing slowly on the game’s tech tree.

LEGO Worlds

lego worlds
  • Developer: Traveller’s Tales
  • Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: March 2017
  • Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

LEGO Worlds is LEGO’s answer to Minecraft. It’s an open-world sandbox adventure/crafting game. And through the LEGO theme, it easily calls the attention of kids who know or play with its creative block sets. 

The gameplay is, as you’d imagine, coming from the brand. It allows players to build coentireorlds with Lego bricks. That includes ranges from small vehicles to roads and massive mansions. 

Additionally, you can explore the world to find collectibles and currencies. You can use the currency, “Studs,” to unlock “blueprints,” models of items you can build. See, you can build any item you find in the world, but you need to unlock it with “money.”

Then, you create your world with an editor tool that allows you to place every brick. Aside from customizing the setting, you can also customize your avatar, outfit, environment, terrain, and more. Lastly, you can share the experience in local co-op (2 players) or online co-op (2 players). 

Overcooked! All You Can Eat

overcooked all you can eat
  • Developer: Team17, Ghost Town Games
  • Publisher: Team17
  • Release Date: December 2020
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia 

Overcooked 2 is a cooperative kitchen simulator game. It’s the sequel to Overcooked! and remains very similar to the original entry. What it offers is newer and refined mechanics for kids and adults. 

Now, “All You Can Eat” is a compilation that includes both games in the saga. It also ships as a native game for PS5, so you can expect better loading times and graphics.

A kid wouldn’t care, so let’s talk about its gameplay. It’s a cooking simulator you can play alone or with up to four people locally or online. Each takes care of a particular task within the kitchen, and your goal is to prepare the dishes in increasingly crazy settings for absurd clients.

The story goes through levels, and each level happens in a different place. Each location brings unique features and mechanics for alien planets, inside volcanoes, or under the sea. These obstacles make the game harder, more fun, and more challenging. 

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

sackboy a big adventure
  • Developer: Sumo Digital
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release Date: November 2020
  • Platform: PS4, PS5

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a platforming adventure game with dynamic but easy mechanics. You play through over 90 levels that shift between 3D and 2.5D settings.

The story is compelling enough for kids to follow and understand. The setting is Craftwolrd, and you’re to defeat an evil-doer looking to take over the fantasy land. The villain is Vex, a Jester and master of magic and trickery.

Then, the gameplay is fun and fast. It’s a classic platformer, but it has an expanded move-set. You can roll, dash, shoot, jump, and chain together combos. YOu can also play alongside other players to complete objectives together.

Lastly, the game allows you to customize your Sackboy character. In fact, all four players in a multiplayer party can customize the hero. That said, there’re multiple stages where you’d need help from another player to progress. 

Rocket League

rocket league
  • Developer: Psyonix
  • Publisher: Psyonix
  • Release Date: July 2015
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch

Rocket League is a soccer arcade video game. It’s also free-to-play and has about 50K players every day. We recommend it for kids above 7 years old, but it can also be addictive for adults.

The game happens in large arenas, with two large soccer goals. You play with a car you customize and as part of a team that can go up to four players. Your team can join on the same console, but the rival team is always online.

Then, cars move in exaggerated ways. You roll, jump, turbo boost, drift, swirl and turn mid-air to push a large ball into the goal. It’s hard to grasp but easy enough for kids to understand. 

It’s also very enjoyable. Moreover, it offers both single-player and multiplayer options if you’re not looking for anxiety-inducing competitions. Also, it allows cross-platform play between different consoles and PCs. 

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
  • Developer: Beenox
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Release Date: June 2019
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch 

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a kart racing game akin to the Mario Kart series. You’ll understand what this title offers if you’re familiar with those games.

As you’d expect, it’s the type of game kids could enjoy and learn how to play at very young ages. Moreover, it features the insane Crash Bandicoot series characters. Each one comes with power up to combat against their opponents on tracks. 

Like in the original Crash Team Racing, you navigate different tracks until the finish line. You’ll also find power-ups, sliders, ramps, boosters, and other items to harass your opponents. Then, you can play on Prix circuits, quick races, and other game modes.

Lastly, you can play locally with up to four players or online with up to 8 players. In particular, online play means all the racers in a match will be real people, which is an incredibly fun experience. 

LEGO Brawls

lego brawls
  • Developer: RED Games
  • Publisher: The Lego Group
  • Release Date: September 2019
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows, iOS, macOS 

Lego Brawls debuted as a mobile fighting game and then moved to consoles. It’s an alternative to Nintendo’s Super Smash, although it comes with original characters.

You pick Lego figures -fighters- and brawl across your favorite Lego settings. You can also design your own hero and create their abilities. Otherwise, the preset heroes have abilities and playstyles.

And because it’s a Lego game, the creation offers endless possibilities. You can create a princess wearing a magical whip, flying clowns with guns, or hairy policemen with a maze. You can create anything.

Then, the settings cover various Lego franchises, such as Ninjago and Monkie kid. You can unlock extra fighters, boosters, and emojis in either location. And you can do it alone, online (up to 4v4), or locally (up to four people). 

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

crash bandicoot 4
  • Developer: Toys for Bob
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Release Date: October 2020
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows 

Crash Bandicoot 4 is the latest entry in the platforming adventure saga. It represents the 8th installment in the series and also a retcon of the game that followed Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

So, the story follows Crash, and his sister Coco, on a journey to recover the Quantum Masks. Their goal is to prevent Doctor Nefarious Tropy and Doctor Neo Cortex from conquering the multiverse.

The gameplay is as classic as always, so kids and adults can enjoy it. It’s a 3D adventure where you always travel forward. So you jump, dash, dodge, spin, and use various crazy abilities against your foes. You also chain abilities together to bypass obstacles. 

Also, there’re five playable characters. Each has a unique playstyle and levels, so you can replay the game multiple times or swap between these heroes. There are other new mechanics on top of various characters, such as better auto saves, new skills, and new collectibles.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

sonic mania
  • Developer: Sonic Team
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: November 2010
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Amazon Luna 

Sonic Colors is one of the many games within the Sonic saga. This is a single-player 2D adventure platformer game, and it’s quite colorful, creative, and just as fast as usual.

Sonic is on a quest to stop Doctor Eggman. The villain is enslaving an alien race and taking over an alien world. Also, part of your job is rescuing aliens, and when you do, you learn a new skill to use on your adventure.

Alongside an OST that blends rock, techno, and sci-fi, you dash, run, jump, shoot, and collect items. Each level is vastly different from the last, though, and you must use your abilities, often creatively, to bypass the obstacles.

Yet, it’s easy to play the game, and it’s nice to look at it. Gameplay is mostly about running and boosting your speed to surpass obstacles and enemies. There’re some puzzles, though, so if your kid is too young, you could probably help him out. 

New Super Lucky’s Tale

New Super Lucky's Tale
  • Developer: Playful Studios
  • Publisher: Playful Studios
  • Release Date: November 2019
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a 3D platform adventure game. You play as Lucky, a fox, across various words to search for the Book of Ages. Each word offers plenty, reminiscent of the latest Mario games, like Mario Galaxy. 

This is a top-down 3D platforming game. In other words, you play with an overhead perspective. Lucky moves through platforms, so most of the gameplay is about jumping, dashing, and collecting items. Also, in some areas, like corridors, the camera moves down to a third-person perspective

It’s quite easy to grasp. Most of all, the game delivers the story in a friendly way. See, the campaign starts with a simple animated intro narrating what’s happening. Then, you venture onwards.

There’s a degree of difficulty, though. Each level is semi-open, with hubs you can explore. So, areas feature minor puzzles you’d need to solve to progress. There’re also objectives to complete and collectibles to find. Luckily, everything relies on jumping, digging, and using other abilities. 


  • Developer: Young Horses
  • Publisher: Young Horses
  • Release Date: November 2020
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows 

Bugsnax is an action-adventure game by an indie studio. You explore a mysterious island to find and capture snack/bug creatures. As the description implies, it’s all very innocent and light-hearted.

These creatures are mostly harmless, so the adventure is more about finding and watching them in the open. You play in first-person and roam around the open-world Snaktooth Island for the mission.

The title includes over 100 Bugsnak species. They live in eight different biomes but can be at different places depending on the time of day. To hunt them, you have a SnaxScope, which scans the creatures and displays clues on how to capture them.

Then, you use various tools to track and collect the creatures. You have, for example, a slingshot that fires chocolate, ketchup, and other tasty things. You also have a tripwire that stuns the creatures, a plastic ball, and similar.

Spiro Reignited Trilogy

Spiro Reignited Trilogy
  • Developer: Toys for Bob
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Release Date: November 2018
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a remaster bundle of the original Spyro trilogy. The first games came out from 1998 to 2000 and were some of the biggest platforming games of the decade.

Now, kids can try out these heartwarming jewels. The three are similar, which makes it easier for newer players. They are 3D adventure platformers where you play as Spyro, a purple dragon.

Spyro wants to restore peace in his world, and each game has him defeating different enemies. He dashes, jumps, defends from attacks and shoots his magical abilities against his enemies. Spyro also levels up to unlock skills and grant better mechanics.

Also, the gameplay revolves around collecting special collectibles, like dragon eggs or gems. The game progresses on semi-open hubs, and the way to complete each level is by collecting a certain number of items. 


fifa 2022 sports games playstation
  • Developer: EA Vancouver
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Release Date: September 2021
  • Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Google Stadia

FIFA 22 is the latest entry in the soccer simulation saga. It’s easy to play. For example, the square button shoots the ball, and the circle button passes the ball. But then, there’s a whole list of advanced orders you can master over time. 

The entry introduced a new “HyperMotion Technology” feature to approach real-life sports. The developers collected data from 22 players in motion capture suits. As a result, the matches’ action feels more grounded and challenging.

Even so, the game has various difficulty modes to lower the challenge. There’s also a single-player career mode. Where you can play as either a manager or a player. Then, you go through a 15-year-old career as a single player or an entire team. 

As for multiplayer, there are local matches (2v2 and 4v4) and the Ultimate Team feature. We don’t recommend the latter for kids. In fact, you should not put your credit card information on the console. See, the feature allows anyone to instantly purchase packs for the chance of unlocking new players for their online teams. 

NBA 2K Playgrounds

NBA 2K Playgrounds
  • Developer: Saber Interactive
  • Publisher:2k Sports
  • Release Date:October, 2018
  • Platform: Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is another sports game we recommend for kids. It’s a basketball title with cartoon graphics, arcade mechanics, and street settings.

Compared to its predecessor, it features a better AI. Playing against the computer feels more challenging and realistic than ever. It’s, in fact, quite compelling for a game intended for children. 

The gameplay offers 2v2 matches, either online, alone, or locally. You can run, dribble, shoot, block, and use various abilities. Also, you create your own teams by mixing and matching players from different NBA teams.

There’s also a lottery system to unlock players for online multiplayer. We also encourage you to keep your children away from it, as research says it’s easily addictive for children. 

Just Dance 2022

  • Developer: Ubisoft 
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: November 2021
  • Platform: PS4, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia

Just Dance 2022, the latest version in the saga, is a dance rhythm game. It represents the 13th entry in the saga and perhaps the best available in the franchise.

Like previous entries, players must mimic on-screen choreographies to a song. You can do it with motion controllers, as the game works with the PS Move peripherals.

You can wrap the Move controllers in your hands and dance around. The result is a fun exercise that teaches children how to dance. For adults, it’s also a fun exercise to do at home.

Then, you can play the game with up to 6 players locally, and there’re over 40 songs available. You can play with or against friends and family or create your own dance routines in the Sweat mode. 

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