20 Best Single Player Switch Games In 2022

Nintendo Switch is mostly known for its family-friendly games and titles. However, there are times when you don’t have family members or friends on your side to enjoy the game together. At such time, having a single-player game that can provide both entertainment and thrills at your disposal can be life-saving.

Not only does it takes away your eternal boredom, but it also makes you forget about having no one to play around with. If you are searching for single-player games that will make you immerse yourself in the game, you don’t have to look any further.

This list contains the best single-player games that you can find for your Nintendo Switch.

Best Single Player Games for Nintendo Switch

The Witcher 3

witcher 3

Witcher 3 is one of the most detailed and well-made games to this date. It is a single-player game through and through, and lots of adventures await you if you haven’t tried this game yet. It is an open-world action RPG game that basically tells the story of a lone monster-hunter named Gerald.

Throughout the game, you will encounter countless monsters and creatures. It has a huge open world to explore and have all kinds of adventures. You can travel from one city to another, taking up quests from NPC and uncovering your destiny while completing them. As you progress through the game, you can unlock various skills and abilities that will make you stronger.

It also allows you to craft different equipment and armors with the materials you’ve collected by defeating monsters. You can choose various paths and make decisions that affect how the game will end. So you can play this game multiple times and experience different endings in each run.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Skyrim is also an epic RPG game that gives you the freedom to forge your own path and have a unique journey each time you decide to play the game. It has beautiful medieval settings, and the world itself seems lively when you’re playing. You play as a Dragonborn in this game, but you can also choose a class with unique skills and abilities for yourself.

As it is an RPG game, you need to explore the lands and hunt down its monsters to gain level. The more levels you gain, the more powerful you become. You can also unlock stronger skills when you level up. Weapons can be crafted with the materials you’ve collected, but you can also occasionally find them as a drop.  

The gameplay generally consists of finding NPCs and taking quests from them. However, you can also explore its huge lands and make your own goal. It doesn’t force you to stick to the same path throughout the game.

Hollow Knight

hollow night

Hollow Knight is a compelling adventure game where you play as a nameless hero and protect the fallen kingdom of Hallownest from bug-like creatures and plague. It is dark, entertaining, and you get to fight lots of bosses on your journey. 

It is a Metroidvania souls like game that you can replay again and again without getting bored or tired. On the surface, it just looks like a Mario game with a few twists, but once you start playing it, you can’t help but be impressed by how well the game is made.

You can fight enemies, get to know the lores of the NPCs, and defeat numerous bosses to continue your tale. Talking about the bosses, they are very strong fellows. And they can easily kill you if you take them lightly. Some bosses also drop certain items when you defeat them. And you can also unlock various abilities afterward.

Unlike in other platform games, you will need to backtrack in this game. Not all areas of the map are accessible from the beginning, and you’ll need to find certain items to access them. So being mindful of the areas around you may prove to be quite helpful if you’re playing for the first time. 

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

zelda breath of the wild

Don’t buy this game because you’ll never stop playing it. Breath of the Wild is so amazing in what it does. Its story takes place 100 years after the fall of the Hyrule kingdom, and as usual, you control Link to explore the world. It has absolutely breathtaking visuals and sceneries, along with a lot of terrains.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gives you complete freedom on how you want to explore the world. It has a story mode, but you can complete it in any way you like. The gameplay is mostly focused on exploration and puzzle solving. You can climb mountains, swim through oceans, glide through the air as well as ride horses. It has no shortage of means of travel whatsoever. 

As you explore its vast lands, you’ll uncover many secrets and mysteries of the world that are unknown to you. You will encounter monsters with various abilities that you have to hunt. As you progress through the story, you’ll get to meet old companions and find out why the kingdom is in such a state.

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening


It is a remake of the game with the same name that came out in 1993. Link’s Awakening is an action/adventure game played from the top-down perspective. Like most of the game, you’ll play as Link, who is trapped on an island, and try to find a way out.

Most of the gameplay is exploring different regions of the island and solving puzzles to move forward. You’ll also come across different monsters and bosses, which you must defeat to move forward. There are dungeons that you can explore and find all kinds of stuff.

However, with each boss you beat and dungeon you clear, the game gets more and more difficult. You can find different items that increase your abilities and also unlock inaccessible areas of the game. You can also purchase items from the shop or steal them if you’re brave enough. 

Shin Megami Tensei V


This is an action RPG game set in a post-apocalyptic world. It is set around the premises of an alternate universe of Tokyo and is overrun by angels and demons. It is a super fun and entertaining game if you’re into anime. 

The gameplay mainly features exploring the area and completing quests to progress the story. However, you can also engage in tons of side quests to get stronger and build up your character. You can collect different items while exploring and sell them in the shop. You can also purchase goods from them.

You can engage in battle with various demons. You can also form a party with up to three other characters from the game. The combat is good old turn-based, and each member can attack once in their turn. You can also fuse different demons in designated areas.

Super Mario Odyssey


Super Mario Odyssey is a 3D platform game that has taken a fresh approach to classic Mario games and turned it into an open-ended action/adventure game. However, the main goal of the game remains the same; you have to save the princess from a guy named Bowser and stop him from forcibly marrying the princess.

To save the princess, you have to travel different kingdoms in a flying odyssey and collect hidden items called Power Moons. The Power Moons are required to unlock other regions and power up your odyssey to fly to them. Like all Mario games, you can perform various maneuvers to explore the kingdom and take down opponents. You can also collect coins that are hidden inside the boxes.

In this game, you’re accompanied by your new buddy, Cappy, who will help you on your journey. You can use this guy to take control of characters and use it to your advantage. This game has so many features that you can only find by playing, so if you’re a fan of adventure games, you should play this game right now.

Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is a very popular farming simulation game that gets better each time you launch the game. You play as a grandson of an old farmer who has returned to his village to inherit an old farm left by his grandpa. The farm looks awful, with overgrown plants and stones scattered all around it. Now, you have the responsibility and chance to turn it into a thriving farm.

The freedom you have in this game is not like any other farming simulation game. It not only focuses on farming, but it also focuses on your social status. Besides growing crops and selling them in the market, you can also interact with neighbors and maintain good relationships. 

It follows a day/night cycle, and you need to sleep when it is night. The crops need watering daily, and you also need to visit the market to purchase seeds. It has seasons too, so if you’re planning to sow something, you need to wait for the particular season in which those plants grow. You can also visit dungeons to hunt monsters and collect rare materials and resources.


Hades game

Hades is a roguelike dungeon crawler game in which you’ll play as the son of Hades, the god of the Underworld. Your goal is to escape from the underworld, which is filled with monsters and bizarre environments. It is a very satisfying game if you’re a fan of the roguelike genre.

Your goal is to basically escape from the clutch of your father and reach Olympus. For that, you’ll need to cross different regions of the underworld and fight various monsters and creatures. It is a dangerous game where death can come to you at any moment. But don’t worry, as you’ll get to have the run again along with all the buffs you’ve gotten.

Your goal is to utilize all the new abilities and weapons you’ve unlocked and try to get as far as possible. As you replay the game after dying, the terrain keeps changing. You can also get blessings from different gods and powerful characters. Throughout the game, you’ll meet different gods that will either aid you or try to destroy you in your tracks.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus


Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes you on a journey through time to travel back in time and complete a very special task. It takes place in the Hokkaido region of Japan, where you’ll explore its vast lands and gather information on pokemon. It is set in a time when pokemon were still feared as dangerous creatures.

Your job is pretty simple; you just have to go around the areas, discover different pokemon and observe their behavior. Then you have to bring back that information to the base and contribute to making the first ever Pokedex for that region. The gameplay itself is very interesting and entertaining. 

You can capture different pokemon using Pokeball. You can also duel with them if you can’t capture them by normal means. There are vast arrays of pokemon ranging from silent, quiet types to very aggressive ones. It is a very fun game featuring both action and role-playing elements.

Bayonetta 2


Bayonetta 2 is an epic action/adventure that continues the story of Bayonetta and throws you into the world of supernatural beings. It has some well-animated cutscenes and voiceovers that add even more depth to the gameplay.

The gameplay is mostly action, where you need to fight various angels and demons using different abilities. However, it also has quite a good plot and storyline. You can equip different weapons and use a number of combo attacks on enemies. You can also use various special moves when you get a chance.

Bayonetta 2 also features new elements that you can use to replenish health and deal massive damage for a short time. 



Celeste is a platformer game about a girl who is trying to climb a mountain while facing different problems such as depression and anxiety. However, it is one of the most challenging and exciting platformer games you’ll ever play.

You can only jump, dash and run to avoid the obstacles and move forward. But you can unlock many variations of them and some extra moves as you progress through the game. The game also becomes more challenging as you move forward. 

The game only gets better as you play with the introduction of new mechanics and elements.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2


It is an action RPG game that takes place in a fantastical world. You’ll play as a character called Rex, who can summon blades from crystals. Together with a blade named Pyra, you’ll set out on an adventure to find a safe haven where you can live happily.

The world of Xenoblade Chronicles is filled with dangerous creatures and people. And such people are after your companion, which you must protect by using your combined power and defeat them using various attacks. You can use your weapon to perform massive attacks and take down your opponents.

It also features an open world for you to explore and have all sorts of adventures. You can also take various quests to get stronger and unlock various abilities while progressing through the story. It has a lot of weapons that you can collect and have different abilities based on the blades you’re currently using.

Dead Cells


Dead Cells is a roguelike platformer game in which you take on the role of a lone prisoner and try to escape the unforgiving diseased island and slay its king. However, it is also a Metroidvania game where you’ll need to backtrack quite a bit to explore inaccessible areas.

It has procedurally generated 2D terrains that contain various enemies and bosses. As you explore the area, you can find different items and weapons that you can use to take down the enemies. You can run, jump and dash to move forward as well as perform different combinations of attacks.

It is also quite a difficult and punishing game that might remind you of some soulslike game. It’s because the bosses in this game are very difficult to beat and can easily kill you no matter how strong you are.

Also, the most annoying thing in this game is it features permadeath, so if you ever die in this game, which you will a lot, you can kiss all your progress and items goodbye.

Dark Souls Remastered


This is an action RPG game that is very punishing but also very rewarding at the same time. You’ll play as a cursed undead character and explore the world full of dangerous monsters and creatures. 

This game contains various areas with different enemies and bosses. And each one of these bosses is super strong, which is sure to give you a hard time. You will also die multiple times fighting the same monster or boss. But this also gives you a chance to analyze your opponents better and come up with a solution to beat them.

As you progress through the game, you get stronger. You can also upgrade your weapons and equipment. However, the state of the game remains the same, and strong bosses will keep appearing, which makes sure that you don’t rest easy at any stage of the game.

Pokemon Sword & Shield


You can dive into the world of Pokemon in this RPG pokemon game and strive to become the best pokemon trainer in the region. The game starts off with a cutscene, and you immediately venture out to fulfill this dream of yours. 

The game takes you on a journey where you’ll be able to meet a lot of characters and have battles with them. You can also battle powerful Gym Leaders Gym halls to earn yourself a chance to compete in tournaments. 

Aside from battling with pokemon trainers, you can explore the world and collect different pokemons. The world features different pokemons that are waiting to be captured and used in battles. As you battle more, your pokemon can learn new moves and abilities as well as evolve into a completely new form.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl


It is a 3D remake of the game Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that was released back in 2006. Aside from some minor changes, the gameplay is pretty similar to the old game. Like most Pokemon games, it is also mostly focused on collecting pokemons and battling with pokemon trainers.

You can explore the area, find trainers to battle with, and engage in epic battles. You can also battle with wild pokemons and capture them by defeating them using pokeballs. Your pokemon will earn experience and new moves by fighting, and when they have enough experience points, they can evolve into new species.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


Age of Calamity is a hack-and-slash-style game that combines the elements of Dynasty Warriors and Legend of Zelda games. This game is packed with lots of action and cool places to explore.

The game is mostly focused on battles where you have to fight an army of enemies in 1vs.all battles. You can use your different abilities to send your enemies flying and kill them without any mercy. The game also has an engaging story and plot to follow and ultimately connects to the plot of Breath of the Wild.

Besides farming, you can craft different materials and upgrade your weapons as you progress through the game. You can also glide through the air like in Breath of the Wild.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


It is a platform game where you play as a huge monkey called Donkey Kong and travel across different islands to protect your homeland. It is challenging, fun, and very entertaining. 

Like all platforms, it involves jumping to overcome obstacles and dodge incoming enemy attacks. The levels are very challenging, and each level contains different enemies.

You can not directly attack an enemy, but you can jump on them to crush them. Along with Donkey Kong, you also have additional allies that ride on your back and can aid you on your journey. 

Octopath Traveler


This game lets you choose one of the eight playable characters and adventure through the world. Each character has different traits and abilities which they can use when interacting with the NPCs. They also come from different parts of the world.

After getting some information about the characters, you are dropped into the world and expected to travel to different areas and interact with people. You can also find different information regarding the world. As you travel around the areas, you’ll eventually come across the eight characters that you were supposed to pick at the start.

You can then form a party with them and go on an adventure to figure out the world. It also has tons of combat where you can fight enemies in turn-based battles. You can use various weapons and elemental attacks to take down your opponents.

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