32 Things To Build In Minecraft Survival That Are Useful

There’s only so much that you can do with a bunch of blocks in an open space, right? Wrong! I, as an avid Minecraft player, can certainly say there is no limitation on creativity here.

Whether you are building cities, skyscrapers, floating bases, ships, or a castle, the possibilities are endless. And that is exactly what we will look at in this article.

Here we have created 32 lists of things you can build in your survival world when you are bored or just want to get a little creative.

Things You Can Build In Minecraft

Whether it is a car or a giant statue, you can probably find a way to make it if you imagine it. Here are some things you can build or be inspired to build something in your Minecraft survival world.

Upgrade Your Base


If you have some time to yourself in Minecraft, you can easily start upgrading your base. So whether it is a castle or an underground tunnel, you can always go above and beyond to make your base look amazing.

Additionally, you can find different designs for the base on the internet that you can take inspiration from and create something unique.

Build Farms

2 farm

Farms are very crucial in Minecraft when you are playing long-term. You can build farms for several items that you need to grind for normally. For instance, you can use villagers and set up an iron farm to get infinite iron, whereas you have to put in a lot of effort to get a ton of iron.

Depending on your need, you can build an XP farm, gunpowder farm, ender pearl farm, fish farm, prismarine farm, etc. It is best to remember that building a farm may take some time and some level of knowledge on the blocks, items, mobs, and sometimes Redstones.

Build a City

3 city

Why build only a home when you can create an entire city in your world. You can use the vast number of items in the game to make a city you know best. The city could include rivers, bridges, skyscrapers, cars, trees, parks, tarmac roads, and much more. 

Since building a city in Minecraft requires enormous resources, you can switch to Creative mode and start your build. Additionally, you can also call your friends and work together.

An Elytra Launcher

Are you tired of crafting fireworks so that you fly using the Elytra? If you are, then you can try building an Elytra launcher from where you can launch yourself while wearing an Elytra. Such launchers can shoot you very far, and you would not need to use fireworks for a while. 

Furthermore, you can use the launcher if you need to fly over a long distance. If you need to fly somewhere closer, it is best to stick to the traditional firework.

Build Fountains

5 fountain

If your garden seems a little bland, then you can opt to build a fountain to bring out the beauty in your backyard. There are various designs for fountains you can find on the internet. You can also go for your unique designs, obviously.

If you have a rather big base, you can go for a giant fountain to match the aesthetics or build multiple smaller ones around your house. But whether it is a simple fountain around the garden or a huge fountain that looks like a person, it will surely be worth the time you spend.

Build a Summer House

Even if you already have a beautiful base, you can find a beautiful-looking spot and build a cabin. Try finding a place close to the sea, with a meadow, and create a magnificent house made out of logs.

You can add farms and animals in the summer house for a more realistic approach. Also, you could take all your friends to the place and show off your amazing building skills.

Build Rail System

Using rails is a great way to travel from one place to another in Minecraft. So if you have a massive world with farms and other structures scattered all around, you can set up rails and power rails all around and create a train system.

If you don’t like the rails going everywhere in the overworld, you can also opt to dig a tunnel and build a subway system. It is hidden and gets you everywhere faster than riding a horse or walking.

Build an Obstacle Course

Since you have completed your game, you can also invest some time in building a giant obstacle course so that you and your friends can run around the world parkouring your way out.

Additionally, you can use the latest features from the 1.18 update, such as the dripleaves, to make the obstacle course even harder. Then, ask your friends to join your world and have a run. Time each other, and whoever completes it fast wins.

Build a Castle


Since you are the main character in your world, why not build a castle and live lavishly and be the king of your world. You can always go to living in the castle from your base simply because you can build one.

You could use stone blocks, cobblestones, dark oak, and many other items you find in the game to build an ancient-looking castle. If you are building something with your friends, then make an even bigger castle and claim parts of the castle to yourself.

Build Giant Statues

One of the best things to build in Minecraft is statues. You can create a Giant Ender Dragon Statue to remember when you fought the real one. Or make the statue of the Wither in the land where your battle with the Wither took place. Or, perhaps build a massive figure of yourself.

Whatever you build, you can invest some time and grind a lot so that your statue turns out as magnificent as it could be. 

Build Beacons

Beacons are quite easy to make, that is, if you have all the resources and the Nether Star at hand. But if you do not, you may have to put in a bit of leg work and fight a couple of Withers to get the materials. Farms can be a huge help in building Beacons.

If you already have beacons around your base, why not go the extra mile by building multiple beacons using items such as Emeralds or Diamonds; or even Netherite.

Build Your Mineshaft

Why would we build Mineshaft when the game already has a ton left to explore? Well, when you create the one that works. 

You can make the mineshaft cover long areas and caves so that you can get to the tunnels and mine whenever you want to. Furthermore, you can build the Mineshaft more rugged, ancient-looking, and finally, one with properly working rails.

Build Unique Portals

nether portal

Normal portals seem a little bland if you want to focus on making your world look more beautiful. Although portals work when you place obsidian in a minimum of two by three blocks, you can make them bigger, and they still work fine. 

So you can create unique designs such as a giant sword stuck on the ground or make it seem like a tear in the fabric of reality. The choice is yours.

Japanese Style House

japanese house

If you are a fan of Japanese culture, then you’d surely want to build a Japanese-style house in your Minecraft world. The elegant style of the architecture of Japan surely captures the heart of many. 

Hence, if you were to build such houses in your world and show them to your friends, they would definitely be impressed. As for the design, you can explore the internet to find the one you prefer and work on it according to the blueprints.

Watch Tower

Watchtowers are very handy to keep a lookout for your base. So whether creepers are creeping up to your home or an army of zombies crawling towards you, you can take advantage of the watchtower and kill the enemies using your bow and arrows.

Watchtowers can be simple and magnificent, depending on how you build them. So a little bit of creativity can make your watchtower as unique and eye-catching as possible.

Floating Island

Minecraft’s mechanics make building a floating island in the game pretty easy. You can create a pillar from the bottom up to the height you want your island to be and start building. If you feel motivated enough, you can also make a giant floating island with a ruined city on it, giving it a post-apocalypse aura. Not sure about the post-apocalyptic island, so why not build a regular city floating above the ground?

Or you can go with a smaller floating island to give a more alchemist or magical feel to your world.

Floating Castle

If we are talking about building a floating island, why not go further and make a floating castle for yourself? You can use the same principle as mentioned above and build a giant structure. 

It is best to remember that although you can build pretty high up to the sky, there is a limit to how high you can place blocks. 

Barns for Animals


If your world does not have a good barn for the animals, it might not be completely built. After all, your animals and cattle need a roof over their heads.

So, you can build barns for your chickens, pigs, sheep, and cows, whereas you can create beautiful structures for your horses and mules.

House on the Side of a Cliff

Building a house on the cliff is very interesting and rewarding. Since Minecraft’s Cave and Cliffs update introduced us to bigger and many more mountains, you can always find a tall mountain with a beautiful view and then start building a house on its side.

However, it is best to be aware that building the house on the side of the mountain can be dangerous if you are doing so in survival mode. You may fall, and if the ground is too low, hit the ground and die.

Build a Lighthouse

It gets quite dark in the night at sea, and it’s easy to get lost as well. Having a lighthouse can certainly fix that issue.

Like the watchtower in design, the lighthouse can be a giant structure you can build on the beach. That way, whenever you are out at sea, especially at night, you can effortlessly find the way back to your home using the lighthouse.

A Giant Pyramid

Pyramids are already mysterious buildings in the real world, so it would just make sense to build them in your Minecraft world as well. These giant structures will certainly add to the uniqueness of your world, 

An Underwater Base

underwater base

The ocean is vast and full of things to explore, even in Minecraft world. So it is only fair that you have an underwater base. With the help of such a base, you can easily store and re-stock supplies when you go on an expedition to the deep down.

Build a Ranger Tower

The jungles are pretty important, and it is important to keep watch over them. So what better way to do so than building a ranger tower in the midst of the forest. These huge towers can help you look over your jungles and the beautiful creatures in them. 

What’s more? It could also be a way to spread awareness about the necessity of protecting our forests in the real world.

Build the Hobbit’s House

hobbit house

If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, then you are quite familiar with the Hobbit’s home. And if you want to, you could build it in your Minecraft world as well. Minecraft’s sandbox building feature lets you easily build both the exterior and the interior of the Shire’s unforgettable home.

If you want to go a little extra while building, then why not build the entire Shire as well?

Build a Windmill

Windmills can look very pretty in your world. And if you have a barn, the windmill will surely complete your build. A tall windmill can make your world look more like farmland. But it is best to remember that your windmill would be best looking when its size is in proportion to the rest of the builds around it.

Spawn Point Shrine

If you are playing Minecraft in a multiplayer or own a server, then what better way to welcome new players in the game than building a beautiful shrine at the spawn point?

You can create structures that look magical and set it as the spawn point so that every time a player joins your game, they can be mesmerized by the beautiful edifice surrounding them. 

Furthermore, players who die without setting a respawn point will also spawn in the original spawn point. Hence, your shrine can act as a shelter for those who start fresh or have to restart after dying.

Build a Library

Libraries can be a huge addition to your base to look like a perfect enchanting room. Set up bookshelves and tables along with an enchanting table to give it a majestic vibe. 

Additionally, with a little bit of creativity, you can give your library a mysterious and magical aura that leaves everyone who visits in awe. So make use of bookshelves, chests, books, ladders, and more to make a grand library. Moreover, if you have a castle, it only seems fair to add a huge library in one of the rooms, giving it a truly striking ambiance.

Build a Port


Since Minecraft has huge oceans as a part of the world, you can go to a beach with open space and build a massive port to add to the atmosphere. The port can work as a place to rest and a haven for weary travelers if you play in multiplayer mode.

In addition to the port, you can also build giant ships, whether medieval or modern, to give a more realistic approach to your port.

Add Dungeons to Your World

Dungeons can be scary, full of mobs, and a dangerous place to go to. And since Minecraft has horror elements to it, you can try your hand at building a dungeon in your world. Furthermore, you can make it in a way that mobs can spawn everywhere inside your dungeon so that it fills its purpose.

What’s more, if you are playing multiplayer, then the players in your world can try their luck at conquering the dungeon. You can even place loot chests for those worthy players who can dominate your build. 

Dungeons can also simply be an addition to your single-player world. Building it in a swamp or a jungle can definitely add more elements to your world.

Build a Maze Garden

People have been using a garden maze as a garden decoration for their castle for a long time in real life. So, if you have a castle to your name in Minecraft, why not add a beautiful garden maze?

You can choose the scale of your maze according to the rest of the structures you have. You can use trees, leaves, logs, berry plants, vines, and other resources in the game to build yourself a maze garden. Just make sure you do not get lost in the labyrinth.

Build a Tree House


Jungle biomes have massive trees that you can use to build tree houses. It not only serves as a visual addition to your world but also a haven from annoying creepers and zombies.

Even if you are playing in multiplayer mode, you can take advantage of the giant trees and hide your base in them so that players who try to raid you have difficulty finding your loot. So tree house could definitely be something to add to your “To build” list in the game.

Build Shops


Now building shops can be very useful if you are playing the game with other people. You can collect the resources people may need and sell them for valuables like diamonds and emeralds. You can also use the shops to trade with people for the items you want.

Your shops can look as beautiful as possible so that any player who sees them will be enticed to come and check out your inventory.

But just because shops seem more useful in multiplayer mode does not mean you can’t build them in your survival world. You can set up shops with working villagers so that you can trade with them. Additionally, you can keep wandering traders in one of the shops to be available to you whenever you need them.

While the things mentioned above are very fun to build, there are countless things you can create in Minecraft. You can always evoke your creativity and make something entirely new. Below is a list of other things you can try taking inspiration from and building them in your world.

  • Automatic farms for your crops using Redstone
  • Cozy cottage
  • Fancy Redstone compartments
  • Elevators to get you to high places.
  • Pixel art
  • Penthouse
  • Cathedrals
  • Giant Bridges
  • Airships

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