Best GPS Games To Play Outdoors

GPS games are a fantastic way to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air. As you move through the real world, your environment in the game changes. The more time you spend outside working through quests and missions, the farther you get in the game.

Whether you want to play right outside your house or in a brand new town, download one of these best GPS Games and strap on your athletic shoes. 

GPS Games

GPS games require a GPS-enabled phone and access to that permission in your settings. You can’t play these games without those permissions because they use your location in the world to determine where you are in the game.

Choosing a Best GPS Game

To choose a GPS game, start by looking at what kind of experience they offer. If you don’t like games with monsters, you might want to choose something with a more real-world challenge, like Geocaching or Resources. Other games help you work out more intensely by giving you fun challenges, like Zombies, Run! or Wokamon. 

You should also look to see whether your phone supports the minimum requirements. Newer phones with faster components might run these resource-heavy games more smoothly than other devices.

Best GPS Games to Play Outdoors

There’s something for everyone, from sci-fi fans to dinosaur lovers. Check out all these excellent games before making a decision.  



Ingress takes a sci-fi approach to a traditional GPS game. You join either the Enlightened and the Resistance to link portals and create control fields in a fight to either save or evolve humanity. If you spend too much time away from a spot, someone on the other team might come and take over your territory. 

One thing that’s a little different than other games is that Ingress tries to send you to places of cultural significance. You might find interesting places in your neighborhood that you’ve never seen before as you battle for the fate of the world. However, the game runs better in areas with lots of players. It might be harder to engage in the fighting if you live in a smaller town.

Ingress is available on iOS and Android



Geocaching is like playing a GPS game with other travelers and adventurers. People tag the location of an item, and you find your way to it. This game can sometimes involve hiking or a car because caches are often far from your home. However, the exciting adventures can make the travel worth it.

With the Geocaching app, there are different levels of membership. There are street maps, satellite maps, premium maps, and hybrid trails available. With more than three million caches to discover, there’s no better time to jump right in and start your search.

You can pick up a Geocaching app on iOS or Android

Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite

If you’ve ever wished to step inside the world of Harry Potter, Wizards Unite gives you a portal to do it. During character creation, you become a member of the wizarding world and gain access to tears in reality that take you to places you might recognize from the series. Once you’re there, you can cast spells, create potions, and engage in battles.

You get to meet beloved characters and find new ways to look at local areas of interest like parks or museums. In the game, you can even choose a profession and learn skills to help you succeed. 

Wizards Unite is available on iOS and Android.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run

Zombies, Run! is an app that can help you maintain your health in real life while you work to save the world in the app. You play as a runner who has to reach one of the last conclaves of humanity and help keep them safe and supplied. Sometimes you’ll also have to find survivors to save them from the zombies and deliver them to safety. 

As you run, the app mixes your music with its instructional audio. When zombies appear, you must run faster to survive. En route, you gather supplies to help fortify your settlement. You rebuild it as you play through the 200 plus missions and advance the story.

Zombies, Run! is available on iOS and Android

Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive

In Jurassic World Alive, you have to battle other players with a carefully cultivated team of dinosaurs. As you travel from place to place with the app, you’ll find a variety of dinosaurs with different stats, attacks, and weaknesses. Your job is to make sure that they’re placed in battles where they can dominate.

You can even create new dinosaur hybrids in the lab to unlock new powers and skills. If you’re looking for fantastic items to help you gain prestige, look for supply drops as you’re traveling.

Jurassic World Alive is available on iOS and Android



Try your hand at being a prospector tycoon with Resources. You scan your area for valuable resources and then build infrastructure that allows you to claim it. It’s meant to be an MMO simulation that deals with economics and items in limited supplies.

The limited nature of the resources is what makes the game fun. You might have to hire guards to protect your land or upgrade your gear to make sure you can find the best possible ground to work. Many fans mention playing during their commute to find areas they can defend regularly.

Resources is available on Android.



Wokamon helps you create a walking routine by giving you a pet that you nurture with your walks. Don’t worry about rainy days — it can even work indoors on a treadmill. It also keeps track of your distance when you’re on the move. If you like to get cute little rewards, check out the reward videos you get for taking good care of your pet. 

Wokamon is available on iOS and Android

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Pokemon Go! It is one of the most popular AR, GPS-based games and wholly transformed the summer of 2015 for many people who flooded parks and public streets to hunt for Pokemon. The central negative aspect of the game back then was that there wasn’t enough integration for friends.

That has changed over the years. Now you can play with friends both near and far. Whether you’re a first-time Pokemon trainer or just someone who uninstalled the app a few years ago, think about checking it out again. The upgrades added to the game are well worth another look.

Pokemon Go is available on iOS and Android

Roams – GPS Village Builder

Roams - GPS Village Builder

In Roams, create and defend multiple villages from other players’ attacks. To travel to another village, you have to move 500 meters as calculated by your GPS. This is the key to succeeding in the game. You can move resources between villages to help cultivate your items because not every resource is available in every village. 

One of the great things about Roams is resource specialization. Each village can become very good at making specific items. Stock your villages with people to help defend against outside incursions as well. 

Roams is available on Android.

Orna : The GPS RPG

Orna: The GPS RPG

Orna is a turn-based RPG based on your GPS position. Join with friends or nearby strangers to defeat the evil that spawns in locations all around. There are more than 50 classes, 300 monsters, and 1,000 items to find. You can also explore other areas if your site has gotten stale by using wayportals. 

Fans of Orna say that it’s surprisingly complex and requires tactics and forethought. One reason is that you have to assess and address monsters with different weaknesses to beat them. Many people who play, use groups to discuss tactics and make plans together online, through forums like Reddit and programs like Discord. 

Orna is available on iOS and Android.

GPS Monster Scouter

GPS Monster Scouter

There are monsters worldwide, and you’re going to create a team of the absolute best ones. Travel from place to place to recruit monsters, train your team, and battle other teams to win prizes. You can get special items by finding locations with lost treasure that can help you beat the battle masters — and you monsters can help you get these. 

One neat feature of GPS Monster Scouter is that you can create your own monsters. You can also download monster packs from other players to add more variety to your game. It can add hours of fun to GPS Monster Scouter and lets you have more creative control over the world you navigate through with your GPS.

GPS Monster Scouter is available on Android.

Journey Online

Journey Online

You play as an adventurer tasked by an innkeeper to help stop an influx of monsters that threaten the populace. However, you don’t have to go it alone. Many in-game AI adventurers join your quest and help you save the world. Create your team to take on the worst threats the monsters can offer.

As you travel, you find fights and gain more powerful advantages. Take up to nine of your players and create a variety of formations to deal with a variety of attacks. Threats range from magicians to skeletons. If you want to include your friends, bring them along to join in on the four-player co-op mode. 

Journey Online is available on Android

Magic Streets

Magic Streets

If you like role-playing games, check out Magic Streets. You can take on the persona of a knight, mage, or archer. The only way to move your character is to move through the real world, letting your GPS change your position as you go. You’ll find bosses, dungeons, and other exciting events as you move from place to place.

As you gain experience, you can customize your equipment, build a town, and enhance your skills to take on greater foes. There are even guild challenges to make the game more fun for you and your friends by giving you objectives to complete. To help meet your goals, use portals to access the underground world where you have a whole new area to explore.

Magic Streets is available on iOS and Android.

Turf Wars

Turf Wars

Turf Wars puts you in the shoes of a crime boss who wants to keep control of your neighborhood and the surrounding areas. You can use your GPS to gain control of the nearby regions — though other players may be trying to take control at the same time, which can lead to a showdown. It also offers missions, encounters with virtual cops, and a system to create your mafia with other players. 

There are over 60 weapons and various upgrades and equipment to give you many ways to approach your game. It also lets you play with friends or team up with other local players to take down giant bosses who control a lot of territories. Progression can take a while in Turf Wars, but long-term players tend to be dedicated and willing to put in the time.

Turf Wars is available on iOS and Android

The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead: Our World

Even if you didn’t watch AMC’s The Walking Dead, you might enjoy this app. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to outwit zombies, save innocent people, and fend for yourself in a society without many resources to go around. Many of the characters from the show can be collected by players as they work their way through the game, too.

If you’re looking to make new friends, join one of the guilds. It can help you complete objectives or become a more efficient player. You can also connect with your friends, and it’s generally easier to progress in the game if you do. There’s in-game chat, too. It’s a great social experience that can help you get outdoors and move around while battling zombies. 

The Walking Dead: Our World is available on Android and iOS. 

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