Best Medieval Games With Knights

My Lord, are you ready to ride? Your carriage will take you across the 17 best medieval games by category. 

Jousting, swordplay, magic, dragons, and castles are some of the elements why the Middle Ages have become a popular setting for games. And we’re adding the following elements to compile our list: 

  • The game allows you to play with or against knights, lords, and kings, or play around with historically accurate medieval stories. 
  • The playability is accurate, so using swords, bows, shields, axes, and similar is fun and smooth.
  • The aesthetic seems proper to the time the game is covering. It could be historical, fictional, or a combination of both.

Plague Tale: Innocence – Best Medieval Game for Playstation

  • Developer :Asobo Studio
  • Publisher :Focus Home Interactive
  • Release Date :May 2019
  • Platform :PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Amazon Luna

Plague Tale: Innocence is a stealth adventure game. You play Amicia, a 15-year-old orphan. She’s taking care of her younger brother Hugo. The protagonists can hide, run, and use items to survive and complete locations in a linear story.

The setting is France during 1349’s Death Plague, a rat disease that left millions of dead people in Europe. Amicia and Hugo must escape the rats and also the Inquisition knights, who intend to kill all survivors. 

The gameplay is about using light and fire to scare the rats or lure them against the soldiers. Alternatively, Amicia and Hugo hide and distract the soldiers. The goal is to escape their town. 

For Honor – Best Medieval Game for Xbox

  • Developer :Ubisoft
  • Publisher :Ubisoft
  • Release Date :February 2017
  • Platform :PS4, Xbox One, PC

For Honor is a medieval battle game, and it’s also a Live Service by Ubisoft. You play in single-player or PvP modes with a customizable hero. There’re 18 classes (like Knight, Xiaolin warrior, and Samurai).

The core loop is tournament 1v1 battles against the AI or other players. You swing your weapon, parry, grab, use skills, use items, block, and similar. There’re also team-based battles, an arcade mode, a training mode, and more.

Lastly, the developers have added balance, performance fixes, and new features constantly. This medieval knight game had mixed reviews on launch, but fans are more positive about it nowadays. If you’re wary, you could try the Starter Edition on Xbox Game Pass (PC and Xbox).

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Best Medieval RPG Game

  • Developer :Warhorse Studios
  • Publisher :Deep Silver, Warhorse Studios
  • Release Date :December 2018
  • Platform :PS4, Xbox One, Windows 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a first-person medieval open-world RPG. The setting is historical, but the story is fictional. You play within the Bohemian Imperial State, part of the Holy Roman Empire. The protagonist is on a quest to avenge his parent’s death and battles invading forces. 

Gameplay-wise, you can roam the world to combat, loot, and interact. You’ll be free to do whatever you want and progress through a great character progression system. As usual, you play in the first person and can attack, parry, block, and shoot projectiles. 

Across your journey, you’ll have the chance to complete a story-changing quest and make choices that affect the outcome. Additionally, you’ll have to manage hunger, thirst, sleep, and morality. 

Eternium – Best Medieval Game Mobile(iOS/Android)

  • Developer :Making Fun, Inc., DreamPrimer SRL, Dream Primer
  • Publisher :Making Fun, Inc
  • Release Date :June 2014
  • Platform :Android, iOS, Windows

Eternium is a free-to-play action RPG akin to the Diablo franchise. You choose among the three available classes and begin a journey on a high fantasy medieval land. You visit towns, gather quests, fight monsters, loot, level up, develop skills, sell your old gear, and repeat.

As we’ve seen on Diablo Immortal, the game places its skills, attack, and movement tabs at the right of the screen. On top of that, there’re various interfaces to check your skills, gear, and stats.

The overall quest is protecting a castle. The enemies include demons, dragons, goblins, and orcs. However, the game has four unique worlds, from a classic medieval town to a strange planet. Overall, it seems like a flawless mobile title.

Medieval Dynasty – Best First-Person Medieval Game

  • Developer :Render Cube
  • Publisher :Toplitz Productions
  • Release Date :September 2021
  • Platform :PS4, Xbox One, Windows

Medieval Dynasty is a first-person, action-adventure immersive sim. Military conflict is all around its fictional world, while you play a young man fleeing from the war. Ultimately, the protagonist becomes the king of his castle.

The gameplay is about managing a village and growing it into an empire. Building works akin to Stranded Deep or Ark Survival: you craft tools, gather materials, and build back home. To supplement your settlement construction, you can have a family, have an heir, hire employees, and grow followers.

The building system is massive, but there’re other experiences outside of the core loop. For instance, you can hunt, farm, explore, pursue the main quest, solve side quests, and free roam across a vast medieval world. Additionally, you have to manage stats like hunger, thirst, and sleep.

KINGDOM LIFE™ II – Best Medieval Game On Roblox


Kingdom of Life II is the most popular medieval game you can play on Roblox. It’s a medieval sandbox RPG where you create a character, make up a backstory, and play the content. 

There’s no main quest, but you can pursue hundreds of questlines to craft your experience. That said, the story happens on a dedicated server with a medieval world, medieval towns, weapons, and looks. 

Outside the cities, the map is as big as any other AAA open-world game. Each area on the map has an outstanding level of detail, activities, and quests to complete. And even though the map is huge, there’s a massive community backing the game and populating each area.

Dark Souls Remastered – Best Medieval Game Switch

  • Developer :FromSoftware
  • Publisher : FromSoftware
  • Release Date :May 2018
  • Platform :Xbox One, PS4. Nintendo Switch, Windows

The remaster of the classic action RPG is available for Switch. It packs HD graphics, 60fps, and a 1080p resolution. Also, it has online multiplayer support (up to 6 players on a dedicated server).

You play a linear journey in the medieval kingdom of Lordran. You embark on a journey, a harrowing pilgrimage where you face deadly monsters and grotesque beings to save the realm.

You enter the world with a customizable hero. The hero gathers currency by killing enemies, and you can spend the currency on levels or gear. However, you lose the currency on death. That said, the combat is challenging and relies on parries, dodge-rolls, swings, and skills. 

Kingdom Rush – Best Offline Medieval Game For Android

  • Developer :Ironhide Game Studio
  • Publisher :Ironhide Game Studio
  • Release Date :January 2014
  • Platform :iOS, Android, Windows

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game set in a medieval fantasy world. You play as a commander, and your job is building towers and moving the heroes to defeat the enemy hordes. It’s an all-time best-seller game on the Play Store.

There’re four tower types available: mages, archers, warriors, and bombards. The enemies are trolls, orcs, goblins, wizards, spiders, and other magical creatures. Each has defenses against magical or physical attacks.

Then, you have heroes, special abilities, and a progression system. Each level you complete unlocks up to three stars, depending on your performance. You can use these stars to unlock passive skills that help your towers, heroes, and abilities.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Best Co-Op Medieval Game

  • Developer :Fatshark
  • Publisher :Fatshark
  • Release Date :March 2018
  • Platform :Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Serie

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a co-op game that allows up to four players in brutal, gory battles against the Skaven, rat-like mutant creatures. At its core, it’s team-based PvE inspired by titles like Left 4 Dead, but medieval. 

You explore damps, swamps, and lush forests to hold off Skaven enemies and complete quests. The world is brutal and rich because of the Warhammer lore. If you’re unfamiliar with the franchise, you can still enjoy the content without getting lost.

You play as one of the available five classes. Each character has its own set of weapons. As you play, you’ll develop your character and unlock abilities. You can wield giant axes, shows, shields, bows, archaic firearms, crossbows, magic, and more.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition – Best Medieval Game For Low-End PC

elder scrolls 5
  • Developer :Bethesda Game Studios
  • Publisher :Bethesda Softworks
  • Release Date :November 2011 (original) / 2
  • Platform :PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Windows

The Elder Scrolls V’s Special Edition is a remaster of the classic open-world action RPG game. Because of its age, any budget laptop could run it. The special edition includes many updates, such as dual-wielding, moving objects, and a physics engine.

Even so, Skyrim is the ultimate high-fantasy medieval sandbox experience. You can get married, have kids, become a werewolf, become a thief, explore dungeons, learn magic, defeat dragons, hunt vampires, start bar fights, or save the world. 

The primary mission is about defeating a legendary dragon, and you have to learn special screams –Dragon Screams– to match these beasts in power. 

Age of Empires IV – Best Medieval RTS Game For PC

Age of Empires IV
  • Developer :Relic Entertainment, World’s Edge
  • Publisher :Xbox Game Studios
  • Release Date :October 2021
  • Platform :Windows PC (available at Xbox Game Pass for PC)

AoE IV is an RTS game and the spiritual successor of the successful AoE II. The gameplay remains similar, but it modernizes the graphics, adds new features, and adds new units and civilizations. 

There’re eight civilizations, and each one is unique. Each has multiple branching mechanics, upgrade paths, special units, unique technologies, and more. In RTS terms, these civs are “asymmetrical,” which means each works differently, although the functions are the same at a basic level. 

You can play against others in PvP with up to 8 players per match. Alternatively, you can play the historical campaigns. There’re four historical campaigns available, covering periods across various civilizations. In-between missions, you’ll see high-budget documentaries adorned with CGI unit models to tell the story. 

Chivalry 2 – Best Medieval Battle Game

  • Developer :Torn Banner Studios
  • Publisher :Tripwire Interactive
  • Release Date :June 2021
  • Platform :PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer hack & slash title. It offers first-person or third-person medieval combat on servers with up to 64 people. Like so, the experience relies on big siege battles. 

Combat-wise, you can parry, block, and attack. It’s an arcade, non-skill-based combat, and players can use heavy and light armor, as well as ranged or melee weapons. 

Overall, it’s a chaotic, bloody, immersive game. The game has no single-player mode, but it does have various game modes like castle sieges and raids.

Going Medieval – Best Medieval Building Game

  • Developer :Foxy Voxel, Gramophone Games
  • Publisher :The Irregular Corporation, Gramophone Games
  • Release Date :August 2020
  • Platform :Windows, GNU, Linux

Going Medieval is a medieval construction sim. You’re a lord, and you construct a fortress in the wilds, defend against raids, and keep your villagers happy. That said, building works through blocks, similar to how it works in Minecraft.

The game happens during the 14th Century, known as the “Dark Age.” You’re to rebuild society after 95% of the world fell to a lethal plague. You’ll find nature has claimed most of the land, and this is the perfect foundation for your civilization. 

So, you guide the survivors to a new home. With simple 3D terrain tools, you can create multi-level buildings where your villagers can work and live. You gather materials, design, build, craft, and expand your settlement.

Total War: Medieval II (Definitive Edition) – Best Medieval Warfare Game

  • Developer :Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive (Mac and Linux ports)
  • Publisher :SEGA
  • Release Date :November 2006
  • Platform :Windows, macOS, Linux

Total War: Medieval II is a medieval RTS with turn-based empire management. You play on a board where you manage your cities, armies, construction, taxes, diplomacy, and more, each turn.

But when armies meet on the board, you play massive battles that may include over 1,000 soldiers. Every army you recruit comes as a squad (say, 60 soldiers), and you manage these squads in battle with a series of formations and commands. 

The game offers four historical campaigns across the world. The map includes the British Isles, Teutonic Northern Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. These campaigns can take hundreds of hours, and it can take dozens of hours to master its many systems.

Crusader Kings III – Best Medieval Board Game

  • Developer :Paradox Development Studio
  • Publisher :Paradox Interactive
  • Release Date :September 2020 
  • Platform :Windows

Crusader Kings III is a grand-strategy game. It mixes fictional stories and characters, Total War mechanics, and traditional board-strategy systems for unique gameplay. 

You play through a world map (a board) and several interfaces. You move your armies, diplomats, and other pieces on the board. On the interfaces, you control the many aspects of your medieval royal family. It has many interconnected systems atop a complex narrative. 

The plot is about keeping power within a family of kings and heirs. You’re to guide the dynasties across centuries of conquest and domination. That includes the drama and struggles of medieval times: pilgrimages, peasant revolts, raiders, war, conquest, diplomacy, marriage, and politics. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Best Medieval Fantasy Game

  • Developer :CD Projekt Red
  • Publisher :CD Projekt Red
  • Release Date :May 2015
  • Platform :Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows

The Witcher 3 is an open-world action-adventure RPG set within the world Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski created. Like so, it shines because of the depth of its side content, characters, and villains. 

You play as Geral of Rivia, a knight and a Witcher. Witchers are members of an order that sacrifices humanity and emotions to gain the power needed to defeat monsters – Polish mythological monsters. Geralt’s mission is to find his surrogate daughter, Ciri. 

Gameplay-wise, you roam a vast, gorgeous open world with swords, bombs, a crossbow, dodges, rolls, and parries. Other mechanics include choices, character progression, crafting, alchemy, optional romances, and more. 

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Best Medieval Open-World Game

  • Developer :TaleWorlds Entertainment
  • Publisher :TaleWorlds Entertainment
  • Release Date :March 2020 (Early Access)
  • Platform :Windows

Mount & Blade is an open-world sandbox series. You play as a knight and a king on a war-torn land in search of peace. To that end, it mixes classic action adventure with RTS interfaces for conquering and warfare.

The sequel picks up 200 years before the original game. You’re a ruler, racing to stop the civil war. To that end, the game delivers complex RPG systems for an immersive medieval simulator. The meat of the sequel is establishing an empire to create a new world, free of war-torn times.

Game mechanics include conquering, raiding, and exploring the continent. Along your journey, you’ll be able to forge alliances, make enemies, raise armies, and command troops to battle. Other systems include character progression, skill-based and directional swordplay, in-game economy, and more. 

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