Best Oculus Games For Kids

Get your Oculus headset and get into the world of imagination where everything is possible. Your kids can play games, read books, color their virtual drawing books, and call their friends.

The parent searching the Oculus games for kids should be wary of various aspects. It is important to know if the game is suitable for children especially when there are microtransactions involved.

So, in this article, I have made a list of the best Oculus games for kids, considering factors like microtransactions, age limits, and violence-free games. I hope every kid will learn and have a great time playing the game.

Best Oculus Games for Kids

Oculus has specifically addressed that children above 13 are encouraged to use the headset. So, do not encourage children to use below that. But if your kid is above 13, you can give them Oculus to play the games, but of course, you need to set a time limit. Now, get your kids pumped up for virtual reality and let them experience the best games available for Oculus.

Racket Fury: Table Tennis

Racket Fury Table Tennis

Racket Fury: Table Tennis is one the best game on the Oculus right now. If you want to battle in a table tennis game with the robot in the virtual arena or want to beat a random stranger on the game, then you can play Racket Fury: Table Tennis.

This game features varieties of Single-player and multiplayer modes. If you play a single player, you encounter 16 opponents to be the game’s champion. But remember you have to play against the best players in the world. 

There are various features and game modes in the game. You can practice the game to improve the game in the PRACTICE option. And your kids can also play arcade mode in the game, where your kid’s agility and reflex shine on.

Dance Central

Dance Central

If your kids are bored dancing alone in your room, you must try a follow-the-leader dance game Dance Central. You have to face off with your virtual partners where you have to copy the dance moves.

The Virtual Reality aspect of this game is so beautiful. The UI is so real; you can choose the song from the character’s cell phone in the game and contact your partners for a dance-off. 

There is an exclusive dance move for 32 different songs. The dance moves are groovy and very fun to follow. Furthermore, your kids can also challenge your friends and family to beat your highest score in the game. 

Walkabout Mini Golf


Enter the visually stunning virtual world of Walkabout Mini Golf and have an amazing time putting the golf ball into the hole. The game world is realistic, and the physics mechanics of the game is real, which makes the make very fun and rewarding.

You can choose your mini-golf course from the highlands of South Africa to Lost cities and enjoy the game. The realistic graphics, the great scenarios, and the human hand gestures give this game a realistic feeling.

You can also play this game with your friends or any random strangers worldwide. The simple control mechanics and easy-to-understand rules make it appealing to a wide age range. Everyone loves swinging their hand in the air to put a golf ball in the hole, from older adults to young children.

Knockout League

Knockout League

I just want to remind you that if your room is messy and there is no open space in the place you are playing, you might swing an uppercut at the lamps or punch the wall. So, clear your room first if you want to enter the world of Knockout Leauge.

In Knockout League, the characters are too childish and absurd-looking, making the world very funny and intriguing. Just imagine fighting a duel with an octopus named Sir Octopunch. Yes, you imagined it correctly. You will have a blast playing this amazing game.

Your kids will get the hang of the game very soon. They will see the opponent’s fighting style pattern as they progress in the game. I can vouch for a fun gaming experience in VR gaming. So, go and play this game right now.

Journey of the Gods

Journey of the Gods

Journey of the Gods is an epic journey action-adventure game where the main protagonist is assigned to protect the visually stunning city. So, wear your headset on, enter this wonderful world, and become the protector of this city.

As soon as the game starts, your kids get a glimpse of the world controlled by the demons, and the city’s savior has been imprisoned. Therefore, our character sets out on a journey with a relatively weak short sword, a small shield, and a small crossbow with limited ammunition to save the city he loves.

There are various bosses you come up against. The bosses make the game interesting and tough. When you rank up, the bosses become more powerful and harder to beat. 

Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR

The satisfying fruit-slicing game that everyone adored is also available to play in the VR. The Fruit Ninja has taken the VR experience to another level; the VR element and the close combat makes it one of the wholesome gaming experience.

There is various mode available in the game. According to your mode, you can choose from them and then start slicing the fruits violently. If you prefer, you can play Zen mode, where the annoying bomb will not distract you, or you can play survival mode to slice the fruits flying around by drones.

Your child will love this game. It can be fun and educational at the same time. You can tell them which fruits they are slicing. And sometimes, you can also join in this virtual endeavor of slicing the fruits.

Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

Angry Birds VR Isle of Pigs

Now, You can smash the various objects and boxes protecting the hysterical green pigs in the VR. VR works as you’d expect, and the game world is pretty to look at even as you’re destroying their structure and killing them.

You kids dont have to be restricted to the first-person static position like on other platforms. Now, you can roam around, teleport different parts, and find the perfect spot to catapult the birds. 

There are varieties of birds to choose from. You must know their attributes and powers to use them with their full potential. And then, the gaming experience will be more immersive and satisfying play.

Shadow Point

Shadow Point

A beautifully written game with a wonderful character and amazing puzzles to solve is a great treat for the kids. They will enjoy solving the funny, cute,, and interesting puzzles and end the game with a happy face.

Your kids will want to solve the puzzle to understand the plot and to keep the plot going as the plot of the game is very interesting with a little spice of Sci-Fi kinds of stuff. Furthermore, the puzzles also serve as a password to the secrets that hold the stories of our main protagonist, Lorna McCabe. 

I’m certain your kids will enjoy this surreal, fun quest to discover the truth about Lorna McCabe.



In a world full of stories, a cute little mouse guided by the ray of light is an alluring and fun game to get into. Moss is a game straight out of the storybook as the story of the game starts when we flip through the pages.

A cute little mouse named Quill takes on an adventurous journey full of uncertainty and full of terror to save her uncle. We are known as the reader in the game, which is metaphorically rich and amazing to deep dive into the philosophy of life. We are the unseen force in the game to help our little friend rescue her uncle.   

The story is told from both a first-person and third-person perspective, enhancing the storytelling. Moreover, the puzzles are designed to appeal to adults and children, especially children. 

Traffic Jams

Traffic Jams

Traffic Jams is one of the best games for the kids that lets kids to be the traffic officer. The traffic officer is assigned to manage traffic, prevent accidents, and manage flagrant road rage.

It’s an absolutely beautiful game that blends with VR technology smoothly. Furthermore, it balances the graphics and motion, which will not cause any motion sickness.

The game starts in a small city, and then gradually, as the game progresses, we visit various cities, and the games get tougher. As the premise suggests, this can be a great learning experience for the children as they move with the world’s best traffic controller.

Color Space

Color Space

Even as an adult, I like the concept of freely and precisely moving my hand holding the colors. I want to draw beautiful color scenarios and be proud of myself. Color Space, one the most visually stunning, lets you do the same without the hassle of drawing pencils, a bunch of colored pencils, and a drawing pen.

In this game, you will color thirteen objects ready to be completed by the colors. As we color the environment, the soothing music swells and gives a calming sense. For example, you can hear peaceful sounds while painting beautiful scenarios.

This game will be so interesting and fun for the children. They can use their creativity and imagination and color the colorless virtual world.



Go into the beautiful world to serve the best food possible and get the reward and collectibles. You can swing that virtual knife, cut some pieces, and make a tasty sandwich to satisfy the hunger of the virtual people in that world.

And the funny thing is you can work and invite your friends or family to make the best dish possible and serve it. Different animals like a werewolf and rats came and sat on the counter. They have very specific requirements for making a sandwich. You have to make them a delicious sandwich according to their requirements.

If you want your kid to get into cooking and have fun feeding the imaginary animals, then you can try this game.

Vacation Simulator

Vacation Simulator

Vacation Simulator is one of the fun and imaginative games to let your children play. It blends perfectly with VR technology to give them an immersive experience.

Kids can simulate what it would be like to travel and be a tourist and even immerse themselves in the vacation experience for hours. You kid can walk through the green forest, climb the mountain and swim through the water.

The subtle metaphor of a robot’s imagination of what a human vacation looks like is very beautiful and can be a captivating learning experience for kids.



Fujii is one of the best-looking games that are available on Oculus. I’m pretty sure your child will have an enduring experience and will have a fresh outlook on the world.

It is an exploration game where your kids might wonder about the beautiful and appealing flowers and gardening in this alien world. While exploring, you’ll find simple puzzles that reward you with both ‘orbs of light.

The child’s imagination will blossom through this game; kids will gaze at those beautiful gardens and flowers. They will have a blissful experience.

Ghost Giant

Ghost Giant

A whimsical world where the titular Ghost Giant is assigned to help the little boy named Louis to navigate through the city. Your kid play as the titular Ghost Giant, but dont you worry, he is not the scary one but a cute and a wise man.

Initially, the little boy Loius is scared of the ghost, but soon he understands that the ghost is there for him, helping and motivating him along his way like a very good friend.

The writing of this beautiful game is so surreal and human which perfectly fits the children. They can learn about human nature and how fear is merely a construction to be safe. This is one of the best games I have come across, and I have recommended this game to everyone I know, including you guys now.

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