Best Witch Class Builds In Path Of Exile (PoE)

The Witch class in PoE is a pure intelligence-based class. This class comes with overwhelming elemental magic and dark arts.

With a barrier for all kinds of attacks, the witch can also be considered hard to kill. The witch also has curses and diseases in her arsenal.

There are 4 kinds of witches in the game i.e., Fire Witch, Lightning Witch, Ice Witch, and Summoner. The Witch class has also three Ascendancy Classes i.e., Necromancer, Elementalist, and Occultist.

While playing the game, if you want to play as a witch class, you can choose to build with one of the kinds of witches mentioned above.

The Witch class is considered one of the hardest classes to build in the game. And if built correctly, can be very powerful. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the best builds for the witch class.

Ultimate Raise Spectres Necromancer

Spectres Necromancer
  • Character Class : Witch
  • Ascendancy : Necromancer
  • This build is being used for many versions of PoE and still is one of the best in the current patch too. This build is also considered to be the fastest summoner and damage build in the game.

    With this build, you can obtain a movement speed of 200-300%. One of the best things about this build is that you don’t need high-level equipment and production. 

    Unique equipment you need for this build like Victario’s Charity or The Devouring Diadem can be obtained in any league. This build uses Slave Drivers spectres which helps in boss killing, mapping, etc.

    This build will help you make a Necromancer with high DPS, high evasion, high life points, and regeneration.


    • Starter Friendly
    • High DPS (5M+)
    • Easy Boss Fights
    • High Movement Speed

    • Can be boring at times as your summons do all the work.
    • Weak before endgame gem levels and skill tree.

    Play Style

    Raise Spectre Necromancer provides a balance between a conventional build (spellcaster) and a summoner. The use of Armageddon Brand does this. This build uses Slave Driver which allows for increased damage, easy boss clearing with our minions, and deals heavy Lightning Damage.

    To obtain the Slave Driver Spectres:

    • Go to the Control Block in Act V.
    • Cast Desecrate to spawn corpses.
    • Cast Raise Spectre on a Slave Driver.

    You should use the highest level of Raise Spectre gem that you can afford. Remember to remove Spell Echo Support while casting Raise Spectre. Repeat the process until you have the maximum number of spectres.

    Recommended Gears

    Here is the list of gears that are recommended for this build: 

  • Head: +3 Minion Gems Bone Helmet or The Devouring Diadem
  • Amulet: Any Rare Amulet
  • Chest: +1 to Maximum Spectres Rare Chest
  • Gloves: Any Rare Gloves
  • Boots: +1 Raise Spectre Level Elder Rare Boots
  • Belt: Rare Stygian Vise
  • Weapon: Trigger a Socketed Spell When You Use a Skill Rare Wand
  • Shield: Victario’s Charity or Rare Shield
  • Leveling

    Leveling in Path of Exile is the most critical and hard thing to do. All equipment and build should be equipped in an order. To level and reach end-game fast and easy. You should be able to identify proper equipment to equip during leveling. 

    Leveling items in PoE can be obtained for cheap. But also investing in some leveling uniques can also be done to try out multiple builds and speed up the leveling process.

    Most of the leveling uniques are cheap and you can get them by spending fewer Chaos Orbs. So, investing some of the currency will give you more time for farming for the end-game.

    Equipment like Tabula Rasa, Goldrim, Wanderlust, Berek’s Grip, Perandus Signets, Darkness Enthroned, Meginord’s Girdle, and Wurm’s Molt are some of the cheap leveling equipment that you can invest in to reach end-game. You can also sell them when you don’t need them.

    Gem Link

    The main gem for this build is Raise Spectre and we use this link for Slave Drivers. But we can also use Armageddon Brand for applying curse of choice and Blind Support. 

    Raise Spectre Slave Drivers (6-Link) These are the gems you need to use for the main link.
    1) Raise Spectre
    2) Awakened Spell Echo Support
    3) Awakened Minion Damage Support
    4) Awakened Controlled Destruction Support
    5) Awakened Elemental Focus Support (If you cannot afford this, you can also use Empower Support)
    6) Predator and Feeding Frenzy Support
    Armageddon Brand (4-Link) 1) Armageddon Brand (Level 1)
    2) Blind Support
    3) Hextouch Support
    4) Conductivity (You can also use Temporal Chains or Enfeeble)
    Auras (4-Link)  After acquiring The Devouring Diadem, use these gems for their passive.
    1) Wrath 
    2) Vaal Haste (If you don’t want to use Devouring Diadem, you can replace this with Dread Banner)
    3) Generosity Support  
    4) Summon Skitterbots
    Animate Guardian (4-Link) 1) Animate Guardian
    2) Summon Stone Golem
    3) Raise Zombie
    4) Elemental Army Support or Minion Life Support
    Desecrate and Flesh Offering (3-Link) 1) Desecrate
    2) Flesh Offering
    3) Arcane Surge Support (Level 1) or Enduring Cry
    Cast When Damage Taken Support (3-Link) 1) Cast When Damage Taken Support (Level 10)
    2) Immortal Call (Level 12) or Guard Skill of Choice
    3) Phase Run (Level 12)
    Unset Ring (1-Link) 1) Flame Dash should be used in Unset Ring.

    Ascendancy Nodes

    Make sure you choose these ascendancy nodes using your Ascendancy Points.

    • Mindless Aggression
    • Unnatural Strength
    • Commander of Darkness
    • Plaguebringer


    For the bandit quest, you can choose any of the following:

    • Save Bandit Kraityn
    • Kill All the Bandits
    • Save Bandit Alira
    • Save Bandit Oak

    If you kill all the bandits, you will get two Passive Points which will be very helpful.


    For major gods, you can choose Soul of Lunaris or Soul of Solaris. For minor god, you can choose Soul of Gruthkul or Soul of Yugul.

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    Chain of Command Animate Weapon Build

    Chain of Command Animate Weapon Build
  • Character Class : Witch
  • Ascendancy : Occultist
  • After the introduction of Chains of Command in the game, this build is used widely by many players. It is considered to be one of the best occultist builds out there.

    This build requires Chains of Command, Grave Bind on Animate Guardian which should be level 19, and two Writhing Jar. 

    In this build, you will play by buffing the Animate Guardian which in turn has lots of damage.


    • Clear Speed
    • Unique Play Style
    • Easy corpse clearing (Avoids on-death effects)
    • High Damage

    • Difficult Boss Fights
    • Character can become squishy in the early game

    Play Style

    You should play by equipping Animate Guardian with a White Wind or any other high PDPS weapon with Gravebind. Two Writhing Jar is mandatory for this build. The Writhing Jar can be sustained with Survival Secrets and flask nodes on the tree.

    Recommended Gears

    Here are some of the recommended gears for this build. These gears work well with this build. 

  • Head: Any Rare Head Gear with + Level of Socketed Minion Gems, Life then Res/Attributes as needed (For a unique item you can use Crown of the Tyrant or Leer Cast)
  • Amulet: Any Rare Amulet Gear with Life then Res/Attributes as needed + Replenishing Remedies Anointment
  • Chest: Chains of Command (You can also use Doppelganger Guise or Ambu’s Charge)
  • Gloves: Gravebind (You can also use Triad Grip)
  • Boots: Any Rare Boots with Life & Movement Speed then Res/Attributes as needed
  • Belt: Darkness Enthroned
  • Rings: Any Rare Rings with Life then Res/Attributes as needed
  • Weapon: Any Rear Weapon with Increased minion damage, Attack Speed, and Trigger Socketed Spell Craft. (White Wind is recommended)
  • Shield: Victario’s Charity
  • Leveling

    Minions are mostly used for clearing purposes. You need to give certain tools to minions which will help them to hit multiple targets. At level 8 you get the Melee Splash Support gem. Up to level 8 following skills can be used.

    • Stormblast Mine (for single target)
    • Freezing Pulse (for clearing)
    • Frost Bomb (instead of Freezing Pulse)

    From level 12 you will acquire the Absolution skills which can be leveled all the way. Any link providing extra damage for the minion would be preferable early on.

    • Absolution
    • Minion Damage Support
    • Added Cold Damage Support
    • Added Fire Damage Support
    • Added Lightning Damage Support

    Pick up Physical to Lightning Support in ACT II. Besides your main source of damage, you can utilize Rise Zombies and Ruthless Support as well as Vitality early on in the acts to keep yourself and your minions alive.

    Gem Link

    Follow these gem links to get the most out of this build. Only one 6-link is needed for this build. This gem-link is for the endgame:

    6 Socket Animate Weapon Support Gems in Chains of Command for Cold Based Low Budget These are the gems you need to use for the main link in Chains of Command.
    1) Multistrike Support
    2) Increased Critical Damage Support
    3) Predator Support
    4) Minion Damage SupportAdded Cold
    5) Damage Support
    6) Cold Penetration Support
    3-Link Trigger 1) Desecrate (Level 1)
    2) Flesh Offering
    3) Lifetap Support (Level 1)
    3-Link Mar Curse 1) Frostbite
    2) Blasphemy Support
    3) Assassin’s Mark (Level 1)
    4-Link in Triad Grip 1) Precision
    4-Link Auras + Utility/Mobility 1) Determination
    2) Defiance Banner
    3) Flame Dash
    4) Purity of Elements
    4-Link Animate Guardian 1) Generosity Support
    2) Zealotry
    3) Summon Stone Golem
    4) Feeding Frenzy Support

    Ascendancy Nodes

    Choose these ascendancy nodes for this build:

    • Profane Bloom
    • Void Beacon
    • Withering Presence
    • Malediction


    For bandits quest, you can choose any of these four:

    • Save Bandit Lord Kraityn
    • Save Bandit Lord Alira
    • Save Bandit Lord Oak
    • Kill All Bandits

    Kill all three of them for additional skill points of Eramir for this build.


    Choose the powers of Soul of Lunaris for major god and Shakari for minor god for this build.

    Big Lightning Ignites

    Big Lightning Ignites
  • Character Class : Witch
  • Ascendancy : Elementalist
  • Divine Ire gem is the most useful and fun gem for this build. It is fun to play with Divine Ire and players will be sure to enjoy this playstyle.

    This build deals with high damage and fast map clear. You are also able to scale with end-game dungeons with this build.


    • A fun build
    • One of the best League starters
    • Good for end game
    • High defense
    • High single target damage

    • It takes time to finish the build

    Play Style

    Elementalist has Shaper of Flames which helps to ignite any type of damage. With the help of it, Divine Ire damage will be able to ignite (which is lightning damage). Divine Ire will multiply your damage.

    You need to channel the gem because it gives 1000% more damage when channeled properly. 

    Recommended Equipment

  • Head: Rare Warlord’s Helmet with Life, -9 Fire Resistance, and Enduring Cry Enchant
  • Amulet: The Primordial Chain
  • Chest: Skin of the Loyal with +2 Corruption
  • Gloves: Sorcerer Gloves with Phys Conversion, Life, Dexterity, and Resistances
  • Boots: Two-Toned boots with Life, Movement Speed, Maximum Endurance Charge, and Resistances
  • Belt: Leather Belt with Life, Increased max Life and Resistances
  • Rings: Rare Vermillion Ring with Life and Resistances
  • Weapons: 2x Rare Wand with Fire DoT Multi – +1 Spell Skill – Cast Speed – Spell/Fire Damage
  • Leveling

    Create a Witch and pick up an Explosive trap from the vendor. Go to kill Hailrake and clear Mud Flat. Your gem link should be following after Mud Flat.

    • Frost Bomb
    • Arcane Surge Support
    • Explosive Trap

    After Killing Brutus add an Added Lightning Damage Support to Frost Bomb.

    From levels 12-28 your gem link should look like this:

    • Storm Brand
    • Added Lightning Damage Support
    • Controlled Destruction Support
    • Elemental Focus Support

    After normal lab your gem link should look like this:

    • Divine Ire or Armageddon Brand
    • Unbound Ailment Support
    • Ignite Proliferation Support
    • Deadly Ailment Support
    • Swift Affliction Support
    • Burning Damage Support

    Gem Links

    Follow these gem links for this build:

    Divine Ire (Main Link) 6-Link 1) Divine Ire (Level 21)
    2) Ignite Proliferation Support
    3) Awakened Deadly Ailments Support
    4) Awakened Unbound Ailments Support
    5) Awakened Burning Damage Support
    6) Awakened Swift Affliction Support
    Golems 1) Summon Flame Golem
    2) Summon Stone Golem
    3) Summon Ice Golem
    4) Summon Lightning Golem
    Auras 1) Malevolence
    2) Herald of Purity
    3) Clarity (Level 7 or Lower)
    Enduring Cry 1) Enduring Cry
    2) Increased Duration Support
    3) Second Wind Support
    4) Flame Dash
    Buffs 1) Wave of Conviction
    2) Elemental Weakness
    3) Combustion Support
    4) Awakened Hextouch Support
    Last Free Sockets 1) Summon Chaos Golem
    2) Cast when Damage Taken Support (Level 1)
    3) Vaal Cold Snap (Level 1)


    These are the most important ascendancy nodes for this build. Choose one by one as given in the list.

    • Shaper of Flames
    • Liege of Primordial
    • Elemancer
    • Shaper of Storms


    You should choose to kill all the bandits in this build.


    You can choose Soul of Lunaris for Major god. For Minor god choose Soul of Shakari.

    Unkillable Necro (Detonate Dead Necromancer)

  • Character Class : Witch
  • Ascendancy : Necromancer
  • With Detonate Dead you can target corpses and deal spell damage around the corpse and when the corpse explodes it deals fire damage to enemies. Basically, with the help of this spell gem, you can clear the room faster and can deal with bosses easily.


    • High Single target damage
    • High HP
    • Fast map clear
    • League Starter

    • Need to reach ACT 10 to be able to use it properly
    • High button uses

    Play Style

    Your damage mostly comes from Detonate Dead which detonates the monster corpse. The damage deals relate to the monster’s health. So, it is recommended to use spectre summon since they have high health. With the Desecrate gem, you can add a certain spectre to the monster pool. When you have a specific spectre, you can target summon them. Doing so will give you an increased life modifier to 750%. Since damage comes from corpse health all you want to do is create a high hp monster corpse and use Detonate Dead or Vaal Detonate Dead on the corpse resulting in high damage output. Also, you need to build your character to be the tankiest. Your character will have a lot of health and high defense making you unkillable.

    Recommended Equipment

  • Head: Energy Shield-based Helmet with Life, Mana, and Resistances.
  • Amulet: Citrine Amulet with Life, Mana, Energy Shield, and Resistances.
  • Chest: Hunter Chest with increased effect of offerings, Life, Ailment Avoidance, and Life as Maximum Energy Shield.
  • Gloves: Energy Shield based Gloves with Life, Mana, and Resistances
  • Boots: Energy Shield based Boots with Life, Mana and Resistances, Ailment Avoidance and Movement Speed
  • Belt: Stygian Vise with high Life and Resistances
  • Rings: Vermilion Ring with high Life, Mana, and Resistances
  • Weapon: Rare Spectre with Fire Damage, Fire Damage as Extra Chaos, Cast Speed, and Trigger Mod
  • Shield: Energy Shield based Shield with Life, Fire Damage as Extra Chaos, Spell Block, Life, and Ailment Avoidance
  • Gem Links

    These are the gem links you need to create for this build in corresponding gear with enough gem slots. 

    Detonate Dead – Main Link (6- Link) 1) Vaal Detonate Dead
    2) Awakened Unleashed Support
    3) Awakened Elemental Focus Support
    4) Awakened Spell Cascade Support
    5) Awakened Fire Penetration Support
    6) Energy Leech Support or Inspiration Support
    Spawning Corpses with Desecrate 1) Desecrate
    2) Spell Cascade Support
    3) Arcane Surge Support (Level 7 when Desecrate is Level 20)
    Movement and Utility 1) Enduring Crying
    2) Flame Dash
    3) Raise Spectre
    Herald and Cast when Damage Taken 1) Herald of Ash
    2) Cast When Damage Taken (Level 20)
    3) Steelskin 
    Trigger Wand Set up 1) Bone offering
    2) Flammability
    3) Wave of Conviction
    Combustion 1) Armageddon Brand
    2) Combustion Support


    Choose these ascendancy nodes.

    • Plaguebringer
    • Corpse Pact
    • Mistress of Sacrifice
    • Essence Glutton


    In this build, you have to help Eramir and kill all bandits for 2 passive skill points.


    Choose Soul of Lunaris for Major God and Soul of Shakari for Minor God for this build.

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