Can’t Hear People On Discord? How To Fix It

Some users have recently reported facing issues hearing other users on a Discord call. Although Discord offers some of the best audio features, a range of issues including server errors to random human errs can create audio problems.

In most cases, the issue is mostly concerned with an incorrect audio configuration. You may have a different speaker configured as your output device or set the output volume to zero. Some of the complex issues include outdated audio drivers, and your headset being incompatible with Discord’s audio subset.

Until the issue isn’t related to other user’s microphone not working, you can easily set up your audio settings to hear other people on Discord.

Restart Discord

There may be an issue with the Discord application. You can start by refreshing your Discord app (Ctrl + R). If it doesn’t solve your problem, you can try to restart Discord from the task manager.

  1. Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)
  2. In the Processes tab, right-click on Discord.
  3. Choose End Task.
    Discord End Task
  4. Reopen Discord.

Configure Output Audio

You can choose from multiple output devices connected to your device on Discord. Discord also allows users to adjust the overall audio volume according to their preferences. Although a useful feature, you may encounter this issue if you’ve incorrectly configured these settings.

Discord does not display any message to alert you that you’ve set your output volume to low or zero when you’re on a call. You might want to check your output volume and the selected output device before you move to more complex issues.

  1. Select the cogwheel icon next to your username.
    Discord User Settings
  2. Under the App Settings section, select Voice & Video.
  3. Select the fly-out menu under Output Device and select the output device you’re using.
    Choose Output Device Discord
  4. Move the slider under Output volume to the right to increase the volume.
    Output Volume

Check Volume Mixer

You may have decreased the volume for the Discord app from the volume mixer. If you can hear audio from other programs except for Discord, you should check your volume mixer.

  1. Right-click on the speaker icon from your system tray.
  2. Choose Open volume mixer.
    Open Volume Mixer Windows
  3. Under Apps, move the slider for Discord to your right to increase its volume.
    Increase Discord Volume Mixer

Check Your Audio Device

There could be an issue with your headphones. Make sure your audio device is properly plugged into your device. If you’re using a wireless audio device, disconnect other wireless devices and check if it resolves your issue.

Play audio outside Discord to test if your audio device is working properly.

Set Audio Subsystem to Legacy

If you have a headset plugged in, it could be possible that your device isn’t compatible with Discord’s standard audio subset. This creates issues during audio transmission, causing you to not hear people during calls.

As this is a common issue, Discord has the feature to set the audio subsystem to Legacy. This should resolve your problem if you’re dealing with an incompatible output device.

  1. Head to Discord User Settings.
    Discord User Settings
  2. Scroll down to select Voice & Video from the sidebar.
  3. Under Audio Subsystem, choose Legacy.
    Legacy Audio Subsystem
  4. After Discord restarts, check if your issue is resolved.

Switch to a Different Region

The quality of your audio calls also depends on the network server you’ve selected. Discord determines the best voice region automatically by default. However, you can switch between other regions if you’re on a call with users in different regions or if you run into the No Route issue.

You can change the voice region for both personal, and for voice channels on servers.

You need to be on a call to change the server region for personal and group calls

  1.  From the call, select the fly-out menu next to the region.
  2. Choose a region.
    Change Voice Region Discord
  3. Keep changing the region until it solves your issue.

You need to have proper permissions to make this configuration on a server.

  1. Head to your server on Discord.
  2. Hoover your cursor over the voice channel and select the gear icon.
    Edit voice channel
  3. Scroll down to the Region Override section.
  4. Choose an appropriate voice region.
    Discord Region Override

Update Audio Driver

You could not be hearing people on the Discord App because your audio driver may have gone outdated. Audio drivers act as an interface between your audio devices and your computer system. When you do not update your driver over longer periods, you could encounter issues in audio transmission.

  1. On your keyboard, use the Windows key + X.
  2. Choose Device Manager.
    Device Manager
  3. Expand Audio inputs and outputs.
  4. Right-click on your audio device and choose Update Driver.
    Update Driver Windows
  5. Select Search automatically for drivers.
    Search automatically for drivers windows
  6. Install the best driver for your device.

Update Windows

You need to regularly update your operating system to make sure your system works in the best possible condition. If you have outdated Windows, you may encounter similar issues.

  1. Open Settings (Windows key + I).
  2. Select Windows Update.
    Windows Update Settings
  3. Click on Check for Updates.
    Windows Update
  4. If there is a pending update, select Download & install.

Reinstall Discord

Your last resort will be to reinstall the Discord application. You may be dealing with corrupt or missing program files that could be a result of an interrupted installation. You can re-install Discord to hopefully resolve this audio issue.

  1. Open Settings (Windows key + I).
  2. Head to Apps > Apps & Features.
    Apps and Features Windows
  3. Scroll down to Discord and select the three-dot menu.
  4. Choose Uninstall.
    Uninstall Discord Windows

Head to Discord’s official app to download the Discord app.

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