Discord Camera Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

Imagine you have planned to reunite with all your friends in a discord video call, but your screen seems to remain black or green. It might appear to freeze or keep on loading every time you reconnect. 

When you aren’t able to view your video while making a call, the obvious reasons could be either a faulty camera or an outdated webcam driver. However, you could be experiencing these issues for a completely different reason.

Go through this article to figure out the other causes for your discord camera not working and what can be done to fix it. But, before you get into this article, make sure Discord has permission to access your system camera. 

Causes For Your Discord Camera to Not Work

Your call might freeze whenever you turn on your camera. This can happen due to various reasons.

  • Camera Failure: when your camera is corrupt or damaged, it might not work, including in Discord
  • Outdated Software: If you haven’t updated your OS, you might see such glitches on your Device.
  • Faulty Webcam: If you use an external webcam, loose cables or a broken lens might cause your camera on Discord to not work during video calls.
  • An Issue with Device: When your Device is going through something, a camera not working on Discord might be one of the outcomes. 
  • Corrupt files: When your Discord Application files are corrupted, it might cause Discord not to work properly and is likely to crash the camera.
  • A Large Amount of Cache: If you haven’t cleared the cache in a long time, the cache memory will fill up, and if the files stored here turn out to be corrupt, it might cause issues in your Discord. 
  • Connectivity Issue: If you have a poor network, it is common for your video not to show up while video calling.
  • Crashing of Webcam Driver: When your webcam driver crashes, the camera of your Device or system might not work. 

How to Fix Discord Camera Not Working?

Before you panic, check the Roles and permission settings if you have access to it. If your camera is not working on a specific server, you are likely disabled from sharing videos under Voice Channel Permission.

In such cases, you might be able to see yourself; however, the other members on the call won’t be able to see you. This might not be the case for most of you, so here’s what you can do instead.

Reconnect Webcam

If you use an external webcam, ensure the cables are well connected. A loose or damaged cable might cause your camera on Discord to not work. You can also test the camera in another application to determine whether the problem is in the web camera or the discord application itself.

Restart Your Device

Restarting your Device will always be everyone’s go-to suggestion as it helps fix all the glitches and small bugs on it. Whether you use the Discord Application or discord web, you can follow the steps below to solve this issue if it’s just a small error caused due to your Device.

On Computers

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Select the Power button and tap on RestartWindows-10-Restart-StartMenu

On Android

  1. Long press on the Power button
  2. Select Restartrestart-in-android

This might vary according to the different versions of android phones.

On iPhone

  1. Hold down the Side button and press the Volume button
  2. Move the Power Off slider to the right
    power off
  3. Long press on the Side button to restart 

Disable Webcam Protection 

If you are using any antivirus or protection software, it is likely to turn on the webcam protection which is supposed to keep you safe from hackers. However, this might cause your discord camera to not work from time to time. Try disabling webcam protection from your Device to make your discord camera work.

Check Camera Settings

Ensure you have enabled Discord to record or share videos and use the camera. You might face this problem when you have not permitted Discord to use the system or device camera.

On Computer

  1. Click on the Start button and tap on Settings
  2. Select the Privacy option
  3. Go to Camera under App Permission 
  4. Scroll down to “Allow desktop apps to access your camera” and turn it onallow camera access

On Android

  1. Open Settings and scroll down to Apps
  2. Search for Permission and tap on it
    discord permission
  3. Go to Camera and allow apps to use the camera
    allow camera access android

On iPhone

  1. Open Settings and scroll down to Discord
  2. Tap on Discord and turn on the Camera optionallow camera access iphone

Update Camera Driver

When your webcam driver crashes or isn’t working properly, you might have an issue with your camera while video calling on applications. Updating the webcam drivers may help you fix the issue.

  1. Click on the Start button 
  2. Search Device Manager and click on Open
  3. Expand Camera
  4. Double click on your Webcam
  5. Click on the Update Driver option
    update driver
  6. Select the “Search automatically for drivers” option
    search automatically for drivers

Doing this will update your driver and help you install the best driver for your system. If this doesn’t work, you can reinstall your camera driver to make it function back to normal. 

Delete Cache Files

Clearing cache files from your Discord will make it function so much better. It will delete all the temporary files and information stored on your Discord application.

On computer

  1. Press Windows key + R to open Run.
  2. Type %appdata% and press Enter.
  3. Open the Roaming folder
  4. Search for Discord and click on it
  5. Right-click on the cache folder and select delete.
    cache folder discord

On Android 

  1. Open Settings and tap on Apps 
  2. go to Discord and select the Storage option
  3. Tap on the Clear Cache option clear cache

Software Update

If you are using older versions or software, it might cause multiple glitches on your Device. We would suggest you update your software for such cases. This could be a probable reason for your discord camera not to work, so follow the steps below to install a newer version system.

On Computers

  1. Click on the Start button and go to Settings
  2. Select Update & Security
  3. Click on Check for Updates option and install the update availablecheck-for-updates-windows-11

On Phone

  1. Go to Settings and tap on General/About Phones
  2. Look for Software Update availablesoftware update
  3. Tap on Install Now

Along with software updates, also ensure your Discord application is up to date.  

Uninstall and Reinstall Discord

When you uninstall and reinstall an application, it will refresh all the files and data. It removes all the cache and consumes less space since uninstalling the application will remove the older database. 

On Computer

  1. Click on the Start button and tap on Settings
  2. Select the Apps option
  3. Under Apps & Feature, scroll down and research Discord
  4. Tap on Discord and press the Uninstall buttonuninstall discord
  5. A confirmation box will likely appear
  6. Click on Uninstall and select the option Yes 
  7. Now, go to Microsoft Store and search for Discord
  8. Click on it and press the Install option install discord

On Android

  1. Long press on the Discord App on your home page
  2. Tap on the Uninstall option 
    uninstall discord android
  3. Select Ok on the confirmation box
  4. Now, go to Play Store and search for Discord 
  5. Tap on the Install option

On iPhone

  1. Long press on the Discord App on the home page
  2. Select the Remove App optionremove app option
  3. Tap on Delete App
  4. Then, go to App Store  and search for Discord
  5. Click on the Download icon 

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