[Fixed] “The Person Who Bought This Needs To Sign In” Xbox Error

The Xbox console family presents an error that doesn’t require shipping back the device. “The person who bought this needs to sign in” could happen on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, or Xbox One X. 

That’s because all of these consoles share the same firmware and the same interface. Because of that, the troubleshooting we’re sharing can work on either option.

However, this particular error occurs when users try to open a digital game they don’t own. Unfortunately, the Xbox’s system may display the error by mistake, even if the user owns the game. 

Fixing the issue, though, it’s often easy and straight on the Xbox’s user interface.

The Person Who Bought This Needs to Sign in Error Meaning

The Person Who Bought This Needs To Sign In

Most errors indicate something is wrong, whereas others appear when nothing is wrong. “The person who bought this needs to sign in” is the latter case. 

In most cases, the error has one of these two codes:

  •  0x87de2729 
  • 0x803f9006 
  • Regardless, it only happens on digital games and while users try to share game content. 

    In specific, the error happens because the console couldn’t verify the content access permissions. It prompts you, the user, to make the person who bought the game sign in. And if you’re that person, it isn’t very clear. 

    The Person Who Bought This Needs to Sign in Error Causes

    User reports, as well as common fixes, helped us find the common causes of the error message:

    • Your Xbox Console Is Not Your Main Console: If you play on various consoles or have a single console, the Xbox may lose track of which is your main device. In other words, your Xbox is not your “Home” console, therefore prompting you to sign in again. 
    • The License Holder Account Is Not Set as “Home:”  Likewise, if the person who bought the game is not signed into the console, you may see the error when doing game sharing. 
    • Xbox Live Services Are Down: The Xbox servers may be down due to an error or for service. 
    • The Game Server Is Down: Likewise, the server of a particular game may be down. 
    • Dashboard Glitch: Random dashboard glitches and errors may cause the error. 
    • Network Issue: Lastly, the error may happen if your connection is unstable. Setting a static IP and a public DNS to the console may solve the problem.

    How to Fix the Person Who Bought This Needs to Sign in Xbox Error

    The solutions we’re sharing work on any Xbox One or any Xbox Series console. We’re starting with the most logical solution. Afterward, we’re moving forward with less common fixes.

    Please try our solutions, one by one, until you find the one that works for your case.

    Before you move on, though, please reboot your console to erase random permission bugs.

    Set Your Xbox as Your Account’s Primary Console

    If you use your account to play on various Xbox consoles, you should let Microsoft know which one is your primary device.

    In other words, you should select a Home Xbox. That way, any account on that console can play and use the content you have purchased. That includes Xbox games, apps, a Game Pass subscription, and more.

    Moreover, the Home Xbox has become more friendly for offline gaming. That means other accounts can play the games without your account active or without an internet connection. 

    Here’s how to set your Xbox as the Home console:

    1. Sign in with your account on the Xbox
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Go to the General tab
    4. Go to Personalization on the right-side panel}personalization
    5. Select My home Xboxmy home
    6. Select Make this my home Xbox make this home

    Bear in mind the “Home ” account becomes the “License-holder,” meaning other accounts in the same Xbox can play the games the Home account bought.

    Log in Again to Your Account

    The next step is re-logging your account on your Xbox. It can erase random account bugs preventing normal functions.

    Here’s how to re-log on your Xbox console:

    1. Press the controller’s Xbox button
    2. Go to Profile and system
    3. Under your profile name, press “A” on Sing outsing out
    4. Press the Xbox button and go back to the same spot
    5. Select your Xbox account and press Sing back in 

    Remove Your Account From Xbox

    The next solution would be to remove your account from the console and then add it back: 

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Go to Account
    3. Select Remove accountsxbox remove account
    4. Select your account
    5. Hit Remove to confirm

    Afterward, add back the account: 

    1. Press your controller’s Xbox button
    2. Go to the far-right tab and choose Add newadd-new
    3. Enter your credentials to add the account

    Add Static IP and Public DNS to Xbox

    We can try improving the stability of your Xbox’s connection to solve the issue.

    Unlike other devices’ typical dynamic IP addresses, a static IP Address won’t change. In essence, every time a device longs into your router, the router assigns a random IP address to the item. A static address, on the contrary, is constant, therefore, more stable.

    Then, a public DNS comes from companies like Google. These are addresses available for all users worldwide to improve their home connections.

    For example, if your broadband speed is around or less than 6MB, or if there’re too many devices using your Wi-Fi, your Xbox may be suffering from an unstable connection.

    The issue damages features like the Xbox Party Chat, game sharing, streaming, downloading, and account errors.

    Here’s how to add a public DNS and a static IP address on your Xbox:

    1. Press your controller’s Xbox button
    2. Go to Profile and system
    3. Select Settings
    4. Go to the General tab
    5. Select Network Settings on the right panelnetwork settings 1
    6. Go to Advanced Settings on the right-side paneladvanced-settings
    7. Write down the following info: Gateway, Subnet mask, IP Address
    8. Go to IP settings on the left sidenetwork info
    9. Choose Manual
    10. Enter the IP you wrote down, but add 50 or 100 to the last digit. For instance, if the address is, the static version should be static ip address 1
    11. Press enter and write the same Subnet Mask number you wrote down
    12. Press enter and write the same Gateway number you wrote down
    13. Go back and choose DNS settingsdns-settings
    14. Add a public DNS. The best options are: Google’s (Primary – / Secondary – ; Cloudflare’s (Primary – / Secondary –
    15. Go back to the Network menu
    16. Test network connectiontest-network-connection

    Hard Reset the Console

    If all else fails, you may solve the “Person who bought this needs to sign in” issue by power cycling the console. Also, restarting the router may help.

    Both workarounds together could erase random network glitches.

    1. Press and hold the Xbox power button for 10 seconds or more. Press it until the LED stops flashing to do a hard reset.
    2. Once the console is off, unplug all of its cables
    3. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds more to drain all of the power
    4. Go to your router, and disconnect all of its cables for 10 seconds
    5. Plug back the router
    6. Go back to the Xbox, and plug back all of its cables
    7. Turn on the console
    8. Test your network connection
    9. Test the faulty game

    Check the Xbox Live Status

    Lastly, you should ensure the Xbox Live Core Services are up and working.

    Microsoft’s servers or a game server could be down for maintenance or due to other problems.

    You can verify the status of Xbox Live services on their official site.

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