Guide To All The Caves In ARK Survival And How To Get In

Caves in ARK provide two things: new places to explore and significant amounts of rare resources. What you’ll get all depends on which cave you explore. Each map has a few different caves you can explore, so get your highest level gear and be prepared: many new dangers likely await.

Why Should I Explore Caves in ARK?

First and foremost: it’s fun! I remember going into a cave in Valguero for the first time that seemed almost empty but kept going deeper into the depths. I started building a tiny home near a chasm only to find that a colossal carnivore I’d never seen before objected to my easement and killed me – along with destroying my shack. 

I had to gear up for my journey. Once I got past that point, I found shinehorns for the first time. There were all kinds of creatures and resources I couldn’t have imagined waiting just past the dangers in the cave.

Next, though, is because caves have many resources that you can plunder. If you need oil, underwater caves can offer a significant amount. They also host fascinating landscapes and creatures you might not see anywhere else. Most maps have a variety of caves, each with an Artifact waiting inside. 

Caves on the Island

The Island has a variety of caves. A critical feature of these caves is that they often contain an artifact you need to summon one of the map’s bosses.

Central Cave

  • Located at 41.5 latitude and 46.9 longitude
  • Contains Artifact of the Clever, used to summon Broodmother Lysrix
  • This cave is tiny and complicated. Twisting paths overlap so that you can’t always be sure you’re making progress. Consider bringing dinosaurs who can cling to walls or offer some kind of safety on the treacherous ledges. 

    The biggest threat you’ll face here is the megalosaurus. It’s best to come here for the first time during the day, so they’re less strong than they are at night. Beware of piranhas in the waters, too. 

    North West Cave

  • Located at 19.3 latitude and 19.0 longitude
  • Contains Artifact of the Skylord, used to summon the Dragon
  • You can’t take dinosaurs into this cave without using some kind of cheat, so make sure you have weapons and health buffs at the ready. It’s so cold that you need to have fur or chitin armor to stay alive as you work your way to the artifact. 

    Grappling hooks and bug spray are two other valuable items to help you reach loot and avoid danger. 

    The Caverns of Lost Faith

  • Located at 57.7 latitude and 10.4 longitude
  • Contains Artifact of the Brute, used to summon Megapithecus
  • Much of this cave is underwater, and it gets frigid. Pack accordingly. A SCUBA suit is one of the most valuable things you can have before entering. Fria curry is another smart choice that can help you harvest the silica pearls that spawn there. 

    If you have a tame basilosaurus, it can help you take on the cnidarias that lurk in the water. Without it, you’ll have to ensure you know how to fight them and win if you want to complete this area.

    Swamp Cave

  • Located at 62.7 latitude and 37.3 longitude
  • Contains Artifact of the Immune, used to Summon the Dragon
  • This cave is full of toxic gas, so having a gas mask is a must. You should also consider using a ghillie suit because the heat can quickly drain your health. In this dangerous environment, stimulants, health potions, and bug repellants will also offer you a fighting chance.

    Lower South Cave

  • Located at 80.3 latitude and 53.5 longitude
  • Contains Artifact of the Hunger, used to summon Broodmother Lysrix
  • One of the neatest features of this cave is that enemies will ambush you. Watch out for surrounding foliage and even for impacts from above. There are a lot of resources here that you might want to harvest. Some players create bases within the cave to refine materials and repair their harvesting tools nearby.

    A swimming mount is also helpful since some of the loot can be underwater. 

    North East Cave

  • Located at 14.7 latitude and 85.4 longitude
  • Contains Artifact of the Devourer, used to summon Megapithecus
  • Pack a metal harvesting tool to clear the paths in this cave. Warm armor will also help you maintain your health. However, it isn’t the most dangerous or complex cave on The Island. 

    The cave also has three dossiers that you can locate.

    Upper South Cave

  • Located at 68.2 latitude and 56.2 longitude
  • Contains Artifact of the Pack, used to summon Megapithecus
  • This cave is challenging, and you shouldn’t attempt it until you have flak armor, at the very least. It’s below freezing and full of enemies. Also, some places are inaccessible without swimming. Make sure you have points in your underwater breathing. Lazarus chowder can also help you get through these areas.

    Lava Cave

  • Located at 70.6 latitude and 86.1 longitude
  • Contains Artifact of the Massive, used to summon the Broodmother
  • Unsurprisingly, the cave is very hot. You’ll need to find a way to keep cool and maintain your health. Mega Rabies is something you’ll come into contact with, so have lesser antidotes available.

    Falls into lava are one of the easiest ways to die here. Try to have a grappling hook close at hand so you can move around more easily.

    The Caverns of Lost Hope

  • Located at 45.9 latitude and 88.9 longitude
  • Contains Artifact of the Cunning, used to summon the Dragon
  • This is a dangerous cave with massive underwater areas and high-level aggressive enemies. It’s not for new players or the faint of heart. 

    Using a mount that can swim underwater and has a high attack percentage might help you survive longer. Also, bring SCUBA gear and bug repellant.

    Snow Cave

  • Located at 29.1 latitude and 31.8 longitude
  • Contains Artifact of the Strong, used to Summon the Dragon
  • This cave gets seriously cold. You’ll want fur armor of the highest level and improvement – and still pack Fria Curry for the warmth boost. Bring a campfire and standing torches to give yourself a little space to cook, heal, and warm up before continuing.

    You also must bring a grappling hook. While you can clear the way with a pick, having the grappling hook will help you avoid enemies and difficult-to-cross terrain. If you get the right mods, you can use a reusable grappling hook to cut down your supply losses.

    Tek Cave

  • Located at 42.8 latitude and 39.2 longitude
  • You go to the Hall of History when you finish the Tek Cave
  • You can’t get into the Tek Cave without bringing the right items with you. You need:

  • Gamma Broodmother Trophy
  • Gamma Megapithecus Trophy
  • Gamma Dragon Trophy
  • Beta Broodmother Trophy
  • Beta Megapithecus Trophy
  • Beta Dragon Trophy
  • Alpha Broodmother Trophy
  • Alpha Carnotaurus Arm
  • Alpha Dragon Trophy
  • Alpha Megalodon Fin
  • Alpha Raptor Claw
  • Alpha Tusoteuthis Eye
  • Alpha Mosasaur Tooth
  • Alpha Leedsichthys Blubber
  • This cave is the most difficult on the map, with extreme hot and cold environments. Tek Armor is the best choice if you don’t want to switch your gear in the middle of the cave. You will probably also want Tek weapons to take on the enemies inside.

    Underwater Caves

  • 8.0 latitude and 90.1 longitude
  • 10.2 latitude and 21.8 longitude
  • 10.5 latitude and 39.9 longitude
  • 16.0 latitude and 10.4 longitude
  • 36.2 latitude and 91.1 longitude
  • 50.1 latitude and 11.1 longitude
  • 52.8 latitude and 91.8 longitude
  • 83.3 latitude and 10.0 longitude
  • 87.1 latitude and 90.2 longitude
  • 90.1 latitude and 36.7 longitude
  • 90.7 latitude and 71.4 longitude
  • 90.9 latitude and 13.6 longitude
  • The Island also has several underwater caves at different locations. They’re resource-heavy caves with oil and other crafting materials.

    To get to these caves, you’ll need SCUBA gear, Lazarus Chowder, and a robust underwater mount that can both get you there and hold its own while you’re harvesting oil. Some of them are deep under the sea. 

    Caves on The Center

    Like the Island, the caves on the center have artifacts to help you summon bosses. 

    Jungle Cave

  • Located at 54.2 latitude and 62.7 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Immune
  • This cave has multiple entrances, including an opening for flying dinosaurs at 52.5 latitude and 67.6 longitude. The most accessible entrance to get to is the land entrance.

    You will likely need Lazarus Chowder and SCUBA gear to get all the gear from this cave. Be wary of the dangerous creatures lurking inside, including the Titanoboa. 

    Lava Oasis Cave

  • Located at 15.8 latitude and 50.5 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Hunter
  • This is one of those caves where dangerous enemies will lurk just out of sight in the lush fauna. Keep your eyes open and bring lots of poison antidotes. Grappling hooks will also help you get around more easily. 

    South Ice Cave

  • Located at 60.0 latitude and 22.5 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Skylord
  • Not only does this cave have lots of places where you can fall, but it’s populated with yetis that can push you over the edge and kill you. Make sure to bring armor to help lessen the effects of the cold. 

    Lava Cave

  • Located at 11.2 latitude and 67.4 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Massive and the Artifact of the Strong
  • This is another one of those caves that are difficult to get into. Bring a flying mount. Once you’re inside the cave, grappling hooks are extremely useful. 

    It’s a scorching environment. Make sure to bring armor that can help mitigate the heat. A Ghillie Suit would be beneficial. 

    Underground World

  • Located at 34.9 latitude and 65.8 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Pack
  • This place is vast, and it’s challenging to get out of. You should probably bring a flying mount when you enter it so that you can make it back to the surface – unless you intend to build down there and eventually build a way out.

    Underground World features its own sun, ocean, forests, and many creatures. However, it’s a freezing place. Bring warm armor and good weapons. 

    The entrance listed above requires a flying mount to get in. There are other entrances, but this is a relatively safe one to start with. 

    Eastern Trench

  • Located at the eastern side of the map – it’s a break in the world.
  • Contains the Artifact of the Brute
  • This location is very dark. Night vision goggles will help you get around in it. You can find some resource deposits, like oil, silica pearls], and obsidian inside. 

    North Ice Cave

  • Located at 18.7 latitude and 29.7 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Devourer and the Artifact of the Clever
  • You might not be surprised that you need fur armor to survive in an ice cave. However, you might also want to pack the grappling hook and crossbow if you’re here to get the artifact. The cave itself isn’t dangerous, but the cold and the extreme fall damage can kill you if you aren’t careful.]

    The Center 

  • Located at 35.9 latitude and 34.4 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Devious
  • The hardest part of this cave is getting around in it. It’s recommended to bring a tamed flyer, especially if you’re planning to try to get the artifact and leave. Overall, it’s not a scary place, but you need to watch out for Titanoboas. 

    Cliffside Cavern

  • Located at 58.1 latitude and 12.8 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Cunning
  • This is a beautiful cavern worthy of a base. It’s lit by crystals in the wall and even has an ice castle inside. Check out the little kairuku that you see wandering around.

    This isn’t a cave where you have to fight many high-level enemies. Other than dire bears, most things you meet here will be friendly. Prepare for the cold and bring plenty of items to set up an area for storing and refining resources.


    Many of the caves in Valguero are made up of hazardous environments. 

    The Unknown

  • Located at 36.6 latitude and 65.7 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Gatekeeper
  • If you don’t have a radiation suit, craft one before you try to enter The Unknown. Your tames can also be sickened by radiation, but something like a Karkinos that is immune can help you navigate it with a helper.

    Inside, you’ll find powerful enemies, rare resources, and rare harvestable drops from creatures like prime meat and Titanoboa venom. 

    The Lair

    • Located at 73.1 latitude and 40.6 longitude
    • Contains the Artifact of the Strong, the Artifact of the Immune, and the Artifact of the Pack

    Pack lesser antidote or nameless venom because there’s a chance you’ll get swamp fever since there are plenty of diseased leeches. You’ll also need a gas mask or SCUBA suit because there is a lot of poisonous gas in the air. 

    Enemies in the cave are strong, so ensure that you have appropriate weapons. 

    The Lost Temple

  • Located at 46.9 latitude and 87.5 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Brute and the Artifact of the Devourer
  • You will want a parachute, grappling hook, and crossbow for this one because the cave has a lot of places where you might fall. You can also meet enemies who can poison, stun, or electrocute you. Go slowly and be safe.

    One warning: there are a few areas where you can die instantly. Be prepared, save your game, and have backup gear waiting near the entrance if you want to try again. 

    The Great Trench

  • Located at 8.7 latitude and 79.2 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Skylord
  • You’ll find an entrance into the caves at either side of the long and treacherous trench, which is filled with ice wyverns. Don’t worry – fire wyverns await you in the caves if you prefer fire.

    Bring armor to mitigate both hot and cold on your journey. 

    Ragnarok Caves

    Not every artifact found in the Ragnarok caves is helpful on this particular map. Some caves are difficult and dangerous, while others are relatively tame. 

    Frozen Dungeon

  • Located at 31.3 latitude and 33.7 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Pack
  • The Frozen Dungeon is very cold – bring warm armor and something to help you stay warm. You should also get weapons, especially if you plan to fight the Iceworm Queen. 

    Fallen Redwood Cave

  • Located at 34.6 latitude and 77.8 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Brute
  • No dinosaurs spawn in the Fallen Redwood Cave, but some that live nearby might come in for a visit. Overall, it’s a peaceful place with abundant wood and a small water source. 

    Carnivorous Caves

  • Located at 17.7 latitude and 42.4 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Cunning and the Artifact of the Immune
  • One of the biggest dangers in the Carnivorous Caves is how twisted the path can get. It’s also very dark. Bring something to light your way. 

    Life’s Labyrinth

    • Located at 51.6 latitude and 77.5 longitude
    • Contains the Artifact of the Skylord, Artifact of the Massive, Artifact of the Clever, and the Artifact of the Devious

    Life’s Labyrinth is a complicated and confusing journey. Expect to come up against puzzles and traps as you make your way through. You’ll need parachutes, antidotes, potions, something to help you breathe underwater, and flak armor. 

    One of the rooms requires you to sacrifice one of your tamed dinosaurs to progress. Make sure to bring a very small one or one that can mount you – most won’t fit into the cave. 

    Jungle Dungeon

  • Located at 18.2 latitude and 28.4 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Hunter
  • Bring potions to keep yourself from being tranquilized and torches to help you see in the dark. You will also need to prepare to fight waves of hostile creatures. 

    IF you reach the end, you’ll face the Lava Elemental. 

    The Monkey’s Temple

  • Located at 24.7 latitude and 24.9 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Strong
  • This is a very small cave. You’ll have to bring a pick to clear rocks away if you want to reach the artifact. 

    Scorched Earth Caves

    The Scorched Earth caves offer a bit of different scenery, as long as you’re geared enough to survive. 

    The Old Tunnels

  • Located at 58.2 latitude and 43.4 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Gatekeeper
  • Don’t bring large tames for this one. If they can’t move through a space where you’re crouching, they probably won’t fit. 

    Falling danger and the threat of overheating are two environmental things you should consider. 

    The Grave of the Tyrants

  • Located at 28.5 latitude and 29.3 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Crag
  • Remember that you might come up against a Rubble Golem in the Scorched Earth caves. Unless you’re very prepared, you should consider running. 

    Bring armor and foods that can help you mitigate the heat. 

    Ruins of Nosti

  • Located at 78.5 latitude and 75.6longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Destroyer
  • The Ruins of Nosti are a fascinating place because it’s a decrepit, abandoned city. However, you’ll have to gear up with antidotes and weapons before you go inside. There is a lot of danger awaiting you. 

    Aberration Caves

    Each of the Aberration Caves takes a lot of preparation before you enter. 

    The Elemental Vault

  • Located at 82.4 latitude and 48.2 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Stalker
  • A Rock Drake can help you move around in the cave, but you might be attacked by the creatures inside. Having a high-powered weapon should help you survive as you work to get the artifact. 

    The Old Railway

  • Located at 48.3 latitude and 27.2 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Depths
  • This is another cave with lots of enemies who will attack you. Tek Armor or using ziplines can help you move around without engaging many of them. 

    Hidden Grottos

  • Located at 55.2 latitude and 65.9 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Shadows
  • To get the artifact in this cave, you’ll have to climb. You should also prepare for extra time underwater with Lazarus Chowder or SCUBA gear. It’s a hazardous area with many aggressive enemies, above and below the water. 

    Extinction Caves

    Caves on Extinction are relatively straightforward, though still dangerous. 

    The Cave in the Forest

  • Located at 11.8 latitude and 39.3 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of Growth
  • You can call on the Forest Titan in the cave. Overall, it’s easy to get around in as long as you can kill or avoid the larger enemies like the allosaurus and baryonyx. 

    The Cave in the Desert

  • Located at 87.4 latitude and 70.4 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of Chaos
  • This is a basic cave with dangerous enemies waiting at the front. Don’t expect to enter without a fight. 

    The Ice Cave

  • Located at 20.3 latitude and 62.2 longitude
  • Contains the Artifact of the Void
  • Don’t plan to bring a flying dinosaur to this one. Other than Managarmr, they’re unable to enter. You’ll have to get by without flying unless you want to mod ARK to change the settings. 

    Expect aggressive creatures, cold temperatures, and nothing that you will be able to tame. 

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