How Does Currency Exchange Work In Lost Ark?

Games like Lost Ark and every MMO have their system of currency. With lots of items and materials in the game, you cannot farm everything by doing quests or grinding.

Sometimes, you may need some items and not have time to farm them. You can use in-game currency to buy your preferred types of equipment from the market in the game.

Lost Ark has a wide range of currencies. Sometimes you can lose track of currencies that are available to you.

For different items, you will need different currencies. So, first, you need to know which currency you want to get for a specific item.

This guide will discuss currencies available in the Lost Ark and Currency Exchange feature to help you get them you need for items.

Currency Exchange in Lost Ark is a feature in Lost Ark Store where you can exchange currencies. There are only three currencies that you can exchange:

  1. Gold: Gold is one of the rare currencies in Lost Ark. It is used for trading and also buying items in Auction House. You can exchange gold with both Blue Crystals and Royal Crystals in Shop. 
  2. Blue Crystals: Blue Crystals are one of the unique and expensive currencies in Lost Ark. You can get these from doing quests as rewards or spending real-life money. You can get these using gold in Currency Exchange.
  3. Royal Crystals: Royal Crystals are the only currency in the game that cannot be farmed. You must spend real-life money to get these. You can use these to get skins, pets, weapons, and Guild Name Changer tokens. You can also get gold using these.

This will help you get one of these currencies to get the item you need with the specific currency. With lots of menus in Lost Ark, you may get confused. But it is easy to access Currency Exchange.

Accessing Currency Exchange in Lost Ark

  1. First, you will see “Store” with a shopping cart icon at the bottom of your screen. Click on it.Lost Ark Store
  2. Now, the Lost Ark in-game shop window will open. Again, at the bottom, you will see “Currency Exchange.” Click on it.Currency Exchange
  3.  You will see information on exchange rates for three currencies and the option to buy Gold or Crystals.Currency Information

You will see four kinds of information/panels here, i.e., “Royal Crystal Sale Offers,” “Crystal Purchase Offers,” “Recent Prices,” and “Gold and Crystal Purchase.”

You will only need the last one or the bottom right one in exchange. You can see the options “Purchase Gold” and “Buy Crystals” options.

Gold Exchange

Follow these steps to exchange your Royal Crystals with Gold:

  1. Click on the “Purchase Gold” tab. 
  2. On Sale Price, you will see the amount of gold you will get, and on Purchase Cost, you will know the cost for gold in Royal Crystals. The amounts will be there on default. If you think you want more gold for the given Royal Crystal, you can put the amount of gold you want in the Sale Price. But you may not get your specified gold. So, keep it in mind.Gold Exchange
  3. After putting the amount, click on “Add.” Now a window will pop up with some information. Click on “Add” again. Then, you will see a “Transaction Complete” message and click “OK.”Transaction Complete
  4. Now, in the Current Exchange window, navigate to the top and click on “History.”
  5. You will see a “Transaction Results” panel on the bottom right. Under “Gold,” you will see an obtainable amount of gold. Click on “Claim.”Currency History

Keep in mind that you are not directly purchasing gold using Royal Crystals. You are selling your Royal Crystals for the amount of gold you ask. So, you may not be able to sell crystals according to your demand. 

You cannot sell unlimited times. There is a daily limit of 10 listings/sales. 

Blue Crystals Exchange

The process for Blue Crystals is also the same. But you are selling gold instead of Royal Crystals and getting Blue Crystals instead of Gold. Here you can input of gold you are willing to give for the specified number of Blue Crystals.

Exchanging Royal Crystals with Blue Crystals

Exchanging Royal Crystals with Blue Crystals

There is also an option to get Blue Crystals using Royal Crystals. Once you are in the Shop, go to the “Crystal” option on the top. Here you will see options to buy Blue Crystals using Royal Crystals. Click on the one you want and exchange.

Using these methods, you can get gold and blue crystals to buy everything you want. Now let’s see how many currencies are there in Lost Ark and know about them briefly.

There are a total of 12 currencies in Lost Ark. Three of them are already shown discussed above. Now, let’s see other currencies available in Lost Ark.

  1. Silver: It is the most common and base currency in silver and most used too. You need silver for buying items, level up, and many others. So, the silver currency is very important, and you will need lots of it in the game. 
  1. Peons: It is another trading currency in Lost Ark. Like gold; they are also used for trading. They are available in Store and can be exchanged with Blue Crystals.
  1. Rift Shards: You can farm these currencies from Chaos Gates as a reward. These are only used to get Map Boxes which contain treasure maps and other maps.
  1. Pirate and Voyage Coins: Pirate and Voyage Coins are some of the rarest coins in Lost Ark. They are very important for Late Game. You can buy many unique items from Pirate Ships in harbors with these. 
  1. Emerald, Sapphire, and Citrine Shards: These are the only currencies that can only be used by the character you use to farm them. So, you cannot use these by Alt Characters. They are used for items upgrade, leveling, and experience.
  1. Courage Tokens: You can earn these tokens or currencies from any PvP content. You can use them to get mounts, titles, etc., from PvP Vendor.
  1. Silmael Crystals: You can get these from Guild activities. These are used in Guild Shop exclusively to buy items.
  1. Carnelians: These currencies are used only for NPC Rapport relationship building. You can get these completing daily quests and NPC Rapport quests. You can buy affinity boxes or cosmetic boxes to improve NPC relationships.
  1. Estate Orders: These can be obtained by completing dispatch missions. You can use these to buy items and collectibles from Travelling Merchants. Also, you can use these to get Life Skill recipes like Fishing and crafting materials.

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