How Long Is The Main Quest In Lost Ark

The MMOs like Lost Ark offer their players a new world and sometimes a different kind of gameplay to enjoy. There are lots of quests and content to keep the players busy in the world of Lost Ark. 

Some players do not enjoy main quests or storylines that much and want to jump straight to end-game content. And why should not they be? The main quests in MMOs like Lost Ark do not challenge their players. It’s the end-game content that is hard and challenging to keep trying.

But some players want to explore the whole story of the game and delve into the world of Lost Ark. Many players have a question about how long you have to invest yourself in the main quest who is just starting the game.

Time to Finish All Main Quest in Lost Ark

To be honest, no one can answer specifically how much time you will need to complete the main quest of Lost Ark. It depends on how you play and how much time in a day you invest in the game.

Every quest in the game has some requirements you have to complete first. It can be your level, your power, or your item level. Sometimes you cannot complete the main quest straight. You may need to do side quests or other content to level up, increase your power, or increase your item level. 

Sometimes even if you have every requirement completed, you may die several times and have to do a quest again and again. So, there are lots of hurdles in the game that can slow your game. To complete the game straight without any hiccups, you must know how to beat the game, which is impossible for new players.

But keeping these problems aside, there is a tentative number of hours you need to invest to complete the main quests of Lost Ark. According to a website, the average time to complete the main story only is 35 hours and 37 minutes. So, if you invest about 4 hours in Lost Ark a day, you will need about 9 days to complete.

But this number is just average, the highest time to complete the main quests is 42 hours and 52 minutes and the lowest is 26 hours and 36 minutes.

If you wish to complete every quest available in Lost Ark, you will need 69 hours and 17 minutes on average. So, now you can see how vast the game is. And this number is for completing the main quests without any problem. Including everything, you may have to invest hundreds of hours to complete the main quests.

Types of Quest in Lost Ark

Types of Quest in Lost Ark

As already mentioned, there are lots of quests in Lost Ark. But not all are related to the main storyline. But you will get a chance to explore every corner of the world in Lost Ark while doing other quests. 

The types of Quests in Lost Ark are:

  1. Main Quests: As soon as the prologue ends, we will get the main quest. The main quest gets you through the main storyline of Lost Ark. It starts from Rethramis and ends in East Luterra. Main Quests have a fox-like icon in orange color. 
  2. World Quests: After you complete the main quests and complete the main storyline, Main Quests are replaced by World Quests. These are very important to complete as you will have to go through many islands and continents to complete these and will get you to Level 50. World Quests have a globe icon in blue color. 
  3. Normal/Side Quests: Apart from the main storyline, along the way, you will find many side quests. These quests do not contribute to the main storyline but are important for some experience points and some items and accessories. Normal Quests have the same icon as Main Quest but the color is yellow in them.
  4. Chain Quests: These are also Normal Quests. But there are several quests interrelated to each other in a single main objective quest. It has a chain-like icon in yellow color.
  5. Dungeon Quests: You will get this quest as soon as you enter a dungeon in Lost Ark. You will not find these quests outside dungeons.
  6. Rapport Quests: These quests are a kind of special quests that you will get from some NPCs in the game. After completing the quests, your relationship with them gets better and you can get rewards from them. This is one of the best ways to farm gold in Lost Ark.
  7. Sudden Quests: You will get these quests automatically when you enter an area with NPCs that give you these quests. These quests have a timer and if you leave the area without completing the quest or the time finishes, the quest will fail. These are very important to quickly get to Level 50 as these do not take that much time and give you tons of experience. 
  8. Adventure Quests: Adventure Quests are the quests that will unlock Pets and Trade Skills like Fishing.
  9. Una’s Tasks: These are daily and weekly tasks that players can do for currency farming and rewards. Daily quests are updated daily and can be done once a day and weekly tasks once a week.
  10. Event Tasks: Event Tasks also have daily and weekly tasks but these are for limited times only. These can get your very special rewards upon completion.

So, these are the quests you will find in Lost Ark. To get the taste and full experience of Lost Ark, every quest in the game is important. Every quest gives you a chance to learn something new. 

How To Access the Main Quests?

Now, that you know all the types of quests you will find in Lost Ark. Let’s discuss how you can access and see them. All the quests are kept in the Quest Journal. To access the Quest Journal, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Adventure” on the bottom right of your game screen.How To Access the Main Quests- Adventure
  2. Now you will see, the “Quest Journal” option. Click on it.Quest Journal Menu
  3. Now you can see the list of Quests you have. The main quests have “Main” written over them and are in orange color icon.Quest Journal

You can also press “J” on your keyboard to open the Quest Journal or any key binding you have assigned. 

List of All the Main Quests in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, there are 149 Main Quests to complete the main storyline. After completing these main quests, you will be able to get to about Level 38. Among 149 main quests, 5 are in Prologue which you can skip. 

The quests after the prologue start from The Priest and end in Set Sail. Only after you complete these 149 quests, the main quests are replaced by World Quests.

These are the 149 main quests you need to complete in different continents:

  1. Rethramis
    There are a total of 37 main quests on this continent including the prologue quests.
    • Crossroads of Destiny
    • To the Forgotten Land
    • Birds in the Ruins
    • Old Prophecy Calls
    • Released Light of Destiny
    • The Priest
    • Armen Besieged
    • Savior
    • Town Where Light Lingers
    • Varut’s Gift
    • Legends and Fairytales
    • Legacy of the Ancients
    • In the East Oratory
    • Trace the Stone Tablet
    • What the Robbers Want
    • Warning: Grave Robbers!
    • Trouble in Kolsh Forest
    • Demons in the Cave
    • Demons in Prideholme
    • Neria’s Story
    • Tablet of Revelations
    • Gathering Clues
    • Mountain of the Singing Wind
    • Sacred Spring
    • The Plague’s Source
    • A Command Post in Need
    • Belated Help
    • They Will Be Remembered
    • A Mystery Attack
    • A New Disease
    • A Possible Solution
    • The Snake’s Gem
    • On the Border
  1. Yudia
    There are 19 main quests on this continent.
    • Looking for the Nomads
    • Burnt Encampment
    • Bandit Road
    • Salt Works
    • Finding the Monument
    • Subjugate the Bandits
    • Another Monument
    • Aregal Salt Plains
    • Raid and Rescue
    • The Last Monument
    • First Things First
    • A Meeting of the Nomads
    • Preparing the Rain
    • To Morai
    • Where is Armel
    • Foxfire
    • Armel and the Demon
    • Demon Submission
    • Let’s Go to Luterra!
  1. West Luterra
    After you finish the quests in Yudia, you will have to go to West Luttera where there are 30 main quests.
    • Fortress Under Attack
    • Destroyed Sentry Post
    • To the Zagoras Fortress
    • Armel’s Request
    • The Decoration
    • To the Eastern Ruins
    • Song of Valor – Reward: Song of Valor
    • To Lakebar
    • The Village with a Lake
    • Still Undecided
    • The Burden of Death
    • The Iron Crown
    • The Spirit of Luterra
    • The Crown of Lakebar
    • To the Degree of Shimmer
    • Shimmer Level
    • To Medrick Monastery
    • Monastery Before Ruin
    • The Warpriests of Medrick
    • Thirain’s Wrath
    • The Bilbrin Militia
    • Pay Respect to the Hunters
    • Contact With the Militia
    • Militia Leader Castleford
    • Thirain’s Disappearance
    • An Unshakeable Determination
    • To the Battlefield
    • By the Demon Beast Legion
    • To the Hero Wall
  1. East Luterra
    This is the last continent you will find the main quests. In this continent, you will find the remaining  63 main quests which are the highest among the 4 continents.
    • A Kingdom Reclaimed
    • Reconstruction of Luterra
    • Song of Return – Reward: Song of Return
    • The Inhabitants of Luterra Castle
    • Two Families
    • In the Name of the Elder
    • Brother Against Brother
    • In the Name of the Youngest
    • The Beginning of Reconciliation
    • United Once More
    • In Search of the Lost Sentence
    • Heroes and Constellations
    • Eerie Pumpkin Farm
    • Pumpkin Cleaning
    • The Deaf Bard
    • The Blind Bard
    • All Night Long
    • Royal Seal of the Eagle
    • The Dangerous Forest of Lastra
    • King’s Tomb
    • A Legend Reborn
    • The Wingless
    • To the Edge of the World – Reward: Song of Trixion
    • Destiny Guided By the Light
    • Full of Gratitude
    • Infested Garden
    • The Sweet Lure of Chaos
    • King Thirian’s Swift Reply
    • Spreading Madness
    • The Distant Ringing of a Bell
    • Above the Tendrils of the Black Rose
    • The Secret of the Cemetery Chapel
    • Disguise Preparations
    • The Conjuration of Madness
    • The Long and Dark Night
    • On the Trail of Kalkul-Saydon
    • Pureum and the Land of Purification
    • The Leaders of the Pureum
    • Seria’s Gift
    • Lighea’s Advice
    • Kalkul-Saydon’s Plan
    • Sad Foreboding
    • Drums of Resistance
    • Preparation for Battle
    • On the Verge of War
    • To Victory
    • Flare of Fire
    • The Wise
    • Everything Ready
    • Battlefield Wounds
    • Holy Inquisitors
    • In the Footsteps of the Saints
    • The Wind Stays, the Dreams Fade
    • A Fine Ship
    • Find the Sneaky Pirates
    • As Blue as the Sea
    • In search of Pirates
    • Intimidated
    • Shadow of Light Inn
    • Black Tooth’s Whereabouts
    • Find Black Tooth’s Crew
    • Heiho, Heiho, we are Happy and Happy
    • Big Flare
    • Make your Intention Known
    • The Rescue of Black Tooth’s Crew
    • Storm the Howling Storm Grotto
    • Half-Half
    • Set Sail!

Hope this article gave you the information you wished to find out. This is everything you need to know about how long the main quest in Lost Ark is. If you think we have missed something, please comment below.

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