How Long To Reach Max Level In Lost Ark

A character level in any MMO is very crucial. Without the recommended level, you cannot join any content in the game. The more you level up, the more content you will unlock.

For example, only when you are in Level 27, you can play PvP content in Lost Ark.

Leveling up is not a big issue in games like Lost Ark. There are many quests and content that offer experience points to level up your character. But many players are not quite happy with one thing about leveling in Lost Ark.

It’s the leveling time of the character. Even after finishing the main quests and storyline, you will not be able to get to the max level in Lost Ark. You may not even get time to get to the max level in Lost Ark.

So, this guide will discuss how long you have to play to achieve max level in Lost Ark.

Max Level in Lost Ark

If you are following Lost Ark from the Beta version, you know that the first max level in Lost Ark was Level 55. But you did not have to be Level 55 for end-game contents. You need to reach Level 50 to unlock the end-game contents.

This is the same for end-game contents in the recent update too but the max level is increased to Level 60. Level 50 is known as the Soft Cap Level and Level 60 is known as the Hard Cap Level in Lost Ark. 

How Long to Reach Level 60?

It is easy and takes less time to get to Level 50. But the time to reach Level 60 will take you more time than you needed to get from Level 1 and Level 50.

Once you finish all the main quests, you will be able to be at Level 38. And getting to Level 38 will take you around 24 hours on average. Then you need to do all the World Quests to be Level 50. If you want some tips to level quickly, you can follow some tips to level quickly to Level 50 from our guide on fast leveling.

Still, it will take about 15-20 hours to get to Level 50. Now you can do end-game content but there are very few contents that will give you experience points. The main source of your experience points is the different quests in Lost Ark.

Even if you complete all the quests in Lost Ark, you will still not be able to get to Level 60. Completing all the quests in Lost Ark will get you to about levels 52-53. This is also if you are doing all daily and weekly quests too.

So, there is no exact time to reach Level 60. It depends on the players. If you are doing daily quests and getting experience points from different contents like Islands, Dungeons, etc., you may reach faster. But if not, you may have to play for more than 200 hours and still, you won’t be at Level 60. 

Very few players have achieved Level 60 in Lost Ark as after Level 50 and unlocking all end-games leveling up seems a bit useless. So why level up to Level 60 you may ask.

Reasons to Get to Level 60

The first and main reason to grind up to Level 60 is Skill Point. For every level you climb from Level 50, you will get Skill Points with which you can boost/buff your character. It will make your end-game contents easier and every day you can grind for new items easily.

Reasons to Get to Level 60- Skill Points

Another reason for leveling up after Level 50 is to increase your Roster Level. Roster Level is the overall level of your roster and is different than Character Level.

Reasons to Get to Level 60- Roster Level

While character level is for a specific character, Roster Level applies to all of your Alt Characters. Higher Roster Levels give more power and stats to your Alt characters even if they are at a low level. This makes it easy for you if you want to play new characters in Lost Ark.

As you level up, you will get Roster Level experience points which are huge compared to your character experience points. So, it is not easy to level up your Roster Level. The highest Roster Level you can get to is Level 250.

So, compared to the time you take to get to Level 60, it will take more time to get to Roster Level 250. You have to grind every day and hard with every character available to you to get to max roster level.

Conclusion (Is it Worth it to Get to Level 60?)

After reading all this, you may find Level 60 not worth your time. And, to be honest, if you think so I have to agree with you. All the contents that Lost Ark has to offer you, you will get at Level 50. After Level 50, you can travel anywhere and perform any tasks you wish to perform.

So, first, get your main character to Level 50. Then equip your character with great items and increase item level. Power up your main character so that you can do any content with ease.

Gather lots of in-game currencies as it will be easier to farm with a high-level character. Level up your roster level as much as you can with your main character.

Doing all this, you will be pretty happy with what you have done with your main character. Now, you still have your Alt Characters to explore. After you are done with your main character leveling, start again with your new character and only use your main character for harder content.

You will level up automatically doing other content with your Alt Characters and your main character. You don’t have to invest your whole time in trying to get to Level 60. 

Get to Level 50, unlock everything and enjoy the game without worrying about getting to Level 60. It can bore you and even frustrate you how slow you will level up after Level 50.

This is all you need to know about leveling up to the max level in Lost Ark. Lost Ark may add more content or make leveling up easier in the future. But for now, this is it. 

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