How To Build And Upgrade A Wooden Frame In 7 Days To Die?

One thing that annoys every newcomer to 7 Days to Die is the lack of recipes for upgrading the materials we craft.

The game does have upgradable blocks such as wood frame blocks or iron frame blocks, however, it is up to the player to figure out the materials needed for it.

How to Build a Wooden Box frame?

Wood frame block is the basic and the most used building block. It can be upgraded into many different blocks, which come in pretty handy throughout the playthrough. So, here is a step-by-step guide to show you how to utilize the wood frame block fully.

  1. First, gather two pieces of wood. You can collect them using an ax to cut down a tree or a wooden material, or simply punching it.
  2. Once you have the material, go to the inventory by pressing tab
  3. Select the wood.
  4. You will see a Recipies button. Click on it and it will give you alist of items that you can craft. From the list, select wood frame.7 days to die wood block
  5. Craft the wood frame by pressing the Craft.
  6. Once it’s crafted, the item will appear in your inventory.
  7. Place the item on the hot bar and select it by scrolling your mouse wheel or pressing the designated number.7 Days to Die placing wood block
  8. After selecting it, you will see the transparent wood frame block. You can choose where you want to place it on this step.
  9. Pick the desired spot and place the wooden block by right-clicking.

How to upgrade the wood frame?

To build defensive materials such as walls, you’ll need to upgrade wood frames. However, the game gives little to no information on the resources needed for the upgrade.

To upgrade a wood frame or any other material for that matter, you must have a stone ax in your Hotbar/inventory. If you’re all set, here’s how to upgrade your wood frame:

  1. With the wooden frame in place, you will need to gather four more wood.
  2. Once you’ve obtained the item, select the stone ax from your hot bar.
  3. Now, point the crosshair to the placed wooden frame.
  4. Press and hold until you see an empty health bar filling up.7 days to die upgrade wood block The arrow pointed up indicates that you are upgrading the block rather than destroying it. 
  5. Hold down the mouse button until the health bar is completely filled. When it’s full, the wooden frame in front of you should be upgraded to a wood block.

If you want to upgrade it even further, you can simply press and hold the block. The frame will continue to upgrade until you run out of material in your inventory.

Here is a list of blocks that the base wood frame can be upgraded up to:

  • Wood Frame Block: Base material, requires two wood to craft
  • Wood Block: Wood Frame block, additional four wood
  • Reinforced Wood Block: Wood Block, extra four wood
  • Cobblestone Block: Reinforced Wood Block, additional ten cobblestone rocks

Out of all the blocks, the cobblestone block has the most variety in terms of upgrade. You can change a cobblestone block into different variations by using specific materials.

7 days to die wood block upgrades

How to flip an upside-down wood frame corner?

You can rotate your wooden ramp frame in any direction you want. To do so:

  1. Take the wood frame block and put it in your hot bar.
  2. Highlight the wood frame block and find out where you want to put the block. DO NOT place the block yet if you are not satisfied with the rotation.
  3. Press and hold “R” to see a menu pop up from the crosshair. There you will see different options. 7 days to die wood frame rotation The one we need is the one on the bottom right that says “Advanced” when highlighted.
  4. After selecting the advanced rotation mode, you can get it to face any direction you want, even up or down. 

Help! My wood frame is not straight!

All the blocks in 7 Days To Die are adjusted to face four directions, North, South, East, and West. So if you are trying to face somewhere like North-East, the block does not seem straight compared to the buildings around you.

What is the burn time of the Wood frame?

There are many materials in 7 Days To Die that is combustible. So if you are out of fuel, you can use these items to make a fire in forges or campfires. If you have some wood frames lying around, you can toss them in the fire, and they will burn for up to one minute and 40 seconds.

7 days to die wood frame burn time

Wood frames are also a great way to save wood used for fuel. A normal wood burns for roughly a minute, while a wood frame that costs two will burn for a much higher rate.

Can I replace the wood frame with a metal frame?

Your wooden base looks sturdy, but you have enough materials to upgrade into something better. There is no such item called a metal frame in the game; however, an iron frame is much sturdier than a wood frame.

Keep in mind that an iron frame is not as easy to craft as a wood frame. The process requires using the forge, mixing 18 iron and five clay. The forge will take about 11 seconds to prepare. But, if you’ve already done the hard work, here’s how to replace your wood frame with an iron frame:

  1. If the wood frame is upgraded into something else, break it down until it becomes a wood frame.
  2. You can either pick up the wood frame using the “E” key or simply break the block to empty the space.
  3. Go to the iron frame in your hot bar
  4. Simply place it in the desired shape and position. You can always left-click to rotate the block. And when you are satisfied, right-click to put it in place.7 days to die iron frame block.

What is Better: Wood frame or Log wood block?

You can make a wood frame out of 2 wood, whereas the log cabin block needs 20 wood. The wood frame has only 50 hit points, whereas the log wood block has 400. 

The log wood block is the choice for the initial build if you have enough resources. However, if you look at the upgrades, a log cabin wood block needs ten more wood to change it to a reinforced wood block.

7 days to die wood frame vs wood log

You can upgrade the wood frame to the same item by first upgrading it to a wood block using four more wood and another 4.

The materials needed for each item show that although the base version of the log wood block is stronger, it uses a lot of resources than the wood frame. 

Since they can both be upgraded to a reinforced wood block, looking at the long run, it is best to use the wood frame. But if you do not plan to upgrade, then log wood block may be the right choice.

What is the difference between a rebar frame and a wood frame?

A rebar frame is a frame that can be crafted at a forge that has an anvil. It requires five iron and one clay, and the frame has 50 hit points.

7 days to die wood frame vs rebar frame

The main difference between a rebar frame and a wood frame is that a rebar frame can be upgraded into a reinforced concrete block using 20 concrete mixes. However, you will need to use ten wood to create a concrete form block. The block will have wood surrounding it until it is set. When the wood pops off, you can use the concrete mix to upgrade it further.

Wood frame is upgradable to different items such as a cobblestone block after several upgrade stages. Since rebar frames are used to upgrade to one of the most durable blocks in the game, it has the upper hand on the basic wood frame.

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