How To Change Ascendancy In Path Of Exile (PoE)

Before starting the game, you need to select your character class. You need to choose the character class as per your play style. 

The game offers subclasses that you have to unlock in-game. These sub-classes are called “Ascendancy Classes”. 

In this article/guide, we will discuss the character classes and subclasses and to change ascendancy classes and how to change it.

Character Classes 

Character classes have their stats and every class is better at different stats. Between stats like Intelligence, Dexterity, and Strength, each class excels at a single or two stats. Except for Scion Class which has all stats equally. This class will decide how you upgrade your character and your playstyle.

All classes have their skill tree called “Passive Skill Tree” where you can upgrade with upgrade points. Let’s discuss the classes and their stats.



Duelists excel at Dexterity and Strength. Due to this, it will be easy for players to damage and evade more in the early game. In the late game, you need to decide to go for speed or damage. Duelists are also good for sword and axes use.



Marauders excel at Strength. With lots of armor and damage, Marauders use mace-like weapons. If you want to play fighting head-on with monsters and creatures, this class is the one for you.



Ranger excels at Dexterity. As the name suggests, Rangers are equipped with bows and arrows. If you want to have lots of attack speed and evasion from the start, this class is the one for you.



Shadow excels at Dexterity and Intelligence. Shadow can be taken for chaos magic damage and attack speed in the early game. Shadow uses daggers or blades.



Templar excels at Intelligence and Strength. Templar uses magic sticks to use magic along with using the stick as a weapon. Templar has more armor and magic.



Witch excels at Intelligence. If you want to play with high magical damage and want to invest in spells, you should play with this class.



Unfortunately, Scion cannot be picked when starting the game. Before fighting the main boss, you need to save Scion to unlock this class. And to play with Scion you need to start again. Scion has all the stats equally. So, you can decide if you want to focus on only one stat or more.

Now, you have learned about the classes. We will discuss the Ascendancy class but first, let’s talk about The Labyrinth which is needed to unlock Ascendancy Classes.


You won’t be able to get the Ascendancy Classes at the beginning of the game. The game has different acts from ACT 1 to ACT 10. Each act should be completed to complete the main game. To unlock Ascendancy Classes, you need to unlock access to The Labyrinth.

Every labyrinth is of different difficulties and needs a certain level to complete. Also, these labyrinths are available after different Act completion.

There are 4 variations of the Labyrinth. The list below enlists the labyrinths in ascending order concerning the difficulty level.

  • The Normal Labyrinth: This labyrinth unlocks when you complete 6 trials from Act 1 to Act 3. Completing this labyrinth only will earn you 2 upgrade points. You need to be at least 33 levels to easily complete this labyrinth.
  • The Cruel Labyrinth: This labyrinth unlocks when you complete 3 trials from Act 6 and Act 7. Completing this labyrinth will earn you 4 upgrade points. You need to be at least 55 levels to easily complete this labyrinth.
  • The Merciless Labyrinth: This labyrinth unlocks when you complete 3 trials from Act 8 to Act 10. Completing this labyrinth will earn you 6 upgrade points. You need to be at least 68 levels to easily complete this labyrinth.
  • The Eternal Labyrinth: This labyrinth unlocks when you complete 6 trials scattered throughout the end game map. Completing this labyrinth will earn you 8 upgrade points. You need to be at least 75 levels to easily complete this labyrinth.

The trials you need to complete are called “The Trials of Ascendancy”. You can complete any one of these labyrinths in any pattern. You can directly do The Eternal Labyrinth and get all 8 upgrade points. Or, you can complete them in sequence. But it is better to unlock before the end game to make the game easier.

Now let’s talk about the Ascendancy Classes. 

Ascendancy Classes

There is a total of 19 Ascendancy Classes. Three for each class except Scion which has only one subclass. First here is the overview of the Classes and Ascendancy Classes you can choose from.

Classes Ascendancy Classes
Duelist Slayer  Gladiator Champion
Shadow Assassin Saboteur Trickster
Marauder Juggernaut Berserker Chieftain
Witch Necromancer Elementalist Occultist
Ranger Deadeye Raider Pathfinder
Templar Inquisitor Hierophant Guardian
Scion Ascendant

So, these are the classes and their corresponding Ascendancy Classes. You can only choose the Ascendancy class of the main Character Class you chose at the start of the game. Remember, before choosing to be sure of how you want to play and which Ascendancy Class is better for you. Each class has its perks and stats.

Ascendancy unlocks Ascendance classes’ special skill tree which is far more powerful than the regular class skill tree.  Every Ascendancy Class has their skills in the skill tree and you can choose any of them using your 8 upgrade points.

But first, you need to unlock the ascendancy, so first let’s discuss how to unlock the subclass.

Unlocking Ascendancy Classes

So, after completing trials from Act 1 to Act 3, you will unlock the normal labyrinth. Now here is what you have to do to unlock the Ascendancy Class.

  • After completing trials in Act 3, a statue in “Aspirants Plaza” will also open and give you a portal to The Labyrinth.
  • Navigate through the Labyrinth killing or evading monsters and defeating boss fight.
  • You will find Treasure Room at the last and at the left of the room you will find “Altar of Ascendancy”.
  • Click on the altar and you will get a chance to choose your Ascendancy Class. 

In this way, you can unlock the Ascendancy Classes and choose one from your class. You can upgrade the skill tree by using the upgrade points and be more powerful.

But you may choose the wrong subclass or you want to change the subclass after playing. For this, PoE also enables the players to change the subclass. So, let’s discuss the topic of “How to Change Ascendancy Class”.

How To Change Ascendancy Classes

So, now you have chosen an Ascendancy Class. But now after playing sometime you want to change the class. Don’t worry, you can always change Ascendancy Class. But you need to have enough Refund Points to Refund Ascendancy Points.

After completing the game, you will earn up to 20 Refund Points. But, if you need more refund points, you can get them by selling or using items like Orb of Regret, Book of Regrets, Orb of Unmaking, etc. If you don’t know how to Refund Ascendancy Points, don’t worry, here is how you do it. 

  • First, you need to have enough normal skill tree Refund Points (also known as regrets). 
  • For each refund of Ascendancy Points, you need to have 5 Refund Points. So, if you have all Ascendancy Points, then you need 5 Refund Points to refund it.
  • Open your Skills. Press “P” or other key bindings you have to toggle Skills.
  • You will see your “Refund Points” on the top with the number. If you do not have enough Refund Points you need to get more of these.refund points
  • Now, go to Aspirant Plaza and use the portal to the Labyrinth.
  • Now, at the Labyrinth, you will have to choose which Labyrinth to play. You can choose the normal easy labyrinth too.
  • After entering the labyrinth, complete it again and reach the Altar of Ascendancy.
  • Now click on the altar.
  • Your skill tree will open. You will see the number of Refund Points Left.
  • Now go to your Ascendancy Skill tree.
  • Now click on “Refund Passives”.refund passives
  • Then, deselect your Ascendancy Skills.
  • Click on “Apply Refunds” to Refund Ascendancy Points.apply refunds

And also, after Refunding Ascendancy Points, you can change your Ascendancy Class. So, after doing this, you will be able to change your Ascendancy Class.

  • Now, go back to the Altar.
  • Again, click on the Altar.
  • Now, your former chosen Ascendancy Class will appear, and also the “Change” button will appear.change
  • Now you will be able to choose any of the Ascendancy Classes you want.
  • Select your preferred Ascendancy Class and click on “Next”.
  • Now click on “Ascend”.ascend
  • Now you can spend your Ascendancy points on the skill trees you refunded.

This is how you change the Ascendancy Class of your character in Path of Exile.

Congratulations! You have successfully changed the Ascendancy class of your character. Hope you learned something new reading this article or guide. If you need more information on Path of Exile, you can always visit the fandom page.

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