How To Change Font In Discord

The Discord app has a standardized font text and size for its user interface. But, if you find the text size small for reading, or think the font could use some jazzing up, then this article is just for you. 

Although you can’t change the font directly from Discord settings, there are still a few techniques to change the font sizes and styles. So, let’s learn how to do that on chat and your servers.

How to Change the Font Size in Discord on PC? 

If you find it hard to read the Discord text on your laptop, here are a few easy steps to increase the font size. 

  1. Open your Discord application. 
  2. Head to the User settings next to the gear icon on the far left-hand side. user-settings
  3. Scroll down and click on the Appearance Tab option.
  4. Under accessibility, you can change the chat font scaling by sliding on the toggle. chat-font-scaling

In this section, you can fit your appearance settings according to your preference. You can switch between Light and Dark mode or let it sync with the computer. 

From the font scaling option, you can choose and align the space between messages in group chats. The default setting is at 16px. You can either increase or decrease this setting. 

You can also adjust the Zoom level in this section. The default is set at 100. You can make all the content available in one screen or make the text bigger for viewing purposes. 


How to Change the Font Size in Discord on Mobile? 

The Discord mobile application has a different user interface. You can head on over the settings on the bottom right corner and then go to user settings and click on Appearance. From the chat font scaling section, you can increase or decrease the scaling of your font size. 


After you head back on the home tab, you will see the messages, and the font size of the app change to the text size you have selected. 

Note: This is only applicable to Android devices and is not available on iOS devices.

How to Change Your Font Style to Bold? 


If you want to make your text style bold, you can start by putting two asterisk signs (*) in the front and back of the text. Like for example, you can type: **Discord is best for gaming**

How to Change Your Font Style to Italic? 


To make the text italic, you can do so by putting one asterisk sign (*) at the front of your text and one ‘*” at the back of your text. 
You can also use the underscore (_) symbol once at the front and back of your text. It will also turn your text into Italic. For e.g.,  _This is great_

Note: Be aware that the asterisk symbol (*) should not have spaces in between the text.

How to Change Your Font Style to Underline? 


You can use the underscore (_) key twice and in front and back to activate the underline feature. Here is an example: __Discord is a fun app__ 

How to Cross Out Text in Discord?


You can make your chat unique by putting a strikeout or a cross-out in your text. You can use the tilde key, which is right next to 1 on the keyboard. Press it two times in the front and back. Here is an example: ~~That was impressive~~

How to Make Your Text Into Spoiler Fonts? 

Spoiler fonts are fun because you don’t know what the text reads as it is hidden. Only after you click on the text, you can see the message. Use the (|) symbol twice on the front and back of the text to activate the spoiler font. 

How Can You Change Different Fonts?

In the default settings of the Discord app, you cannot change between different fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. But some websites help bridge the gap. 

Font generators like, LingoJam, BigbangRam, and ExoticFonts are popular websites here to help you change the font for discord chats. You can simply type in your message on the website, copy and paste it to your Discord chat.

Change Your Discord Server Name Font 

You can also change your font on your discord server by using these websites. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Go to User Settings on the far left-hand side corner. 
  2. Navigate to My Account and click on Edit. my-account-edit
  3. Copy your Discord font from the website. using-exotic-font
  4. Paste it in your Username Section.change-username-using-different-font
  5. Enter password and click on Done

Now, you can see that the Discord font in your server name has changed. Your friends, server members, and all the people who view your profile can see your new name font.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Default Discord Font? 

Discord uses Uni sans as its default font. This particular font is known for its good readability factor and is suitable for backgrounds that include dark and light modes.

How to Make Your Text Into Boxes Formats?

You can create a box feature around the word by using the (`) symbol. It is the same key as the tilde but, we don’t use the shift key. Here is an example: “This text is in a smooth box“


You can also do a bulky box. Press the tilde button without pressing the shift button to activate. Use the (“`) symbol three times, before and after the word. 


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