How To Clean RAM Slots On Desktop PC Or Laptop

RAMs are attached to the computer from the slots placed in the motherboards. These slots are usually evenly placed and even in number. As an electronic component’s connection channel, uncleaned RAM slots can affect a lot. 

Problems with the RAM cards and the RAM slots can cause sudden crashes or flickering of applications or overall screen. Sometimes the PC won’t even boot. If you are experiencing any of these, you should immediately hop to cleanse the RAM module pins and their slots.

Cleaning RAM slots timely should prevent you from encountering any related issues. Thus, we will discuss when and how to clean the RAM slots in this article.

How to Clean RAM Slots?

Before moving on to clean your RAM modules, there are some things you need to consider:

  • Use 70-100% pure alcohol for cleaning.
  • Handle RAM modules with care, and grab the edges while holding.
  • Use Rubber hand gloves if possible. At least avoid contact with the PCBs.
  • Don’t use very powerful blowers or vacuum cleaners.
  • Don’t buy synthetic rubber with acid additives.

Remove the RAM From Slots

To clean RAM slots, you will have to take out the RAM cards. Begin with turning off your computer.  Now, follow the steps given below:

On Desktop

  1. Don’t forget to detach the power cable.
  2. Then, hold the power button for 15-20 seconds and release it, which would fetch all the charge from the capacitors.
    powering on pc
  3. Proceed to open the side panel opposite the ports section by undoing the screws.
    side panel
  4. Locate the RAM slots with cards attached to them. 
  5. Snap both side clips with your hands gently. removing-clips
  6. Take out the cards vertically upwards. 

On Laptop

The step for removing the RAM cards on a laptop is a bit different from Computer. Here’re the steps:

  1. Take out the battery from the back. And perform the power cycle as above by holding the power button for 15-20 seconds.battery
  2. Undo screws and gently open the back panel. removing-housing
  3. Locate the RAM cards, and unlock the clips.
  4. Now, slide the cards horizontally opposite to the slots at a slight angle.slide-ram

Clean Using Compressed Air

Compressed air cans are available at supermarkets and utility stores. These cans consist of highly pressurized gases which, on released through a small opening, come with rapid speed. 

The openings of such cans can be attached to small and lengthy pipes, which help remove dust from the nooks and corners. After managing everything, proceed as follows:

  1. Align the pipe toward the pin.
  2. Then, press the spray nozzle. 
  3. Slowly reach every nook and corner of the slots.  cleaning-with-compressed-air

Alcohol Cleaning


Most of the time, air blowers will work fine, but if your RAM cards or slots have got filth or corrosion, you have the option of alcohol cleaning. Pure alcohols are used to clean various things. To wipe the dust from RAM modules and slots, the generally used alcohol is Isopropyl. Consider using high-purity alcohol to avoid water contamination. 

To clean your RAM and slots with alcohol, go along the mentioned steps:

  1. Take out the RAM modules from the slots.
  2. Drip drops of Isopropyl alcohol on the gold-plated pins.
  3. Swipe it with the microfiber cloth or good-quality cotton
  4. Now, to clean the slots, you can drip alcohol on the RAM card pins, insert it into the slots, then take them out. inserting-ram
  5. Repeat the process a few times.
  6. Dry them both using compressed air as much as possible. It’s good practice to let it air dry afterward as well.

Be careful to dry the excessive alcohol properly, as the moisture may damage the cards and slots more. You can run the compressed air cans over them again, which will help remove any leftover fiber or cotton strings.

Reassemble the RAM Card to the Slot

After properly cleaning up and drying things, attach the RAM cards to the slots, exactly reverse to the first step. Then, put back the panel and redo the screws. Reattach the power cables and also the battery if it’s a laptop. Boot your PC and check whether it’s working well or not.

The RAM cards may not have attached properly if it’s not even booting up. Thus, you can repeat this step and ensure the precise placement of RAM cards.

Related Questions

Can I Clean RAM With an Eraser?

People use erasers to clean RAM cards. Erasers do clean sticky filth but may leave debris behind them. Rubber debris, being an insulator, may interrupt the tiny circuits of RAM. So, we wouldn’t suggest using this method. Still, if you choose to go along with this method, don’t forget to blow with compressed air, afterward.

Can I Use a Brush to Clean Slots?

Micro-bristle brushes are good for cleaning dust on RAM sticks. Most people prefer ESD brushes. But, be aware of the type of fiber used in the brush you chose to use. And obviously, you should avoid metallic bristles. However, I wouldn’t recommend using a brush for cleaning slots as the chances of damaging pins are high.

Are the Tiny Liquid Droplets Thrown by Compressed Air Can Safe?

Since the air is highly compressed inside the can; sometimes the gases can liquify due to the pressure exerted. The escaping gas may bring their tiny liquid droplets. In such a case, you need not panic. The liquid in small amounts will eventually evaporate. But, if the liquid comes extravagantly, you can dry up using a microfiber cloth or hot air.

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