How To Clean Razer Keyboard Safely

Razer keyboards are mostly popular among gamers. Nonetheless, their quality products are attracting normal office users too.

Whether you own a mechanical or optical Razer keyboard, every model needs to be cleaned properly if you want to enhance your typing and gaming experience. Moreover, cleaning the peripheral can keep your setup germ-free, which is an additional health benefit.

Unlike other manufacturers, Razer crafts dedicated switches for different kinds of keyboards. So, you’ll need to consider some additional things before cleaning it. In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to clean a Razer keyboard safely.

Tools Required For Cleaning a Razer Keyboard

Before cleaning your Razer keyboard, it’s important to collect all the essential cleaning tools and products.

Well, we suggest getting each of the below materials as we will explore both normal and deep cleaning processes in the next section:

  • Two lint-free microfiber cloths to clean your keyboard surface
  • A keycap remover to pull keycaps
  • A flat-head screwdriver to remove larger keys, especially those from an ultra-low-profile keyboard
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (70%) to kill germs and bacteria
  • A cleaning brush to clean the corners and lube the switches
  • Cotton buds to clean the areas a brush can’t reach
  • Soap and water to wash the keycaps
  • Appropriate switch lubricants (either oil-based or grease-based)
  • A can of compressed air to dry wet parts of the keyboard or blow off dust particles
  • A pair of tweezers to remove food crumbs and hair
  • A cleaning gel to remove debris stuck inside keycaps
  • A desoldering kit to take off all the switches

How to Clean Razer Keyboard (Step-By-Step Guide)

Despite remarkable features, even a Razer keyboard needs constant care, and the only thing we can do is clean it when possible. This won’t just keep it neat and tidy but can also help to preserve its lifetime in the long run.

Most probably, you’ve got all the tools as we discussed earlier. Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into how to clean Razer keyboard step-by-step.

Disconnect Your Keyboard Connection

Disconnect Your Razer Keyboard

Whether your keyboard is spill-resistant or not, we recommend disconnecting your Razer keyboard cables before cleaning it. This is because we’re going to use some forms of liquid, and even small drops can damage the PCB if not handled with care. 

Indeed, it’s best to remove the power cord for your own safety. When water or flammable isopropyl alcohol is left in the ports, there’s a risk of getting a shock if the cable is not unplugged. 

Also, if you’ve accidentally spilled water or coffee on your keyboard, we recommend cutting off the connection immediately. This is because it may short-circuit the device, and your keyboard may randomly stop working

Well, some Razer keyboards come with a passthrough port. So, we recommend disconnecting this cable as well.

Lightly Clean Dust From Keyboard

Before moving on with the deep cleaning process, let’s first focus on how to normally wipe away dust and food crumbs. Follow the guideline below to start cleaning your Razer keyboard lightly:

  1. Take a lint-free microfiber cloth and wipe the dust and food particles around the keys.
    clean using microfiber cloth
  2. If you find greasy fingerprints or tougher stains, slightly dip another microfiber cloth in water. Then, apply a little pressure to get rid of them. 
  3. Sometimes, food crumbs or even tissues might be stuck between two keys on a Razer mechanical keyboard. In such a case, turn the device upside down and shake it slightly so that the dust or other particles are removed.
  4. If that doesn’t work, use a can of compressed air meant to clean dust from a PC. Blow air beneath the keycaps so that the tougher dust gets removed.
    blow dust using compressed air
  5. When you see hair coming out of the keys, there’s a possibility that your keycaps are full of filth. So, we recommend using a cleaning gel to get rid of gel for keyboard

Pull off All Keycaps

Once you clean dust and food crumbs using cleaning gel, your keyboard will look a bit shiny. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean your keyboard is cleaned properly. 

Now, from this section, we move on to the deep cleaning process. Here, you to remove dirt from the inner parts of your keyboard.

So, the first method is to pull off all the keycaps on your keyboard. Follow the simple steps below to learn how you can do just that:

  1. First, take a picture of your Razer keyboard.
  2. Take a keycap puller and insert its first end to the left part of your desired key and the second end to its right part. 
  3. Now, pull the key upwards, applying a little pressure.
  4. Repeat the same steps to remove all the smaller keys on your Razer mechanical or mecha-membrane keyboard. However, we suggest using a flat tool, like a screwdriver, to pull off keys from a Razer ultra-low-profile keyboard.
  5. Now, pull the key upwards for longer keys like a Spacebar or Shift, and then use a screwdriver to slide the stabilizer.
  6. Next, remove the keycap and repeat the same process for other larger keys. This will leave you with a keyboard full of switches.

Note: To remove the stabilizers beneath the larger keys, use a screwdriver to pull them outwards. Then, you can clean them separately using a microfiber towel.

Soak Keycaps

Once you’ve removed all your keycaps, you need to wash them using a cleaning solution. Here’s the complete process on how to do it:

  1. First, prepare a solution of warm water and soap in a container. Well, you can use any detergents, handwash, or body wash. However, the ideal one is the dish cleaning soap or detergent, which will clean your keycaps, leaving no residue.
  2. Now, accumulate all the keycaps and place them in the container.
  3. Leave them for about an hour. This will remove all the residues from the surfaces.
  4. Next, gently wash each key and throw away the solution.
  5. Finally, let them dry, or you can even use compressed air to do it faster. Some may suggest keeping keys on the sun. However, we do not recommend this as it might wear down your keycap colors or even the imprinted letters.

Clean Razer Keyboard Surface Below Keycaps

When you leave the keys soaked, you can start wiping the dust from your keyboard surface beneath the keycaps. Once all the keys are removed, you’ll notice the debris lying on the surface. Here’s  how you can clean them the right way:

  1. Use a medium cleaning brush to wipe the heavy dust particles.
    clean using a brush
  2. Next, use a small brush or a cotton bud to clean the corners of each key and switch.clean razer keyboard below keycaps
  3. Even after properly cleaning the surface, you may notice hair that doesn’t dust away easily. So, we recommend using a tweezer to pull them one by one. Also, you can blow them away using a can of compressed air.
  4. If you notice tough stains or want to make the surface a bit shiny, we recommend dipping your microfiber cloth in isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Then, start cleaning each part of the keyboard, including the corners of the switches.
    clean using microfiber towel
  6. Indeed, you can clean the switch stems slightly using the vividly soaked microfiber towel. However, we suggest not to wet the switches too much.

Clean & Lube Keyboard Switches

The first thing to remember is that Razer keyboards are not hot-swappable. So, you cannot change its switch or plug them off the PCB. 

Hence, we recommend the simple method of lubricating switches, and here’s exactly what you need to do:

  1. Take your desired lubricant and apply a little to a brush.
  2. Next, press the stem of the switch so that a space is created to apply the lube.
  3. Gently insert the brush inside the steam and brush well.
  4. Continuously press the stem to ensure that all the parts get lubed.
  5. Also, brush the outer region – the top and bottom housing.

Unfortunately, this simple technique may not help you lube and deep clean them. In fact, your spring and the leaves present in the bottom housing are left unlubed. So, if you want to clean and lube them, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Unscrew all the keys from the backside of your keyboard.
  2. Then, desolder all the mechanical switches one by one. During the process, you can also remove the rubber dome from a mecha-membrane keyboard.
  3. Now, start cleaning the rubber dome. 
  4. Once you’ve removed all the switches, use a switch opener to disassemble all the parts.
  5. Next, lube every part of the switch in a small amount.
  6. Once done, reattach the switch and repeat the same process for the entire switches on your Razer keyboard.
  7. Finally, plug all the switches back into PCB and tighten all the screws.

Reattach Keyboard Keys

Once you’ve lubed the Razer switches, it’s time to reattach all the keycaps back to the keyboard:

  1. Using your hand, align and adjust the keycap properly. Take extra care for ultra-low-profile keys as they are fragile and may break quite key using hand
  2. Once the keycap is placed, tap on the key to ensure the connectors meet and connect.
  3. Finally, press multiple times to ensure that the key is reattached properly.

Let Dry Your Keyboard & Connect the Powercord

Now, the final step is to let dry your keyboard. Indeed, your Razer keyboard is left with moisture after deep cleaning. So for safety purposes, we recommend not to connect the power cord until and unless the peripheral is completely dry.

Well, you can let the dry air do its job or use a can of compressed air. Once the Razer keyboard is moisture-free, plug in the power cord and start using your mechanical, mecha-membrane, or ultra-low-profile keyboard.

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