How To Co-Stream On Twitch

While streaming on Twitch is simple enough, co-streaming requires more effort. This is mostly due to Twitch’s stringent Community Guidelines and Terms of Services. Thus, there is a limit to what you can co-stream on Twitch.

However, if providing your very own sports commentary is your niche, and you want to learn how to co-stream on Twitch, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will cover how to co-stream on Twitch using a third-party application. Additionally, we’ll show you how to squad stream.  

Co-Streaming on Twitch

Co-Streaming describes streaming broadcasts simultaneously to your own. You can essentially use co-streaming to initiate a watch-along with all your stream followers. However, once again, it should be noted that co-Streaming is limited to certain events and live programming licensed by Twitch.  

Twitch keeps a (semi-regularly) updated guide containing a list of all of the co-streamable events. As such, you need to be deliberate and mindful of what you attempt to co-stream on Twitch. Furthermore, Twitch requires you to add a special tag to inform people that you’re co-streaming. Nevertheless, once you’re certain that it’s legally acceptable to co-stream an event, you can follow the rest of this guide.  

The best way to co-stream (or just stream in general) with Twitch is through a third-party application like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), vMix, or XSplit Broadcaster. These applications have essentially made dual-setup live streaming PCs unnecessary.

Since OBS is the most popular open-source third-party streaming and recording software (due to being open-source), we’ll show you how to use it to co-stream content. 

Co-Streaming with OBS

Once you’re done adding your tag, you can place the focus back on the OBS application. It should start displaying your co-stream automatically. Once you’re ready to go live, you can click on the Start Streaming button under the Controls panel.   

    Note: Upon set-up, OBS allows you to connect your Twitch account. In fact, the application makes it incredibly easy to connect your streaming account. So if it’s your first time installing OBS, do not skip the initial configuration wizard. Follow the prompts and link your Twitch account.

Using X-Split Broadcaster to Co-Stream

The second most popular choice for Windows PC Twitch streamers is X-Split Broadcaster. In this section, we’ll show you how to use it to Co-Stream. 

  • Launch X-Split Broadcaster
  • Click on the Add Source button 
  • Select Webpage from the popup menuX-Split Broadcaster
  • Insert the broadcast’s URL and click on the OK button
  • Apply the Co-Stream tag from the dashboard
  • Click on the stream button from the home screen
    Note: It should go without saying, but before you can co-stream with X-Split, you’ll need to make sure that your Twitch account is connected to X-Split. You can use your account using the Broadcast menu. X-Split has a nifty wizard that makes the entire process wonderfully simple. It’s also important to have the latest version of X-Split Broadcaster. Co-streaming with Twitch only works on X-Split 3.0.1 version and higher.

How to Squad Stream on Twitch

You may have stumbled on this article expecting to learn how Squad Stream on Twitch. It’s very easy to get squad streaming and co-streaming confused. The two are very similar. Twitch’s Squad Stream feature enables up to four streamers to stream in a single window

It’s particularly useful for streaming gaming content that involves multiplayer. Collaboration through squad streaming allows lesser-known streamers to gain more traction and familiarity among the community by working with more famous streamers. 

To squad Stream on Twitch, do the following: 

  • Click on your profile icon
  • Select Creator Dashboard from the popup menu
  • Click on Stream Manager from the left panel
  • Click on the Plus (+) widget under the Quick Actions sectionQuick Actions Twitch
  • Click on Add Squad Streaming from the Quick Actions menu listSquad Stream

From here, you can invite a squad to join your stream or accept any invites that may have been sent to you. 


Can I co-stream with Twitch on Xbox?

While Microsoft allows you to co-stream using Mixer, neither they nor Twitch have added any support for co-streaming on any versions of the Xbox.

However, you can still single-stream your content and encourage your followers to use a multi-streaming platform to co-stream any collaborators you may be partnering with on a stream. 

Can I co-stream with Twitch on Mobile? 

Unfortunately, you cannot co-stream from Twitch’s mobile application. Additionally, at the time of writing this article, there were no third-party apps to facilitate co-streaming or squad-streaming through your mobile device. 

Nevertheless, while you cannot technically co-stream using the Twitch mobile application, you can host other channels. To access the hosting feature from the mobile application, do the following:

  • Tap on the Share button
  • Next, tap on Host Channel

This may not technically be co-streaming or group streaming but it does allow you to collaborate with other creators. 

Can I co-stream on the Playstation?

There is no in-built way to co-stream from any versions of the PlayStation. However, there are ways to circumvent this restriction.

For instance, you can use a camera to cast gameplay to your computer and then use OBS to co-stream it. We do hope that Sony and/or Twitch will add a feature for co and squad streaming in the future.

Can you watch two Twitch streams at once?

If you’re a Twitch follower and want to watch multiple streams simultaneously, you can use a service such as Multistream or Twitchtheater. All you need are the URLs for the channels you want to Stream, and these solutions will handle the rest.

You can also view two or more streams simultaneously by viewing a Squad Stream.

Can you stream on multiple Twitch accounts?

If you have enough bandwidth and resources, you can stream content from multiple Twitch accounts simultaneously. All you need to do is set up multiple accounts with Twitch using unique email addresses.

You can then use different web browsers or independent tabs to access these accounts and stream different channels from them. 

Are Alt accounts allowed on Twitch?

Unfortunately, alternative (alt) accounts are not allowed on Twitch. It’s against Twitch’s Terms of Service Agreement. According to the TOS, using multiple accounts can actually get you permanently banned from streaming on Twitch.

Thus, while you can stream simultaneously from different accounts and mask your IP using a VPN, we do not recommend it. 

How can I test a stream without going live?

Twitch allows potential streamers to test their streams before live broadcasting them. You can test your Stream using Twitch’s built-in inspector tool.

Once you navigate to the URL, it will ask you to enter your log-in details and initiate a stream test. The process is quite intuitive and simple enough for almost anyone to use. 


In the above guide, we explored how to co-stream on Twitch. Additionally, we also discussed how you could use Squad Stream to collaborate and share multiple streams with other creators.

We hope that you’ve found this article to be useful. Please don’t forget to support your favorite Twitch streamers by donating to them. If you have any queries or comments, please leave them down below. As always, thank you for reading.   

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