How To Delete A Blank Page In Google Docs?

Did you happen to use page break, and now you have a blank page on your Google docs and can’t get rid of it?

Deleting a blank page in Google docs is as simple as pressing a key, but the wrong placement of the cursor may not delete the page, which might confuse you.

Below are a few ways to delete this unnecessary blank page on your document. 

How to Delete a Blank Page in Web-based Google Docs Editor?

Below, we have listed a few ways to delete a blank page in your google docs on the web, based on their placement. This empty page could be anywhere from the top of the page to the bottom. Here’s what you can do to remove it.

Top of the Page 

If the blank page is on the document’s first page, move the cursor to the top of your page and press the Delete key to remove it. 

Between Two Pages

If this blank page is in between two well-written document pages, go to the next page after the blank page and place the cursor at the top of that page. Press on the Backspace key until the space is gone. 

End of the Page

If the blank page is at the end of the document, click the top of that blank space and press the Backspace key. If not, go to the end of the page and long press on the Backspace key until the space disappears. 

You can try highlighting the entire page and click on either the Backspace key or Delete key if the methods above don’t work. 

How to Delete A Blank Page on Your Google Doc App?

While typing on your phone, the document will likely appear in draft view, where the texts are shown continuously. To know whether you have a blank page between your document, you must turn on the Print layout. 

  1. Open Google Docs Application on your mobile phone
  2. Select the Document with the blank page
  3. Tap on the Pencil at the right bottom of your phone
  4. Tap on the Three Dots icon and turn on the Print Layout

Supposing you see a blank page on your phone, here’s what you can do to remove it.

  1. Tap on the beginning of the page next to the blank page
  2. Press on the Backspace key until the blank space disappears

How to Prevent Blank Pages on Google Doc?

Sometimes, you might see blank pages appearing on your document out of nowhere. Having multiple section breaks or large margins might cause this. Make sure to use proper spacing while creating your file. 

Check the Margin Settings 

When the margin is too big, it adds up space at the end of the page. This might create blank space on your document. The ideal margin is known to be 2.5 cm. 

  1. Go to Google Docs and open your Document 
  2. Press on File
  3. Scroll down the dropdown menu and click on Page Setup
  4. Under Pages, set the Margin length lower than beforemargin-length-google-docs

Remove Section Breaks in MS Word

If you are formatting the MS Word file on Google docs, you might not be able to remove the blank space. This is because the Word file creates a section break that cannot be deleted in Google docs. Go back to MS Word and remove the section break to eliminate the blank page. 

Adjust Custom Spacing

When Custom Spacing is added to your Google docs, it might create a blank page at the end of your document. Make sure the spacing between paragraphs is set to a low value or zero to resolve this problem.

  1. Go to your document and click on the Format tab
  2. Select Line & Paragraph Spacing and click on the Custom Spacing optionline-and-paragraph-spacing-docs
  3. Under Paragraph Spacing, set the After pts to 0.

You may also set the line spacing to zero, but this shouldn’t cause many problems in your document.  

How to Delete a Blank Document?

Deleting a blank document is pretty effortless. To delete a blank document from your Google docs, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Google Docs
  2. Place your cursor on the empty Document on your Homepage
  3. Click on the Three Dots option alongside the name of the document
  4. When the dropdown appears, click on Remove option.remove-google-docs-file
  5. Finally, click on Move to Bin.

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