How To Delete All Discord Messages (PC And Mobile)

There is no better app than Discord when it comes to messaging and chatting online. Discord chats are of two types, direct and channel messages. The first is direct messages which are private conversations between two users. The second channel messages are chats shared with an entire group on a particular channel.

However, if there are many messages, it can be difficult for the administrator to moderate. Some chat servers may even have explicit and unwanted content. So, this article contains a short guide that shows exactly how to clear out your chats on Discord. 

How to Clear Direct Message Chat

First, you have to note that the two types of Discord chats have different methods of deleting messages. So, it’s important to note which chat you are trying to delete.

Here are some easy steps to clear out your private messages:

  1. Click on User and right-click on the screen. Select Message from the list.message in discord  
  2. Hover over the username and click on the “X” that appears next to itpress the x

Note: This method of clearing chats does not delete direct messages. You can only temporarily disable it as it closes the conversation. If the user messages again, you will still be able to view past conversations.  

Delete Channel’s Messages

Here are some methods and a step-by-step guide on deleting your chats coming from your channel messages through your desktop: 

Manual Delete 

  1. Open Discord and go to the channel message you want to delete.
  2. Scroll over the individual chat lines in your thread and look for the Menu icon.
  3. To delete each message, Select Delete Message from the list of options.delete message in discord
  4. A dialog box will appear, click on Delete for confirmation. 

Clear Discord Chat on Mobile Devices

Since mobile devices have a separate interface, here are some easy steps to follow:

  1. Open your Discord App. 
  2. Scroll down and find the Message you want to delete.
  3. Hold-press on the screen for a few seconds and select Delete.delete discord message in mobile
  4. Tap on the confirmation button to Delete. confirm delete

Although this process is tedious, it allows you to have a better view and control of what you are deleting.

If you are trying to delete channel messages in a mass quantity, you can try additional options. First, you will need to be the admin for the channel. Assuming you have admin rights, you’ll be able to erase messages from the following methods as well.

Discord Purge Bot

Another easy way to erase messages and not just personal copies is to use a Discord Bot. MEE6 is a popular bot that has worked well for many users. It is a quick way of removing multiple unwanted chat messages. It is a simple process in which you have to enable the moderator. 

After you have added the moderation feature to your Discord channel, you can follow these easy steps to delete bulk messages.

  1. Open and log in to your Discord.
  2. Head onto the MEE6 website.
  3. Select Add to Discord button and click authorize to enable the bot.add to discord
  4. Select the suitable server you want to clear messages from. select a server
  5. The bot will ask for permission, click on Continue.continue adding to server
  6. Tap the Authorize button when requested
  7. From the MEE6 dashboard, Swipe right on the Toggle 
  8. Enable the Moderation plugin.moderator plugin
  9. After successfully installing the bot, you can use Commands to delete messages.

You can use Commands to clear out bulk messages at one go. Deleting multiple messages in a Discord channel is done through the command! clear [amount]. For instance, you can type in !clear1000 to delete 1000 previous messages. You can also use a certain username and delete their chat history. 

This feature allows you to set a custom amount of messages to be deleted from that channel. The maximum number of chats that can be deleted at once is 1000.  

Clone Discord Channel 

An alternative method to delete all the chat history is to clone the Discord channel server. It duplicates the channel and makes a copy without the previous chat history. Before you move on to cloning your channel, make sure you have listed out your bots. In many instances, bots are not copied when you are cloning your channel.     

Here are some easy steps to clone your Discord channel:

  1. Right-click on the channel you want to Clone.
  2. Select Clone Channel.clone channel
  3. Rename the cloned channel to avoid confusion. 
  4. Tap on Create Channel.rename and create channel
  5. Delete the old channel, and your chat history has a fresh start. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will All My Messages Be Deleted if I Delete My Discord Account?

No. When you disable or delete your Discord account, users still have access and can view your messages in chats. But Discord will give you anonymity by naming your account as “Deleted User.” This is included in both your direct and channel messages. 

Can I Remove a User From My Channel Server? 

Yes! If you have administrator rights for the channel, you can easily remove any user from your Discord channel. They will not have any access to your channel further. 

How Do I Delete My Discord Account? 

If you are thinking of deleting your Discord account permanently, then here are some easy steps. Go over to User settings> Select my account> and click edit. Click on Delete account.

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