How To Edit Or Unsend IMessage?

If you are an active iMessage user,  you no longer have to worry about sending a message to the wrong person or typos in the message. iPhone has incorporated a feature that allows you to edit or unsend messages.  However, there is a time limitation and your device must run on iOS 16, iPad 16, and macOS Ventura.

How to Edit or Unsend iMessage?

Editing or unsend an iMessage is not difficult. These are two different features, but you can find them under the same menu, making it easier to access them. So, now let’s quickly see how you can use it on your iPhone and Mac.

On iPhone

Here’re the ways to edit and unsend messages on iPhone:

Edit Sent Message

Editing a message is simple but can only be edited up to five times. Likewise, you have only 15 minutes to edit iMessage from the time you send the original message. The receiver can view the edit history if they are also on iOS 16. To edit the message, follow the below steps.

  1. Open the iMessage conversation.
  2. Tap and hold the message that you want to edit. Then, tap Edit.
  3. Now, you can edit or rewrite the message. Tap on the Checkmark icon once you are done.

Unsend Sent Message 

When you unsend a message, it will disappear for everyone and no longer show up in the chat. However, you have only two minutes to unsend a message after sending it. 

The message will disappear from the recipient side as long as they are also on iOS 16. For instance, if they are on iOS 15 or lower versions, the message will only get deleted from your chats, but it will exist on their chats. To unsend the message, follow the below steps

  1. Open the iMessage conversation.
  2. Tap and hold the Message that you want to unsend. 
  3. Then, simply tap on Undo Send.

On Mac

If you are using macOS Ventura, you can easily unsend or edit messages as you do on iPhone or iPad. But all the users need to have iOS 16, and macOS Ventura installed on their devices.  

  1. Open the iMessage conversation on the Mac.
  2. Now, simply Right-click and then click on Edit to modify the sent message.
  3. If you want to unsend a message, right-click and click on Undo Send to delete the message.

How to See an Edited Message on an iPhone?

If you see the edited label on the chat, that means the sender has changed the original message, but you can always view all the edited history. Here’s how you can see the previous edited message.  

  1. Open the iMessage conversation.
  2. Tap on the Edited button to view the edited message.
  3. Tap Hide Edits to return to the conversation.

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