How To Enable And Use NVIDIA Low Latency Mode

When you game, you are constantly providing a series of inputs to the game engine. The CPU processes this input, sends it off to the render queue and the GPU starts rendering data from the queue. Once rendered, this data is displayed on the monitor. 

NVIDIA Low Latency Mode uses a complex algorithm to reduce the number of frames in the render queue so that the frames are sent to the GPU as soon as it arrives. This allows users to get low input latency and reduce response time without compromising graphics quality.

This also enables the system to record user input much more quickly.

Enabling NVIDIA Low Latency Mode

Before we jump into enabling NVIDIA’s low latency mode, make sure that you have the latest NVIDIA graphics card drivers installed in your system. Besides this, you also need a NVIDIA control panel installed in your system.

You can download the NVIDIA Control Panel from the Microsoft Store. You may face issues finding NVIDIA Low Latency mode if you do not have the latest driver or the NVIDIA control panel.

Once you have installed the NVIDIA control panel and the latest graphics card driver, here’s how you can enable NVIDIA Low Latency Mode.

  1. Right click on the desktop and select Show more options.
    show more option nvidia low latency mode
  2. Click on NVIDIA Control Panel.
    nvidia control panel nvidia low latency mode
  3. On the right panel expand 3D settings.
  4. Click on Adjust image settings with preview.
  5. Now on the right-panel, select Use the advanced 3D image settings.
    use advanced 3d image nvidia low latency mode
  6. Click on Take me there.
    take me there nvidia low latency mode
  7. Here scroll down and click on the dropdown icon on Low Latency Mode.
  8. Select On to turn on low latency mode and Off to turn it off.
    set nvidia low latency mode

When Do I Enable NVIDIA Low Latency Mode?

According to NVIDIA, Low Latency mode has the most impact on a system’s response time when you have a graphics card that is maxed out, or has high GPU usage, and framerates are around 60 and 100FPS. Enabling NVIDIA Low Latency Mode reduces latency up to 33%.

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