How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a massive live-service game. Its crafting, exploration, combat, and survival mechanics keep expanding. So, you may have questions. For example, how to find buried treasure in Minecraft?

Keeping up with the game can be overwhelming. However, buried treasures became a thing in 2018 with the “Update Aquatic.” Update Aquated was a major content expansion. It revamped the ocean and added new aquatic mobs, blocks, structures, items, and other features.

One of these features is buried treasures and buried treasure maps. We’re going to cover how these treasures work and simplify a process that seems complex. 

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

In general, you can find buried treasure maps in shipwrecks. Rarely, you may find ocean ruins, a place to find buried treasure maps. 

We’ll explore the three steps in detail. You’ll need a stone shovel and a stone pick to dig the treasure out.

Remember that treasures, shipwrecks, and ocean ruin locations are randomized. I can’t tell you the exact coordinates or teleport you to the place.

Lastly, some of the chests are pretty deep in the ocean. Make sure to have aqua affinity Enchantments or respiration Enchantments on your gear.

Find a Shipwreck

Shipwrecks are sunken underwater ships. Some of them include mobs (like drowned spawning), so you must explore cautiously. You will find them in random positions but, generally, explore the water and mainly near the coast.

Sometimes, the structure is near the coast, and part goes above water. Other times, it’s stuck beneath the ice, partially buried in the beach, and other possibilities.


Buried treasure maps are also on Ocean Ruins. These are rare and have either warm or cold biome variants. They may also include mobs, and they pack several chests.

Lastly, underwater ruins are structures of sandstone or stone. Here’s what a ruin looks like:

underwater ruin minecraft

Find the Buried Treasure Map

The buried treasure map is easier to find on shipwrecks. That’s because shipwrecks work the same all of the time.

Each sunken ship has a maximum of three chests: 

As you see, one of these chests is a treasure. This may be as far as you want to go. However, the treasure map can lead you to a bigger reward. In particular, it will give you a key item to build the powerful Conduit structure.

Anyway, you can loot up to three chests on shipwrecks, and the loot is random. The buried treasure map is inside the map chest, but the map chest doesn’t have a label.

Instead, you’ll find the special chest on the ship’s lowest level. Not all shipwrecks have a map chest, but if it has three chests, there’s a 100 percent chance that it has a buried treasure map on its treasure chest. 

In simpler terms, check all of the rooms on the ship. You’ll know you completed the exploration after opening three chests or checking all of the rooms.

buried chest minecraft

Ocean Ruins have many shapes and sizes, but generally, chests are easier to find. These chests are out in the open; you can find them after a few minutes of exploration.

However, not every Ocean Ruin contains a buried treasure map. There’s a 43 percent chance of finding one on Ocean Ruins.

In any case, the buried treasure map is inside one of the chests. It looks like this:

treassure map minecraft

Follow the Buried Treasure Map

After you find the Buried Treasure Map, go back to the surface. Then, put the map on your action bar, and use it.


When you look at the map, you’ll notice various things:

  • You’re a white marker on the map. follow treasure map minecraft
  • The treasure location has a red X.
  • The treasure is often nearby the shipwreck, on the land. 
  • Landmasses and oceans are on the map.

You can follow the map while you hold it in your hand. The map will gather more detail as you get closer to the red X. For example, it will fill with color. 

Following the map may be confusing, as your perspective may not match the perspective of the white marker.

However, you can move carefully to line up the red marker with the red X until you reach the destination. Moreover, the small tip on the white marker points toward the direction you’re looking at.


Your goal is to line the white marker (your character) atop the red X. You should be right in the middle of the X.


Next, use your shovel to dig beneath you. If you find the stone, use a stone pick to dig further. The chest shouldn’t be too far down and always beneath the X.


Finally, open the chest and enjoy your reward.


I should note that the map may point you to a chest buried in the ocean. It’s very rare, but when it happens, the loot is often better.

General Advice for Buried Treasures in Minecraft

Let’s wrap up with some general advice:

  • If you don’t have a map, you dig on coastal areas, beaches, stony shores, and snowy beaches to find buried treasures. 
  • Some items to expect from the chests include Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Cooked Cod, Cooked Salmon, Leather Tunic, Iron Sword, TNT, Prismarine Crystals, Diamonds, and “Heart of the Sea.” 
  • Every Buried Treasure contains a Heart of the Sea. You can combine a Heart of the Sea and eight Nautilus Shells to make a conduit. 
  • Conduits work like beacons. It’s a structure that provides an “aura” of water breathing, haste while underwater, and night vision. Conduits also attack nearby hostile mobs. 

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