How To Fix Blinking Cursor In Windows

Your mouse cursor plays a vital role right from the start when you boot the OS. So, if you face any issues with the mouse cursor, you cannot get away with it unless you know keyboard shortcuts. 

The issue is most likely caused by improper Windows configuration or corrupt driver files. More than anything, the issue is a minor inconvenience. However, on rare occasions, it could also be very difficult to carry out normal operations even.

Today, we provide you with causes and solutions to fix issues with a blinking cursor. 

What Causes A Blinking Cursor?

By default, your cursor is a white arrow with a black outline. However, if you are hovering over a text, this cursor changes to an I-shaped cursor. Therefore, when moving the cursor across a paragraph, the cursor does flicker automatically. 

Due to some I/O issues, your cursor can also flicker/blink randomly. Here are some reasons your computer has this problem.

  • Problem with the driver for mouse, video, or biometric devices
  • Windows Explorer is causing the issue
  • Complications due to an Antivirus software
  • Background process performing huge tasks
  • Running OS in lower resolution
  • How to Fix Blinking Cursor?

    Before starting with the solutions, we recommend you perform generic solutions. Restarting the PC or removing and inserting the USB mouse might seem pretty simple, but it may also help you fix the issue.

    If you have already done the above, continue with the fixes explained below.

    Perform Normal Startup

    Normal startup lets your Windows load all device drivers and services during boot time. Although this is a default setting, your computer might have enabled Selective Startup. This setting lets users choose to enable/disable selected drivers and services.

    1. Press the Windows + R key to open Run.
    2. Type msconfig to open System Configuration.
    3. In the General tab, select Normal startup.
    4. Click Apply, then OK.
      normal startup
    5. Restart your PC and check if it fixes the issue.

    Restart Windows Explorer

    Windows Explorer provides you with a graphical interface to access files stored on your hard drives. Restarting Windows Explorer reloads the entire desktop. So, it can fix small issues such as blinking cursor.

    1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing Ctrl +E.
    2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.
    3. Click on Windows Explorer and select Restart.
      restart windows explorer

    Change Resolution

    Running the Operating System in lower resolution is also known to cause a variety of problems, including a blinking mouse cursor. Therefore, it is recommended to use the monitor’s native resolution.

    1. Press the Windows + I key to open Settings.
    2. Go to System > Display.
    3. Here, under Scale & layout set Display resolution to the recommended one.
      set recommended resolution

    Disable OEM Software

    If you are using a laptop, you may find some applications pre-installed on your computer. These applications act as a driver that manages your hardware devices. Try uninstalling this software to see if it fixes the issue.

    For example, HP’s SimplePass manages fingerprint sensors that are known to cause issues like a blinking mouse. Disabling these drivers will fix any issues with it.

    Disable Antivirus 

    Antivirus software is known to cause issues with device drivers. If this software interferes with the mouse or graphics driver, you might get a blinking cursor. Try disabling this software to see if it fixes the problem. 

    If the blinking stops, you might want to consider changing the antivirus software. 

    Check Background Process

    If your cursor randomly flickers, you might have some background processes taking huge resources. You might want to stop the task to fix the issue.

    1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.
    2. If the Task Manager only shows the application currently running, click on More details to get details on all background processes and services running.
    3. Check if any application or process takes a huge amount of resources from the CPU, Memory, or Disk.
    4. Click on this process and click on End Task.
      end task

    Disable Biometric devices

    If you have a biometric device such as a fingerprint scanner on your laptop, it might be causing compatibility issues with Windows. This may cause the cursor to blink. Try disabling the device to fix the problem.

    1. Press the Windows + X key and select Device Manager.
    2. Expand Biometric and right-click on the listed device.
    3. Select Disable device.
    4. Restart your computer to check if the cursor stops blinking.

    Besides Biometric Devices, it has also been reported in Microsoft’s official forum that the touchpad or the touch monitor can cause a flickering problem. So, it is also ideal that you try disabling the touchpad/touch monitor driver.

    Update/Rollback Mouse And Display Driver

    The problem you face is with the mouse cursor. So, there are basically two drivers that control what you see on the screen as you move the mouse, i.e., the mouse driver and the display adapter. So, updating them might fix a blinking cursor. 

    However, if your cursor started having the issue after a driver update, we recommend that you roll back these drivers.

    1. Press the Windows + X key and select Device Manager.
    2. Expand Mice and other pointing devices.
    3. Double click on any of the device that is listed.
    4. Go to the Driver tab and click on Update Driver/Roll back driver according to your need.
      update rollback mouse driver
    5. Update/Rollback all devices on the list.
    6. Now, expand the Display adapter and Update/Rollback devices listed according to your choice.

    Change Wireless Mouse Batteries

    Another reason you’re getting a blinking cursor might be because of some issues with the wireless mouse. A wireless mouse with a dying battery may also cause problems like a blinking cursor. Although it is highly unlikely that this is the case, you can try changing the batteries to see if the blinking stops.

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