How To Fix Error Code 2123-1502 On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has many network errors, but most of them are easy to solve. Specifically, error code 2123-1502 means the console can’t keep a reliable connection to the Nintendo Servers.

Therefore, you’ll get this error when downloading or updating apps and games. In other words, the problem affects the Nintendo eShop.

Most commonly, you’re dealing with faulty Nintendo servers or a slow internet connection. There are other possible culprits and several ways to improve your situation. 

Causes for Error Code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch

The issue started on the 12.0.3 update, which premiered in January 2021. It prevents users from connecting to the Nintendo eShop or downloading any digital content. 

More than a year has passed, and Nintendo and multiple users have shared the solutions and the causes. If you identify the cause, you may address the error faster. So, here’re your possible enemies. 

  • Outdated System: If your system is out of date, which causes compatibility issues. 
  • Cache Database is Corrupted: It’s the most logical cause of the 2123-1502 error. Moreover, we recommend cleaning Nintendo’s cache often. You can do it from the interface, and it’s a regular maintenance procedure. 
  • Internet Connection: Your internet connection is slow or unreliable, which interrupts downloads.
  • Sleep Mode: You engaged the sleep mode, or the console went into sleep mode while downloading content. It will interrupt the process and prompt the error.
  • DNS Address Issues: The DNS address you’re getting from your internet service provider is not working with Nintendo’s servers. 

Any of these errors implies simple solutions. You won’t need to do anything extreme to use the eShop again.

How to Fix “Error Code 2123-1502” on Nintendo Switch?

We’re going through a series of fixes, and you can test them individually until the eShop works on your console. The fixes range from changing your DNS to updating the console.

These fixes are in case you tried re-downloading the content several times to no avail.

Power Cycle

Let’s start with a power cycle. It’s a form of soft reset that gets rid of random system bugs. Additionally, the process will clean the console’s cache.

If you’re wondering, the cache is a temporary file folder. The Nintendo Switch stores the data it needs more often in the folder for faster access. However, it can get bloated and out of control after a while.

  1. Turn off the console by pressing and holding the power button at the top. power button nintendo switch
  2. Unplug all of its cables. For example, if you have it on the TV, unplug it from the dock altogether.
  3. Wait for at least one minute. While you wait, remove the SD card from the console as well.
  4. While the console is unplugged, press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds to drain the remaining power.
  5. Plug back the console and put in the SD card again.
  6. Turn back the console.

Reboot Router

Similarly, it would help if you restart your router. Here’re the steps you need to follow:

  1. Turn off the router and modem or your gateway.
  2. Unplug all of its cables for one minute.Reboot-Cycle-Router
  3. Plug back the devices.
  4. Turn on your router and modem or gateway.

Now, wait about one minute and test the connection on the Nintendo Switch again. 

Clean the Cache

Although a power cycle cleans the cache, there’s a better and more reliable method. And you can find it on Nintendo’s interface.

  1. Press the Home button on the controller. home button nintendo switch controller
  2. Go to System Settingssystem settings nintendo switch
  3. Go to System.
  4. On the right, scroll down to find and select Formatting Optionsformatting options nintendo switch
  5. Select Reset Cachereset cache

The option will clear useless and corrupted data and anything the Nintendo Switch is not currently using. And despite what the option says, you will stay logged on to your console and keep all your saved data and games.

Update the Nintendo Switch

The next step is updating the console. It will solve compatibility issues and erase random software bugs.

  1. Press the Home button on your controller. home button nintendo switch controller
  2. On the Home menu, select the gear icon to open the System Settings. system settings nintendo switch
  3. Go to System on the left.
  4. Select System Update on the right. system update
  5. If there’s an update available, select Update, and then Ok.
  6. After the console updates, restart it.

Add a Public DNS

The DNS service translates IP addresses (from services, lobbies, websites, and similar) into something your devices understand.

Sometimes, your DNS is different from Nintendo’s online services. The solution is using a public DNS -one you can find free from tech companies like Google or Cloudflare.

  1. Tab the Home button on your controller.
  2. Select System Settings.system settings nintendo
  3. Select Internet on the left.
  4. Select Internet Settings on the right. internet settings nintendo switch
  5. Select your network.
  6. Go to Change Settingschange settings internet connection nintendo switch
  7. Go to DNS Settings.
  8. Select Manualmanual dns settings
  9. Type Google’s DNS address:

Afterward, save the changes and these the eShop again.

Change the MTU Size

MTU (maximum transmission unit) is the data packet size. The wrong MTU setting may not be enough to fit the network.

  1. Tab the Home button again.
  2. Select System Settings.system settings nintendo
  3. Go to the Internet.
  4. Select Internet Settings.internet settings nintendo switch
  5. Choose your network.
  6. Select Change Settingschange settings internet connection nintendo switch
  7. Select MTU.
  8. Change the MTU number to 1500.
  9. Save the changes.
  10. Restart the Nintendo Switch.

Disable Auto-Sleep

Downloads and updates on your Nintendo Switch may fail if the console goes to sleep while downloading. It happens because the console loses connection on its standby mode.

So, we recommend disabling the Sleep mode like so:

  1. Press the controller’s home button.
  2. Go to System Settings.
  3. Go to Sleep Mode on the left.
  4. Select Auto-Sleep on the right. auto sleep nintendo switch
  5. Select Never. never sleep mode nintendo

Now, you can retry downloading on the store.

Factory Reset the Nintendo Switch

If all else fails, try restoring the Nintendo Switch to factory default. You will be able to keep your data, and it will erase nasty bugs in the system software.

Here’s how you can factory reset your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Press the controller’s Home button.
  2. Choose System Settings.
  3. Go to System.
  4. Select Formatting Options.
  5. Go to Initialize Console.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Select Initialize.
  8. Wait until the process finishes.

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