How To Fix Xbox HDMI Not Working

A “No signal” message, static, or a blank screen are signs you need to fix Xbox HDMI not working. The Xbox relies heavily on the HDMI connection to run. 

It means damages to the output system can render the console useless. And what you see on the screen can make you think the problem is much more serious.

Yet, there’re ways to fix it at home. Often, you’d need to check the cable or connect it properly. Others, you require some extra steps on the Xbox troubleshooter mode. 

Xbox HDMI Not Working Causes and Symptoms

fix xbox hdmi

Xbox HDMI errors are common, and therefore, there’re reliable solutions. Picking the fix you need may require you to understand the causes of the error, so here they are: 

  • Random Bugs: Glitches and bugs on the system firmware may cause the issue. It’s common after software updates.
  • Hardware Errors: Physical damage may also cause the issue. It’s the hardest to fix, as you could only change the console’s hard drive. Other pieces that may fail are motherboard chips related to the HDMI port.
  • Damaged Cable: Weak wires may prevent the Xbox from sending a signal.
  • Faulty Hard drive: Most commonly, the problem comes because the hard drive is defective.
  • Dirty or Damaged HDMI Ports: The output must also be in a healthy stater. For example, dirt and rust prevent its proper functions. If damage is beyond repair, you’d need to take it to a store for a replacement.
  • Wrong Configurations: The cable, the display, and your AVR system plugged into your TV and Xbox must support the resolution you selected on the Xbox. If this is not the case, it will cause issues like blank screens. For example, if you changed your TV recently, the display may not support the resolution currently configured.

Additionally, you’d need to understand the signs of Xbox HDMI problems. These are the symptoms of Xbox HDMI damage.

  • The Xbox shows a black screen, a “No Signal” message, static, or a glitchy screen.
  • You may also see a screen that goes from black to blue and back. 
  • Alternatively, the system powers on and works. However, the screen may go blank all of a sudden.
  • The console may also display a “Game console (is it on?)” message on the screen or similar.

The causes and signs are the same for the Xbox One or Xbox Series console family.

How to Fix Xbox HDMI Not Working?

You can try these fixes one by one until you find the solution that works. The troubleshooter works for Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, as both generations share features, services, and interfaces.

Initial Steps if Your Screen Is Blank

xbox hdmi initial troubleshooting

Before you go on, try these obvious fixes. If they work, it could save you some time:

  • Check that the HDMI cord is fully connected to the TV and console. The cable should make a “click” noise when it connects.
  • Check both HDMI ports for signs of damage or dirt. If there’s dirt, you can brush it or blow it off. If there’s damage (like bent pins), you’d have to try another port or replace it. 
  • Check the HDMI ports are not loose. You’d have to use another one (on the TV) or replace the one on the Xbox.
  • Test the cable on other devices to ensure it’s working. Alternatively, try another HDMI cable on the console.
  • Check that your TV is in the proper input channel.
  • Confirm the HDMI cable is on the “out to TV” console port.
  • Confirm that the console’s power brick has its LED light on when your power up the Xbox.

Consider needing an HDMI cable 2.1 for the Xbox Series X if you’re playing in 4K. Xbox Series S, Xbox One X, and Xbox One consoles can work with HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 2.1 cables. Lastly, the Xbox One may also work with HDMI 1.4 cables.

Power Cycle the Console

A sure way of erasing random bugs affecting the system is a power cycle:

  1. Turn off the console by pressing and holding the power button at the front for about 10 seconds. xbox series power button
  2. Unplug all of its cables for one minute. It lets the power adapter cool off in case it suffered a power surge. Also, it drains the remaining power in the supply.
  3. Plug the cables back
  4. Turn the console back by pressing the Xbox button on the controller. xbox button controller

This will be the most probable solution if the Xboxturns blank after returning back to the dashboard.

Initiate the Console in Low-resolution Mode

Another common solution is starting the console in low-resolution mode. It will help you reset your console’s display settings.

Here’re the steps:

  1. If there’s a disc within the console, turn the Xbox one and eject the disk by pressing the Eject button. eject button xbox
  2. Then, press and hold the Power button at the front for 10 seconds to turn it off. xbox series power button
  3. Once it is off, press and hold the Power and Eject button until you hear a second beep in about 10 seconds. The power light will flash before the second beep. After this point, let go of the buttons. xbox power and eject button
  4. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and the Xbox Series S don’t have an Eject button. You would have to press and hold the Xbox button on the console, plus the Pair button. xbox power and pair button

The process starts up the Xbox in low-resolution mode (640 x 480). If the process doesn’t work, try connecting the HDMI cable only after hearing the second beep. 

The process helps clear resolution bugs and reset configurations on the Xbox. Now, you can set back the Resolution like so:

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide xbox button controller
  2. Go to Profile & system
  3. Go to Settings profile and system settings
  4. Go to General
  5. Select TV & display options tv display and sound
  6. Select the resolution under Display. The options are 720p, 1080p, or 4K UHD. We recommend selecting Auto Detect, as perhaps the problem was you selected the wrong configuration before. 
  7. Afterward, select Calibrate TV, and follow the tutorial. auto detect resolution xbox

Turn Off 24Hz Mode

If the screen went blank after watching a Blu-ray disc, the solution is changing a refresh rate setting.

In particular, the 24Hz mode is great for a cinematic watch of your favorite movies and shows, as 24 frames per second is the standard for most cinema and shows.

However, it may be causing issues with your TV, as not all displays support the lower refresh rate. The solution is turning it off:

  1. Power cycle the Xbox (as I explained above)
  2. After you turn it back on, press the Xbox button to open the guide xbox button controller
  3. Go to Profile & system
  4. Select Settings profile and system settings
  5. Select General
  6. Select TV & display options tv display and sound
  7. Under Advanced, select Video modes advanced video modes
  8. Select Allow 24Hz to turn off the configuration. Instead, turn on Allow variable refresh rates, allowing the console to handle it automatically. turn off allow 24hz

Change AVR Configuration Within the Xbox

If you connected an audio-video receiver (AVR) to your Xbox, and there’s no display or sound, you can try this: 

  1. Turn off all of the devices on your setup
  2. Then, turn on the TV first, but nothing else
  3. After you see a picture, turn on the AVR
  4. Turn on the console
  5. On the TV remote, press the Input button to switch from the console’s input to the AVR’s input and then back (as in HDMI1 – HDMI2 – HDMI1).
  6. Press the Xbox button to open the guide
  7. Go to Profile & system
  8. Select Settings profile and system settings
  9. Select General
  10. Select TV & display options tv display and sound
  11. Select Video fidelity & overscan
  12. Under Display, select Auto-Detect or HDMI overscan fidelity

Unplug External Devices

External devices like USB HDDs, Storage Expansion Cards, AVRs, Blu-Rays, mics, or battery changing stations may be causing the black screen.

This happens because the console is trying to update but is overloaded with devices.

If you’re using various external devices, try disconnecting everything except for the HDMI cable, the power cord, and the Ethernet cable (if you use one).

Then, update the console like so:

  1. Press the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide xbox button controller
  2. Go to Profile & system
  3. Select Settings profile and system settings
  4. Select System
  5. Select Updates xbox update
  6. If there’s an update available, follow the process to download and install it. 

Factory Reset the Console

You can try resetting the Xbox to factory mode within the Troubleshooter mode. 

Here’re the steps: 

  1. Press and hold the power button on the console to shut it off
  2. Press Hold the Pair and Eject buttons for about 10 seconds. Release the buttons after you hear the second beep. xbox-one-pair-and-eject-button
  3. If there’s no Eject button, press and hold the Pair button only. Then, after you hear the second beep, press the Xbox button on the console, but keep pressing the Pair buttonxbox button pair button
  4. You’re now on the Troubleshoot menu. Select Reset this Xbox.reset-the-xbox

Update the Xbox Offline

You’d need an offline update if the console is stuck on an animation screen after an update or after one of these fixes.

We have a complete guide on how to update the Xbox offline. However, here’s the short version:

  1. Format a USB drive to NTFS. It should have at least 6GB of space
  2. Plug the drive into your PC
  3. Download OSU1, the offline update. After it downloads, extract its contents, and copy “$SystemUpdate within the drive. donwload OSU1
  4. Unplug everything from the Xbox except its HDMI cable, and its power cord
  5. Turn on the Xbox in the Troubleshooter mode (as I explained above)
  6. Plug the drive
  7. Select Offline system update offline update
  8. Additionally, you may see a System Error code when you try powering up the console or when you engage the Troubleshoot menu. xbox error codes

Here’s what the codes mean:

  • E100: the console needs a repair, as there’s a hardware error
  • E101, E202, E305: the console needs an offline system update
  • E102: the console needs a reset to factory defaults
  • E200, E204, E206, E207: the console requires a power cycle 

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