How To Get A Voice Changer On Xbox

We’re sharing how to get a voice changer on Xbox consoles, as there’s not much information out there. It’s not a straightforward process, and it may require an additional device to make it work.

On top of that, you have to find a voice changer app for smartphones. Luckily, these are easy to find, and there’re plenty of free alternatives.

You can download a voice changer from a third-party vendor for Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS. These applications can transform the voice you send through your mic, in real-time, so your friends and audience would hear it differently.

These are legal software and safe-to-use software. However, some uses, like posing for somebody else, might be illegal. To use these kinds of software properly with your consoles, follow our voice changer on Xbox tutorial.

How to Get a Voice Changer on Xbox

How To Get A Voice Changer On Xbox tutorial

There’s not much information regarding how to get a voice changer on Xbox. So, the process is not easy. Rather, it’s tricky, and it may not work for you.

See, doesn’t officially support voice changers, otherwise, they would have an app on their store. Still, Microsoft doesn’t ban their usage, so your account is going to be safe.

That said, every method relies on similar steps. In essence, we’re taking out the mic’s headset to leave its input port open. Then, we’re connecting the headset to a smartphone or PC, to use the PC’s mic or the smartphone’s mic as your input.

What Do You Need to Get a Voice Changer on Xbox

We believe we’re sharing all of the possible ways you can achieve it. Before that, though take a look of what you may need:

  • Your Xbox controller
  • A headset with a detachable mic.
  • An additional auxiliary cable. The tip of the cable should have here rings. The three rings indicate it can deliver left & right audio channels and work as a mic at the same time.
  • A voice changer app for your smartphone. We recommend Voice Synth for iOS, or Voice FX for Android. Alternatively, you can use a PC.
  • Headphone Stereo Adapter (optional)
  • An external microphone for your PC, like a USB mic (optional)
  • A chat pad (optional) xbox chat pads

Lastly, if you’re using an older Xbox controller, it may not have an auxiliary jack. If this is the case, you may want to invest in a Stereo Adapter. This is an extension you plug into the gamepad, and it packs an aux input you can use for the follow-up steps.

Those are the general tools, so here’re the different ways to get a voice changer on Xbox.

Use a Smartphone and a Chat Pad

The first method requires all of the tools above. Remember that you can use a Stereo Adapter if your controller doesn’t have an aux port.

Once you’ve gathered the items, here’re the steps:

  1. Take your controller
  2. Plug the chat pad on the controller’s USB port. It should fit comfortably on the back of the peripheral
  3. Plug the headset’s aux cable into the controller’s aux port.
  4. Detach the mic from the headset
  5. Plug the additional aux cable into your smartphone’s aux port. Plug the other end of the cable to the hole where you detach the mic. Remember the cable should have three rings -you can buy a mini-Stereo headset mic extension cable. 3.5mm-cable
  6. Open the voice changer app
  7. On the app, select the smartphone’s mic as the input, and the headsets as the output
  8. Turn on your controller by pressing its Xbox button once Xbox-one-button
  9. Turn on your console
  10. Open a party and make sure your audio is working
  11. On the app, configure your voice voice synth app

Now, you should be free to tweak your voice at will, and talk to your friends in funny ways.

Use a Smartphone Without a Chat Pad

For the next method, we’re not using the chat pad.  

  1. Plug your 3.5mm auxiliary cable on the controller. The other end goes into your smartphone.
  2. Open a voice changer app on the smartphone. Not all apps will work without a chat pad. We recommend using Robo Vox for iOS (it’s no longer available for Android.
  3. Unplug the detachable mic from the headphone
  4. Plug the extra auxiliary cable on the headphone’s mic slot. The other end of the cable goes into the controller.
  5. On the app, select your smartphone’s mic as input, and the headphones as output.  

As before, this trick will allow you to use your smartphone as a microphone, therefore you’d be able to change your voice through an app.

This method won’t work with some voice changer apps. You’d have to test it for yourself.

Use Your PC

A third method is using Voicemod, a free real-time voice changer for PC. It’s popular for games like Valorant, Fortnite, Rust, Among Us, and World of Warcraft. It also works for Skype, Zoom, TeamSpeak, Slack, Discord, WhatsApp Desktop, and similar apps.

Overall, we greatly recommend using Voicemod. It’s free and offers one-click voice-changing options. Moreover, you’d be able to use your computer’s mic. If you don’t have one, though, it won’t work.

Also, this works on any OS, like Windows, macOS, or Linux.

  1. Go to the Voicemod page and download the software voicemod changer
  2. Follow the instructions to install Voicemod
  3. Plug an external microphone into your PC
  4. Unplug the detachable microphone from the headset. As before, it reveals the mic’s input port.
  5. Take your extra aux cord and plug it into the headset’s input port. The other end of the cable goes into the PC’s auxiliary port. If you don’t have an auxiliary port available, you can buy a 3.5-to-USB converter cable.
  6. Plug the chat pad on the controller
  7. Plug the headphone on the chat pad
  8. Open Voicemod
  9. Go to Voicemod’s settings, and select your headphones as output, and your PC’s mic as the input.
  10. Turn on the “Hear Myself” and “Voice Changer” sliders at the bottom

That’s the end of this method. It will help you modify your party chats audio for Xbox consoles. 

Use Your Smartphone and a USB Cable

smartphone headphones

Our last technique also operates through an Android smartphone. Additionally, you need your phone’s USB cable, headphones or headsets for the smartphone, and the voice changer application. 

  1. Plug your phone’s USB cable into its USB port. The other end of the cable goes into your Xbox One or Xbox Series console. 
  2. Plug the headset or headphones into the smartphone.
  3. Go to your phone’s settings. Find Settings – Developer Options – USB Configuration – Audio Source. It turns your phone into an audio input mic for your console.
  4. Find a voice changer app on the Play Store. We recommend Voice Changer Mic for Gaming
  5. Check that your Xbox recognizes the audio input as the USB microphone
  6. Join a party chat and use the app to tweak your voice

Like so, you’ll be able to talk through your smartphone’s mic and tweak your voice in real-time. 

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