How To Get Rockarrot In ARK: Survival Evolved

Obtaining different ingredients for crafting and recipes in ARK can be difficult, mainly because there are so many of them. Most components can be found in the world, but rockarrot is an exception to this – you have to cultivate it yourself.

Rockarrot is one of the very few crops available to ARK players and can be helpful in several recipes.

What is Rockarrot?

Rockarrot is one of the crops that you can grow in ARK. It doesn’t take much effort to get the seeds, but planting and cultivating it can be tricky.

Rockarrot is an ingredient in so many recipes in ARK that having a steady supply of them isn’t a bad idea. Besides, once you have a greenhouse or garden to cultivate rockarrot, you can use the same space to plant citronal, longrass, and savoroot. 

How to Get Rockarrot in ARK

To cultivate rockarrot, you must create crop plots and plant the seeds you’ve gathered.

  1. Find a rockarrot seed. You can get these by gathering fiber by hand or with particular creatures. For example, a brontosaur, trike, or iguanodon would be a capable harvester who will increase the yield of rockarrot seeds you get from a particular area.
    Recall that you cannot use dinosaurs to harvest until they’re tame, so plan to tame something simple like a trike early to help your gardening prospects increase. 
  2. Choose a space for your garden. It’s crucial that it’s near water simply because it will make irrigating the plots easier. 
  3. Choose a type of garden. You can do an outdoor, fenced-in garden relatively early in the game. However, you may also want to consider building a greenhouse. When you create a garden in a greenhouse, you obtain a status effect called the greenhouse effect.
    This makes the crop plots in the greenhouse produce crops more quickly than those outside. They still use fertilizer at the same rate, so you won’t be losing extra of that resource by choosing a greenhouse.
    If you’re in a hurry and need rockarrot early in the game, you can follow these instructions to make a garden outside by skipping the greenhouse. However, consider building a greenhouse instead if you have sufficient materials, space, and time.
  4. Consider the safeguards for your garden area before you start building. Greenhouse structures and garden plots have very little armor, and almost any creature can damage or break them. You will want the area to be isolated or protected by other gates and buildings. 
  5. Lay down the base for your greenhouse in a three-by-three grid. Anything smaller won’t give the full greenhouse bonus. The base you use doesn’t matter because the bonus comes from the walls and roof, so choose stone, metal, or the greenhouse base according to your preference.
  6. Build the walls and place them down on the base. Next, put the ceiling in place.
  7. Build your crop plots. You can use medium or larger ones to cultivate rockarrot. industrial-building
  8. Set up your irrigation system. You need to run pipes from a body of water. Though you can use rain barrels, they won’t provide the uninterrupted supply of water that will make growing crops easier. Use an intake pipe in the body of water and then create a line into your greenhouse using the other water pipe options. managing-pipes When a pipe is placed, you can see a green outline until you find the right place and leave it. Then it solidifies. Ensure that your irrigation system doesn’t clip through the ground because that might stop the water from moving through the system. 
  9. Place taps over the plots. These will provide a source of water to help the rockarrot grow. You can tell whether they’re working because there’s a water sprinkling effect that’s quite visible when they are. 
  10. Create a compost bin. Add feces and thatch to the bin to create fertilizer. You will want to use this to encourage your rockarrot to proliferate. Once the compost is done, you can take it out of the bin and place it into the inventory of a crop plot to help growth along.
  11. Place the rockarrot seeds into the inventory of the crop plot where you want to grow the plants. You can look at the crop plot to see the status of what it has and doesn’t. Planting-a-seed For example, you can check whether the greenhouse effect is at 300 percent, whether the crop plot is getting water, and whether there are seeds or fertilizer inside. If any of these aren’t active, then the rockarrot won’t be able to grow as effectively or at all. checking-status
  12. Access the inventory of the crop plot to place rockarrot in your inventory for use as available and desired.Rockarrot

Like other crops, rockarrot doesn’t have a very long spoil timer. It goes bad fast when it’s removed from the crop plot. For example, it only lasts for five minutes in your inventory before it goes bad.

While you can extend it a bit by placing it in a tamed dinosaur, preserving bin, or refrigerator, rockarrot still only stays good for eight hours and 20 minutes maximum before going bad.

Most players wait to harvest crops until they’re ready to use them because of this rapid spoilage timer. 

Uses for Rockarrot

  • Rockarrot is the food most beloved by the Equus. While simple kibble will work most quickly and effectively as a taming food, rockarrot is the second-best choice to tame these horse-like animals. Once you feed it a rockarrot, you have to mount it and stay on to continue to tame it. equus Every time you’re thrown off the Equus, you have to feed it to get back on and continue the process. Go armed with quite a few rockarrots if you plan to tame one outside a premade trap.
  • Rockarrot is an ingredient in simple kibble, which is used to tame many animals. While you can use foods other than kibble to tame animals, kibble gives you the highest bonuses to taming and leaves with you stronger creatures.
  • Rockarrot is an ingredient in multiple cooking recipes. For example, Broth of Enlightenment and Enduro Stew both require rockarrot. Broth of Enlightenment gives you a 50 percent experience gain bonus for 20 minutes. Enduro Stew increases your health recovery for 15 minutes. 
  • Rockarrot is also an ingredient in Simple Vegetable Cake. This food is used to tame and feed Achatinas. It’s essential to have a reliable source of rockarrot for this recipe before you tame them so that you can feed them after they’re yours. 
  • You also use rockarrot to make Bug Repellent. This item helps you avoid the notice of particular creatures – notably insects – which can help you sneak through enemy-heavy areas and avoid some frequent sources of torpor and poison. Bug Repellent also requires a citronal, so you’ll need two crops to make it.
  • If you like holiday decorations, make sure to have a rockarrot ready for winter. There is a snowman you can use to decorate your base. However, the recipe does require one rockarrot, among other ingredients. 

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