How To Grab In Rocket League Knockout

Rocket League can be as casual or hardcore as you’d want, depending on how you approach it. If you’re looking for the simple side of the game, you should learn how to grab in Rocket League Knockout.

One of the ways to play online is by joining the ladder in the ranked mode. There’re other game modes, though, and the Knockout Bash is perhaps the most unique of the bunch.

The Knockout Bash is a Rocket League game mode that stands out because it has no goals. On top of that, it has a dynamic game area. It can be challenging to play, so we’ll explain how to play it and how to “grab” enemy cars to win.

What Is Rocket League Knockout Bash?

Rocket League’s Knockout is a limited-time event that originally premiered between April and May 2022. Initially, Knockout allowed players to compete for spring-themed apparel and rewards.

Knockout includes various in-game challenges, but the main one is the Knockout Bash. The Knockout Bash was a success, so the developers relaunched it in July.

Currently, it’s not part of the base game, but we’ve seen the term Knockout on Rocket League’s latest patch fixes. Most probably, and because of its success, it will become a permanent game mode.

Either way, let me explain how it works. Knockout Bash is a game mode with no balls and no goalposts. It’s essentially an arcade brawler. Possibly, the developers will add it as part of the core game.

rocket league knockout bash

The event delivers a free-for-all competition. Eight people compete; the last car standing in the arena will win the match.

The game mode includes three new fundamental mechanics: attack, block, and grab. The “trinity” allows players to eliminate others by kicking them out of the safe zone. The arenas may include obstacles like spikes and other dynamic challenges.

The developers have tweaked various Knockout Bash mechanics since it came out. We’ve seen some changes in the patches, like on the latest October 2022 changes.

How to Grab in Rocket League Knockout?

As you may know, Rocket League is an arena soccer competitive game. You control the vehicle on a large soccer field. A rocket powers the car, which allows you to dash, flip, jump, and perform many stunts to push the ball between the enemy’s goalposts. 

You also get extra speed by diving over particular areas on the field. Suppose you hit the ball if extra speed; the ball can go further. Or if you ram another player at full speed, you can damage the enemy car until it respawns. 

The Knockout Bash is a unique game mode, a brawling competition. It gives you all the Rocket League stuns and various new mechanics. One of these is to “grab” your opponents.

The grabbing mechanic allows you to catch enemy cars and throw them away to ruin their position. You can also use it to take them out of the arena’s safe zones. Other new systems on the Knockout include stun, attacks, and blocks. We’ll review these new features and explain how to grab enemies in the newer game mode.

In summary, the Knockout Bash introduces:

New Features Attack, block, and grab.
Game Rules Team size, lives, safe zones, and hazards.
Secondary Mechanics Stun, enemy lock-on, triple jumps, multi-dodge, jumps and boosts.
New Arenas  Calavera, Carbon, and Quadron

On top of these mechanics, you must consider every kind of dodge the game includes. Dodging can be as casual or advanced as you practice.

How to Grab in Knockout Bash Game Mode?

rocket league knockout how to grab

Grabbing is the essential mechanic of the new game mode. To grab an opponent, you must be nearby the enemy car, break, press the grab button, and then dodge towards the enemy.

It sounds complex, but let me break it down. First, the default grab button is:

  • PlayStation controllers: L2
  • Xbox controllers: LT
  • Keyboards: left Shift button
  • Nintendo Switch controllers: LT

Now that you know that, here’re the steps:

  1. Drive towards an enemy.
  2. Brake just before you hit the enemy. This is an optional step, but it will give you that extra level of control you need for a grab attack.
  3. Press and hold the grab button. At the same time, press the jump button toward the enemy.

These actions will result in jumping over your opponent and grabbing the enemy car on the way. Then, press the jump button to release (launch) the enemy car again.

In summary, you dodge into an opponent and press and hold the grab button to grab the enemy car. To release the opponent, press the dodge button again.

Related Questions

How to Attack in Knockout Bash Game Mode?

The classic dodge mechanic works differently in the Knockout Bash game mode. In essence, if you dodge opponents, you can attack them. It will send enemy cars flying.

You can dodge enemy attacks, rams, and grabs. Also, the faster you go, the more complex the blow. You can rack up devastating attacks by piling up speed boosters on the arena.

To dodge enemy attacks, press the jump button and direct the dodge with the analog stick. It’s an intuitive system, as any other game with skill-based combat features a similar dodge mechanic. You use the analog stick and the dodge button to avoid enemy attacks and grabs.

How to Block in Knockout Bash Game Mode?

Lastly, blocking reflects attacks on the opponent, which includes a grab.

Blocking is a time-based mechanic. It would help if you did it within a limited window, making the block a success. If it fails, you will receive the attack entirely.

You must dodge backward against an incoming attack to block an enemy attack. Remember, you can press the jump button to doge, but you’d have to guide the car backward with the analog stick.

What are the Best Mechanics for Secondary Rocket League Knockout Bash?

Lastly, let’s study all of the other mechanics of the Knockout Bash mode: 

  • Stuns: You can stun other players with an attack or a grab. You can also stun other players by blocking attacks. A stunning car can’t move, but the game will prompt a “Break Stun” button.
  • Enemy Lock-on: You can lock the camera on opposing cars. , and cycle through targets. 
  • Triple Jump: Knockout allows players to jump from the ground and then jump twice in the air.
  • Multi-dodge: Players can dodge four times in the air without needing a flip reset. 
  • Jump: The Knockout mode allows players to jump much higher and with more force. 
  • Boost: The boost is stronger on the Knockout mode as well. Alongside dodges and jumps, players can return to the platform after a grab throw.
  • Team: There’re no teams in the mode. There’re eight players, each one competing for themselves. 
  • Live: Players have three lives per match. After the third death, it’s game over.
  • Safezone: When a player gets out of the Safezone, they have 10 seconds to return. Otherwise, it will be game over. Additionally, the Safezone shrinks as the match progresses.
  • Hazard: Lastly, the game mode arenas include environmental hazards like laser grinds and spikers. These represent immediate K.O.

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