How To Level Up On Steam Quick And Easy

Steam has created a great platform for showcasing players’ profiles. Leveling up allows you to personalize your account with various customization such as backdrops, a larger friend list, showcasing rare items, and many more.

Collect trading cards and craft them into badges or take part in Steam community events that will give you XP to level up your profile. If you want to level up fast, you also need to learn the tools of transactions.

What item to buy and what item to sell. Learning such tips will lead you ahead in leveling fast. 

How to Level Up on Steam?

From crafting badges to converting items to gems, I will provide you with tips and tricks to level up fast. You can use any items to your advantage for earning XP. Using those items is the key to efficiently leveling up.

What Should I Do to Level Up?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Badge.

You should craft badges a lot. Crafting badges will give you 100XP, and now you are 1 level up. 

You will require 1000 XP to reach level 10, which means ten badges to reach level 10. After that, the requirement of each level changes to 200 XP. 

Level  XP Badges
1 – 10 1000 10
10 -20 2000 20
20 -30 3000 30
30 – 40 4000 40
40 -50 5000 50

How Do I Craft Badges?

To craft badges, you need trading cards. Trading cards are the game cards that are dropped by games. There are a total of five trading cards you need to collect in order to craft a single badge. Follow these guidelines to craft your trading cards. 

  • Open Steam> Click on your Account name next to the COMMUNITY menu.
  • Click on the View profile on the right side of the window. In your profile, there is a badge section on the right side. Click on Badge.Trading Cards 
  • In your badge section, you can view your cards dropped by the games you have played. Profile-Badges
  • Once you collect the five required trading cards, it indicates ready on a big blue button. Click Ready, and you will be redirected to the crafting site. Ready for Craft
  • Click the Craft button located on the top right. The crafting process will initiate with rolling trading card animation, and the new badge is crafted along with other items giving you 100XP.

Use Trading Cards to Level Up.

There are two cards to craft: Regular and Foil. Don’t buy foil cards. They are expensive and can be identified by their silver background frame. Foil cards can only be crafted once, giving you 100 XP, whereas regular cards can be crafted up to five times. Giving you a total of 500 XP. So always keep regular duplicate cards.

How to Level Up Without Playing Games?

What If I don’t have any cards and don’t want to spend hours playing games. There are other alternatives to level up. After all, grinding on games to level up is a slow process, so Steam has made other options for you to level up without playing any games.

Here are some tools of transaction for you to trade, buy and sell items on Steam.

Steam Marketplace

You can buy and sell cards at Steam Marketplace. Search for any cards you want to buy but remember that you need to buy five of the same game cards to craft them into badges for 100 XP.  

If you don’t want to hassle much and want to go straight up buying bundles, is your solution. You can sort cards by their price and buy the cheapest of them all. 

How to Efficiently Buy and Sell. 

Below are the tips and tricks to keep in mind before buying and selling. Following these guidelines will effectively level up your steam profile. 

  • If you got any foil cards, you can sell them at a higher price and buy a bundle of regular cards.
  • Selling unwanted cards on the steam marketplace is also easy. You can mark your price and put them on the marketplace for people to view and buy them. 
  • You will receive three random items every time you craft a badge. You can sell those items and buy more cards to craft more badges from that money.

What Are Booster Packs?

booster packs

Booster packs are like mystery chests which, upon opening them, will give you three random cards. Booster packs can be bought on Steam Marketplace or with gems. 

You can also turn unwanted and unsellable items into gems and use them to buy booster packs. However, it is a long process to collect gems and sometimes not worth it. According to the game’s popularity, booster packs may cost you from 400 to 1200 gems. 

Gems required to purchase Booster Packs.

Are there other Alternatives to Level up?

In fact, there are many ways you can level up your steam account. Below are the things you can do to level up fast.

Steam Community to earn XP.

Steam Community Badge.

Complete various tasks and achievements to earn a total of 500 XP.

Tasks such as buying the first game, crafting badges for the first time, Converting items into gems, and many more.

Collecting Games.

Steam also gives XP badges in the form of the number of games you have on your account. You can now earn XP by achieving a certain milestone set by Steam. Just having a game on your account will give you XP rewards. Collect as many free games as you can to collect XP. 

Name Number of games XP
One-Stop shopper 1 to 4 100
Selected Collector 5 to 9 125
Adept Accumulator  10 to 24 150
Sharp-Eyed Stockpiler 25 to 49 200
Collection Agent 50 to 99 250
Power Play 100 to 249 325

Participating in Events.  

Events are held with game updates, tournaments, and many more. Participating in such events will give you event badges. Different event badges have different XP, with the lowest of 100XP. Steam sale events will be displayed on the front page of the Steam store. 

Years of Service.

Steam will also reward you with 50XP per year. There is a total of 14 badges you can earn. Every next year, you will earn an additional 50 XP.

Years of service XP
Year 1 50
Year 2 100
Year 3 150
Year 4 200
Year 5 250
Year 6 300
Year 7 350
Year 8 400
Year 9 450

The Steam Sales.

Sales such as summer and winter sales, Halloween events, and Black Friday. Some last two days, such as Black Friday, whereas Summer and winter sales last up to two weeks. You can view steam sales on the Steam store page. There are five different badges, with each giving you 100XP. Complete each required task, and you will receive a total of 500 XP.

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