How To Make Gasoline In ARK Survival Evolved

There are so many uses for gasoline, but creating it isn’t necessarily intuitive. Once you’ve learned the process, though, it’s easy to keep around all the components you need for the fuel and to craft more in a hurry as needed.

Only certain machines and devices use gasoline – and you aren’t likely to have them early in the game. Later in the game, however, you’ll find that you need more and more.

How to Make Gasoline in ARK

Gasoline in ARK can be made via the crafting system. You can usually obtain the items needed to make it early in the game before you actually use it.

  1. Place six oil and five hide in your inventory.
  2. Look at the refining forge and press the Use key to access the radial menu.forge-radial-menu
  3. Choose to access the inventory.
  4. Drag the oil and hide into the refining forge.
  5. Right-click on the gasoline engram.
  6. Choose Craft One.
  7. Wait for the process to finish.
  8. Move the gas to your inventory so you can place it where you need fuel.

The hardest part of making gasoline isn’t crafting it. The hardest part is getting the items needed to produce large amounts of it once multiple machines are running.

Gathering Hide


Hide can be harvested from many creatures you kill on any map in ARK. While you can gather it with a hatcher or pick, choosing a metal hatchet will give you the best yield available from basic weapons.

As you get farther in the game, you’ll be able to get larger hide harvests by using the chainsaw, a thylacoleo, a therizinosaur, a sabertooth, or a direwolf.

Hide doesn’t spoil and isn’t very heavy. It’s an accessible resource and can be obtained even early in the game by killing dodos and dilos on the spawn beaches.


Gathering Oil


Oil is the more complex resource to obtain, mainly because most of the spawns are underwater. Once you get used to harvesting oil, you’ll be able to make large quantities of gasoline with minimal supply issues.

Remember that oil resource nodes are renewable. Once you harvest them, they will eventually respawn in the same place. So you don’t have to travel all over the map to gather oil from every possible location. Once you have a spot or two that you prefer, you can farm it for oil and wait for it to return.

Oil spawns underwater look like dark stones with black ooze slowly coming out of them and drifting to the surface. In the early part of the game, you can use a metal pick to harvest them. Later, consider taming a dunkleosteus if you want to get large drops of oil because they’re able to harvest the most per node.

Some locations also have underwater caves. Once you reach them, you can harvest oil without breathing underwater. Getting to them is the most challenging part and requires SCUBA gear, Lazarus chowder, or both. You can also use these to spend more time mining easier-to-reach oil spawns. 

On some maps like Scorched Earth, you can get oil from non-underwater deposits. You can use the pick on those, but the oil pump is more efficient. In Genesis: Part 2, you can unlock an excavation rig to place on a Tek Stryder that will help you harvest oil as well.

Refining Forge


You must use a refining forge to make the gasoline. They’re relatively easy to make and are a staple for crafting early and later in the game.

The refining forge engram can be unlocked at level 20. It runs on thatch, wood, sparkpowder, or angler gel, each having a different run time. For example, thatch will only power it for 7.5 seconds, wood for 30 seconds, sparkpowder for one minute, and angler gel for 4 minutes. 

Combine the following materials to create the refining forge:

  • 40 fiber
  • 20 wood
  • 65 hide
  • 125 stone
  • 5 flint

You make this in your inventory as long as you’ve unlocked the engram. Once the crafting process is complete, you can set it down, add fuel, and start crafting your gasoline.

Other Places to Make Gasoline

The refining forge is the most accessible and convenient place to make gasoline in ARK, but it isn’t your only option. 

  • An industrial forge can make thousands of gasoline per hour, which comes in handy when you’re running multiple machines. It can produce 100 gasoline in 20 seconds instead of one gasoline in 30 seconds in the refining forge.
  • A Phoenix can turn oil and hide into gasoline more quickly than the refining forge. However, it holds the same amount of materials as the refining forge and requires more oversight than the industrial forge to make mass quantities.

Congealed Gas Balls


On Aberration, there is an item called a congealed gas ball. It looks like a shiny, wet pink ball and is used for crafting gasoline at the chemistry bench.

To make gasoline at the chemistry bench:

  1. Add 20 green gems to the chemistry bench.
  2. Add 20 congealed gas balls to the chemistry bench.
  3. Right-click the gasoline engram and choose to craft it.
  4. Remove the gasoline from the chemistry bench to use it.

This recipe should yield five gasoline.

Note: Keep in mind that you need both gasoline and electricity to run the chemistry bench.

Finding the Ingredients


To get many congealed gas balls, you have to use a gas extractor on a gas vein. It slowly brings them to the surface. However, they occasionally spawn after vein eruptions as well. 

Mine the green stones at various places on the map with a pick to get green gems.

Finally, you have to craft a chemistry bench in the fabricator or tek replicator. It requires the following ingredients:

  • 250 electronics
  • 250 cementing paste, but you can also substitute achatina paste
  • 250 crystal, which you can replace with primal crystal
  • 250 of your choice of polymer, corrupted nodules, or organic polymer
  • 250 metal or scrap metal ingots
  • 100 sparkpowder

Put these together and click the engram to make one chemistry bench. 

What is Gasoline Used for in ARK?

Gasoline is a fuel source in ARK that powers many devices and machines, including the fabricator.

Without gasoline, you won’t be able to complete many advanced crafting recipes because you won’t be able to use the machines required to make them.

You can use it to power:

  • Industrial machines, like the grinder, forge, and grill
  • Motorboats
  • Chainsaws
  • Mining drills
  • Fabricator
  • Zip-line motors

They won’t run on alternative fuel sources. You must have gasoline if you want these machines to work.

Some additional machines and devices from ARK Survival mods will also require normal gasoline to run. 

How Long Does Gasoline Power Machines?

Gasoline powers each machine for a different amount of time.

For example, one gasoline enables the chemistry bench, fabricator, industrial grinder, industrial cooker, and industrial forge to run for 15 minutes. It lasts for 20 minutes in the industrial grill and one hour in the electrical generator. 

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