How To Make Genshin Impact Run Smoothly Without Lagging?

Server lags and glitches are common when playing a fast-paced and graphically intense game like Genshin Impact. Such issues disturb the gameplay, which is frustrating for players.

But, don’t worry as we’re here to help you on how to make Genshin Impact run smoothly whether you’re playing on a PC or on mobile. 

Genshin Impact run smoothly on PC

Firstly, you need 30GB to 35GB of free space on their PC to download Genshin Impact. After that, the size keeps growing as the game continues to add more content. The size itself is a reason for glitches, especially if your PC isn’t compatible. 

Now, let’s dive into the solutions on how to play Genshin Impact smoothly on PC.

Check your ping

Check your ping

While playing the game, you can notice the ping amount on the top-right corner. If it’s very high, it means your internet connection is not strong. If you’re playing in Co-Op mode, the ping maybe even higher. So, here’s how you can speed up your Wi-Fi.

  • Move your PC closer to the Wi-Fi router. You can also use a Wi-Fi extender to place it near your computer or the router. 
  • You can even connect your device to the router directly using an ethernet cable.
  • You can also either replace or upgrade your router if the internet problems persist for a long while. 

If most solutions don’t work, try contacting your internet service provider. 

Check if There are Applications Running in the Background

When you leave background applications running in your PC, they can consume some of the resources, causing the game to lag. Active browsers tend to keep the JavaScript running which ultimately puts further load on the CPU. Make sure that you’ve shut down the background apps while engaging in your Tevyat journey.

Turn your VPN off or on

Playing with your VPN on might affect the speed of the internet. Using VPNs with a limited server space, players might experience a lag while playing the game. WAN Errors can occur when the VPN server is overloaded, ultimately causing glitches. On the contrary, you can try VPN if the local server is facing some issues.

Scan for Viruses

Potential viruses can cause major lagging issues in Genshin Impact. Viruses consume a sizable amount of the computer’s memory and can corrupt important files. Make sure you use a good Antivirus software to eliminate any viruses. After that, you can enjoy the immersive world of Tevyat with a virus- free PC.  

Update Drivers in your PC

A driver updater application can prove to be an essential piece of software for gamers to help their PC function smoothly. This can make your gameplay smooth. These drivers scan your PC hardware for any internal problems with broken or outdated drivers and successfully update them. You can update your driver for a smoother gameplay.

Give High Priority to Genshin Impact in PC

Setting the Genshin Impact game application to High Priority in your PC ensures a better gameplay experience. This also lets your computer software remove limits from the Graphics Card. Here’s how you can change priorities on PC.

  1. Press Win+R 
  2. Type “taskmgr”
  3. On the new tab, select Details.
  4. Search for GenshinImpact.ex.
  5. Right Click on it and fix Set Priority> High.
  6. Select Change Priority.

Check miHoYo’s Twitter Handle and Website

If everything from the Wi-Fi connection to software issues is up-to-date, it’s best to check out miHoYo’s social media for updates on server issues. miHoYo always makes it a point to notify the players of previous server issues in the mail.

However, you can find out when there are server issues in real-time through Genshin Impact’s official accounts, like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and other community platforms.

Troubleshoot and fixes on Genshin Impact Mobile

Genshin Impact run smoothly on PC

To play the high-resolution game on your phone, you need a storage of upto 3GB for the app and up to 10 GB for the additional game content. In case you find a problem in downloading Genshin Impact, you might have to re-check the storage space as well. Moving to the lagging and glitches while playing, you can check out the solutions below.

Check your internet connection on Mobile

The lagging and glitches might be an outcome of a poor internet connection. Weak router connection and too many devices connected to the Wi-Fi can result in lagging and glitches in Genshin Impact. Players need to make sure that their mobile is connected properly to the internet. These are some quick solutions for the poor Wi-Fi dilemma:

  • Resetting mobile network settings might work a charm in reconnecting faster
  • Removing other devices connected to the Wi-Fi
  • Moving closer to the router
  • Changing the Band of the Channel of Wi-Fi

Reduce Visual Settings

Reduce Visual Settings

You can optimize the in-game graphics settings to reduce the lag in Genshin Impact. By decreasing the graphic quality, players can trade it off for a faster gameplay. While the best resolution to enjoy Genshin Impact is 1920*1080, players can set it around 1280*720 to increase the FPS in the game. To alter the resolutions, 

  • Tap on the top-most left corner icon in the game.
  • Tap on the settings icon. A list of options will appear. Tap on the graphics option.
  • The game is usually set on a High Resolution, with Highest being the ultimate option. 
  • Players can either select the Low-Resolution option or customize lower graphic quality below.

Avoid Co-Op Mode with a Bad Connection

Players should avoid Co-Op mode when the internet reception is weak. Not only will your Co- Op friends appreciate that the other player is not glitching randomly mid-battle, but this also gives more stability to the game. Players can also turn off Co-Op settings, like Anti-Aliasing, Motion Blur and Co- Op Teammate Effects to improve the FPS in the game. 

Avoid playing while the Battery is running low

Often lagging and glitching can happen mid-game when your mobile is running out of battery. Your phone will automatically start slowing down its processors and graphic processors as the battery runs out. This might result in the sudden lagging in Genshin Impact. So, it’s best to take a break to charge your phone mid-game. 

Note: It’s important to not play Genshin Impact while charging your phone as it can hamper your phone’s battery health.

Rest when your phone starts to Overheat

Playing too much of Genshin Impact without a break can overheat your mobile phone. This ultimately affects the phone’s performance, resulting in lagging and glitches in-game.

If there are other apps running in the background, it’s best to close them along with the game. Other than just the constant lagging, this might just result in short-circuit in the mobile battery.

Causes for Lagging and Glitches in Genshin Impact

As mentioned above, the causes and consequences are closely mirrored to each other. Players can reflect on these aspects of the game to improve the issues.

  • Incompatible device
    Lagging and glitches can occur when the mobile phone cannot render the game graphics, especially with a high-resolution game like Genshin Impact.
  • Poor Internet Connection
    You might face lagging and glitches when the router doesn’t function properly and causes a slow connection. A bad WIFI Connection might have any causes but all the outcomes result in players experiencing lagging in- game.
  • Potential Malware
    Viruses and Malwares in PC/ Mobile devices might come to be the root of lagging in Genshin Impact. Players should make sure that their devices are free from these problems to ensure a smooth FPS.
  • Outdated device
    Outdated Software or Hardware devices might contribute to lagging and glitches while playing Genshin Impact in any device. So, it’s best to update your device to keep it running smoothly.
  • Server issues
    Sometimes the lagging and glitches can prove to be a server problem itself. Players can check Genshin Impact’s official account handles and other community discussion platforms for in- game issues. 

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