How To Play Minecraft On PS5

The Minecraft PS5 edition doesn’t exist. If you check it through the PlayStation 5’s interface, it also doesn’t appear on the Store.

In other words, Minecraft is not officially available on the PS5. That means even if you do everything you, you might still get an error further down the road.

Also, even though the PlayStation 5 has backward compatibility, there’s no official support for Minecraft yet. However, if you already own the game, it will appear on your PS5 library, available for download.

So, we need to go through some hoops to play the sandbox. And there’re four ways you can do it:

  • Download and install the PS4 title on the PS5
  • Insert the PS4 game disc on the newer console
  • Transfer the PS4 Minecraft copy from the PS4 to the PS5 with an external drive
  • Transfer the PS4 Minecraft copy from the PS4 to the PS5 via Wi-Fi

Before that, though, ensure your PlayStation is connected to the internet and up to date. Check the FAQ for more info.

Download and Install the PS4 Title on the PS5

The first method of playing Minecraft on PlayStation 5 is downloading the digital version to your account.

Here’s how it works:

  1. On your PC, go to your web browser
  2. Go to the PlayStation Storeplaystation store
    The idea is to buy Minecraft on the PlayStation Store, but not on the PlayStation 5. That means you can do it on the mobile app or PS4 as well.

    So, if you don’t have a PS4, you can do it on the web browser.

  3. Log in to your PSN accountlog in to psn account
    Ensure to use the same credentials you’re using on your PlayStation 5.
  4. Buy Minecraft
  5. Turn on your PlayStation 5
  6. Log in to your PSN account
  7. Go to the Store, and search for Minecraftplaystation store minecraft
    If Minecraft is not on your PS5 account, you won’t find Minecraft’s full version. Instead, you’d find tokens, trials, and season passes.
    However, if the game is on your PS5 account, you will find it available for download.
  8. Download Minecraft

Lastly, you can download and install Minecraft from the PlayStation Store.

Insert the PS4 Game Disc on the Newer Console

Either way, here’re the steps: 

  1. Get a physical copy of Minecraft
  2. Insert the disc on the PlayStation 5
  3. Follow the steps to install the full game on your console. 

Transfer the PS4 Minecraft Copy From the PS4 to the PS5

The third method requires a PlayStation 4. You need to move the Minecraft copy on the older console to an external HDD and then put the drive on the PlayStation 5.

Here’re the steps:

  1. If you don’t have an external drive with PS4 games already, format the HDD drive through the PlayStation (check the FAQ for more info).
  2. Go to Settings on the PS4 home screen
  3. Select Storage
  4. Select External Storage on the right panelexternal storage ps4
  5. Select Applications
  6. Press Options
  7. Press Move to Extended Storagemove to storageChoose Minecraft by ticking its box. You can select as many games as you want. Hit “Ok” to begin the transfer.
  8. Power down the PS4 after the transfer finishes
  9. Unplug the drive
  10. Turn on your PS5 and plug the drivegame library ps5

The PlayStation 5 will recognize the game and allow you to play it or install it on its internal storage.

You should find the games on the USB storage on your Game Library, Installed tab, under the USB extended storage category.

Lastly, this only works if you use the same PSN account on both consoles.

Transfer the PS4 Minecraft Copy From the PS4 to the PS5 via Wi-Fi

The final way to play Minecraft on PS5 is by transferring the game from the PS4 via Wi-Fi.

Here’re the steps:

  1. Turn your PS4 on, and sign into the same PSN account as the PS5
  2. Update its software to the latest version
  3. Connect both consoles to the same network via Wi-Fi or LAN. 
  4. Go to your PS5
  5. Select Settings >  System
  6. Select System Software
  7. Select Data Transferdata transfer
  8. Press Continuedata transfer
  9. Select the PS4 console you’re transferring from
  10. When the PS5 shows “Prepare for Data Transfer,” press and hold the PS4’s power button until you hear a beep (at least a second)
  11. On the PS5, select the data you want to transfer. In this case, the option is Minecraft.
  12. Select Start transfer

The console will restart after the process continues. Minecraft will be available on your game library when you power back the PS5. 

Can I Play Minecraft on PS5 With Ray Tracing?

Because you would be playing PS4’s version of Minecraft, it doesn’t have ray-tracing, even if you play it on PS5.

It doesn’t have any update patch, performance boost, resolution increase, or texture enhancements on the same note.

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