How To Play There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension?

“There is no Game: Wrong Dimension” is a revelation puzzle-adventure title. It came out in August 2020 to overwhelming success. In essence, Wrong Dimension packs various mini-games you have to complete to finish the playthrough.

French indie developer Draw Me A Pixel created the game. After a recent success on PC and mobile, it is now also available for Nintendo Switch.

It’s a sequel to 2015’s “There Is No Game” title.” Or maybe it’s an expansion; who knows.

Either way, we bring a There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension walkthrough. The developers say a guide would ruin the experience, but we’re only here to help.

What is this about

You’re the User, and Game, a program, is the narrator. The game says he’s not a game.

As he tries to convince you to quit, you’ll realize you’re instead playing a love story full of puzzles to save a software princess.

There’s also a villain, Mr. Glitch. He cheats and corrupts to make the path more difficult. As he cracks the game, so must you if you want to win.

Such a setting delivers a point & click no-game game that can take you hours if you don’t see the clues.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension.
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension has six chapters.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension Walkthrough

Now, we’re jumping into the step-by-step guide on how to play There is No Game: Wrong Dimension.  I’ll try to keep this spoiler-free so you can still enjoy the narrative.

The idea is to click elements of the interface, layouts, and scenarios. Then, you can obtain these elements as items to solve riddles and get past obstacles. It’s about cheating a game that’s not a game, so you can beat it.

There’re six chapters, each one inside a mini-game with particular mechanics. For instance, there’s Legend Of Zelda parody mini-game.

c3214fdd63f48b9ad2b5d87bfdec0885 1
The first “real” mini-game is a Sherlock Holmes & Watson adventure.

There Is No Game is a step-by-step process, where each part requires you to find something to continue. It’s going to be tough at first, but you will get the hang of it. 

Either way, check our guide if you’re feeling stuck!

Chapter 1: Mise en Abyme

Begin the game by selecting “Chapter 1.” Bear in mind the game auto-saves your progress, so you can exit at any time. Then pull the curtain to reveal the title screen.

A quick word: there’re two pointers. The white pointer belongs to Game, while the blue pointer is you, User.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension. Chapter 1 guide.
The “Title Screen” is the first part of the game.

Use the pointer to tap on the exclamation mark many times to make it fall. Next, use the bar to bounce the period like an arcade game. Use it to make the other letters fall.

When the new title screen shows up, you’ll begin playing rock paper scissors. Game always wins, so choose a paper, choose scissors, and then click on his scissors to cut the rope. This will grant you the T of the title.

You can’t win against Game.

Pick up the fallen T various times until a volume icon drops. Then, click on the volume icon many times until a mouse cursor enters the screen. Grab it and use it for popping the ballon.

t ttt
Drag the “T” to the upper side of the screen and let it fall.

Use the T to unscrew the screws on the screen.

T letter screw
Drag the T towards the screws.

Behind the plaque, you’ll see a door. Notice the switch to the left? Use it to swap between the credit and the language screens as fast as you can. It will make Game run out of memory.

Get the cogwheel on the “Out of memory screen.” Also, go to the second screen and click on the pages until you see a cogwheel. Get it with your T screwdriver.

out of memory
As you see, you win the no-game by cheating.

Check the lower right side of the mat to reveal a key. Use it to get a flag on the third screen.

key lock
You can get any flag.

Go back to the door and put the flag under it. Then, pick the white cursor with the blue pointer on the keyhole.

When you hear the key dropping (and after Game mentions it), click the flag again to reveal the item.

Use it on the door to reveal a vault.

To use the elements, drag and drop them with the blue pointer.

Put the two clog wheels inside the vault to continue. It will reveal a button.

The order in which you do things doesn’t matter.

When the progress bar appears, drag the right end of the bar downwards.

loading screen
Imagine the bar is filling with juice; the red juice falls with gravity.

Mise en abyme: Flying Squirre OS

There is no Game: Wrong Dimension
“There is no Game: Wrong Dimension” Flying Squirrel OS. Game swears this is not a fake operating system.

Game now takes you to a fake operating system, as he’s trying to kick you out of the program. The goal is to find the admin code to continue.

If you’re in a hurry, the code is 265167. However, the code might be different for you, so here’s how to find out:

There’s a “Password” doc in the trash bin with the hint you need to put the password on the “Clock” folder.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension password hint.
The password hint

Now, go to the music folder and select the heavy metal music. Then, go to the private folder to reveal a folder underneath.

You will return to this folder various times. Each music unlocks a particular mechanic.

Game will reveal his favorite number, 65. Also, within these folders, you’ll see Miss Tokyo’s number, 167.

miss tokyo
Game will call you on an app that reveals his number.

Now, go to the image folder and choose the ID card picture. You’ll find a number two among all ones and zeroes. Now you know the code.

tumblr de5504acec11ef8db0c44df725d993aa 4bfc3f29 2048 1
Have patience. The odd number is in the file-.

Again, in the trash folder, open up “The Worst Paintball Ever.” You need to pick the ball on your right to begin playing and then pick another ball below to beat the game. This will reveal a trophy.

miss tokyo 1

Using the secret code reveals a “secret clock.” Tap the clock to change its picture from night to sunlight.

secret clock
The Secret Clock

Now, go to the music folder and choose relaxation music. It reveals a rain animation you can use to fill the trophy. Then, go to the image folder, choose the first picture, and pour the water into the picture. It reveals a tree.

hazelnut tree
The hazelnut tree

Tap the tree, get the hazelnut, and go back to the music folder. Select track 1, “The Nutcracker,” and use it to crack the nut. This reveals a key you can use to open the “Prohibited Folder.

Chapter 2: Behind the scenes

After a long cutscene, you find yourself with various screens to swap: a TV screen, behind the screen, and on either side of the screen. From here on now, the goal of the game is to go back home. Mr. Glitch sent you and Game to a new dimension where the program no longer has control.

Unplug the yellow cable behind the TV, and Then go to the screen and tap it to break it. This reveals a Sherlock Holmes Watson is also there. If it doesn’t work, you may need to rotate the symbols wheel until it works.

Some of the Watson scenes happen at the front monitors, while others happen at the back. You’ll need to learn how to move across this world to solve the riddle.

There Is No Game. Wrong Dimension. Behind the Scenes guide.
Click on the yellow cable to continue.

There’re four icons on stickers here, and the goal is to find a way to get these icons as usable objects.

1596696485 8243 card
Getting rid of the stickers will help you move forward

First, cut a shard of glass from the broken TV and cut the punch sticker. Then, go back to the postcards and cut the picture of a clog wheel.

USe the glass to cut the clog wheel sticker.

Return to the scene and use the mouth sticker to lick the clog picture. Then tap on the window to jump to the streets. Use the punch to touch the sewer, which reveals a penny.

However, before the penny sticks itself to a sticker, use the knife to cut the sticker. Repeat the punch if you need to.

screen 0
Punch the sewer in the middle to reveal a penny.

Now, go behind the TV and use the coin to unscrew the screws. It reveals a warehouse. First, though, go back to the symbol wheel and turn it until the back of the screen changes the location.

Any penny you find can serve as a screw-driver.

Go to the front monitor and return to the house on the streets. Now, rotate to the rear monitor. Then, put the clog wheel sticker on the mechanism.

The wheel turns the lights on.

Go back to the previous room and tap the lever to turn the lights on.

You’ll need to return to this room a couple of times.

Follow the detectives to a person floating. You have to punch him to reveal an H letter. Click on the letter to acquire it as an item.

h letter
The H letter floats for a couple of seconds before disappearing. You can punch him again for another try.

Use the letter as part of the train track in the warehouse, behind the TV. Move the cart and then use the penny to open a safe.

h letter 2
As usual, you have to cheat the game to beat it.

This reveals a magnifying glass. Use it to read the hatch Sherlock’s home and go forward.

Behind the scenes: ritual ingredients

You’re in the game’s “hidden dictionary” space. However, the same elements as before are present. The goal here is to complete a ritual you receive over the telephone.

There is No Game: Hidden Dictionary
You can’t do anything in the inner space until later.

Enter the room where you left the cogwheel and connect the cable to the floor. It directs power to the telephone. Also, use the penny on the right sot to get the eye sticker as an item.

Plug the cable.

Go back to the room where Sherlock and Holmes are, and use the glass to zoom in on the telephone on the right. If you move the wheel, you will automatically dial 5552368. Leave the phone as is, but remember the number.

The number appears after you spin the wheel.

Now, go back to the room with the lever to turn the lights off again. Check on Sherlock, then go back and turn the lights on. Now, Sherlock and Watson are both far from the telephone.

Use the glass to zoom on the device and press 5552368 again. Watson answers the phone for the complete ritual instructions: full Moon, snow, and a cherry.

After the call, go back to the rear and use the penny on a new screw. You’ll get the mouth as an item.

The new screw appears after the call only.

Now, go to the warehouse, and use the mouth to lick the red color. Use it to paint the eye icon. Then, lick the yellow paint. Use it to paint the Moon on the streets.

You should know how to move across these maps by now.

Finally, search the space to find ice cream, use the mouth to eat to receive the cone. Now, unplug the cable behind the TV and use the TV snow to fill the cone.

You’ve found the ritual ingredients.

Go back to Sherlock and Watson and put the ingredients on the floating person. Mr. Glitch reveals itself, and you also acquire a glitch fragment.

The game refers to the glitch fragment as “Bug Fragment.”

Behind the Scenes: Copy Protection System

Follow Sherlock and Watson. Soon, a Copy Protection System will block progress, and you have to defeat it to move forward.

It requires a combination of numbers, and the combination might be different for you. The goal is cracking a solution.

The three-number combination might be different across players.

First, go to the symbols section and move the wheel. Move it until it sets a code that matches 1, 2, 3,4, and 5 numbers. You can use the glitch fragment to turn the 2 upsides down and turn it into a 5.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension. Copy Protection System solution.
Rotate the disk until you get a combination of numbers between 1 and 5.

Then, note the symbols and numbers association. Rotate to the monitor to adjust the two columns until you highlight a pair that matches a pair on the disc.

Math these symbols with the disc symbols you selected.

Finally, return to the streets and put the numbers you’ve selected into the Copy Protection Screen.

After the scene, go to the lever room and pick up a new metal piece. It reveals a portal on the streets. You need to check the portal before continuing.

Here’s the final section of the chapter.

Go back to the library room beneath Sherlock’s home and use the glitch on the bathtub. Then, use the fist on the manhole to open up a new pathway.

The glitch fragment flips the bathtub over.

Go back to the streets, and jump down the portal onto the next mini-game!

Chapter 3: The good, the bad and the princess

Now starts a classic Legend of Zelda-type adventure, The Legend of The Secret. The hero is sleeping, and you have to tap the “Home” sign to wake him up.

The door is locked, though. First, drop the sign from above by dragging it with the pointer various times. Soon, it reveals a chest, where the character will find a hammer.

Use the hammer to punch the dresser and reveal a key. Then drop the sign from above, as before, to make it fall. Use the key on the door, and use the hammer to make it fit.

The goal of this mini-game is to reach a dimensional temple to escape.

hero house
The hammer shrinks objects; the Home sign moves objects.

The good, the bad and the princess: finding the sword

Outside of the house, you have to fill the hole with something. Open up the inventory at the left and choose the map. Use it to fill the hole.

On the other side of the road, some bushes are blocking the path. You need a sword to cut them off.

Click on the inventory on the left to reveal important items.

You’re at the shores of a lake. You need to reach the path in front of you, across the water.

The goal is to reach the path in front of you.

Drop the Home sign to reveal another chest with a monocle. Then, use the monocle on the chest to reveal a lily pad underneath. Bear in mind that the monocle can enlarge certain things.

Use the block to move the lily pads until they create a path for you to move. For further reference, dropping the block on the left side of the screen moves the leaves to the right and vice-versa.

leave path
You can’t cross if you don’t use the monocle to enlarge the lily pads.

Now, use the monocle to enlarge the leaves so the hero can go through them.

In the following scenario, the hero finds a tool inside a rock. You need to help him to get it out.

1280x720 1

It takes a while, but you only need to enlarge the hero various times to grab it. Use the tool to unscrew your health bar and get the Sword of Life.

sword of life
The Sword of Life can cut the bushes.

The good, the bad and the princess: defeating the Dark Lord guard

Back at your front yard, the hero will cut the bushes and move forward. Here, you’ll face an enemy you need to defeat.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension. The Legend of The Secret.
Even though there’s an action sequence, The Legend of The Secret is still a point-and-click game.

Open up your inventory, enlarge the enemy, and enlarge the Sacred Feather. This will force the hero to go back. This will make the feather fall and become a usable object.

You can’t defeat the Dark Lord guard by force.

Afterward, enlarge the Ticklish Guardian with the Monocle and use the Sacred Feather on it. This will make it sneeze.

The sneeze pushes forward a lily pad. Use the Monocle on the Lili Pad, and when the guard moves on top, use the Monocle on him. Next, enlarge the Ticklish Guardian with the Monocle and use the Sacred Feather on it. This will make it sneeze.

The sneeze pushes forward a lily pad. Use the Monocle on the Lili Pad, and when the guard moves on top, use the Monocle on him.

lili pad
The guard will sink if you enlarge him.

The good, the bad and the princess: dimensional temple

You’ve reached the entrance of the temple, but some rocks are blocking the entrance.

Pick up the bomb on the right and use the hammer on both barrels near the entrance. Thus, you create a shortcut so the hero can carry the Time Bomb to the rocks in time.

Also, shrink the bomb as you walk, but enlarge it after you drop it.

If you don’t shrink the barrels, the bomb will explode in your hands.

Inside the temple, use the Home block various times to make snakes drop to the floor. A snake will fall on the right switch, so use the block again to make the snake activate the button and go through.

The is No Game: Wrong Dimension. Legend of The Secret Dimensional Temple.
The hero will go to the right switch automatically.

The next room is dark. You need to find a light source so the hero can continue.

Drop the Home block various times to move the Lily Pad to the left. Now, open the inventory and enlarge the Sun fragment.

sun fragment
You may need to enlarge the Sun Fragment various times.

Next, enlarge the fire pit on top of the lily pad so it lits on fire. Now, drop the Home block on the left side of the screen, so the Lily Pad moves to the right. Once it reaches the hero, use the Monocle on the fire pit.

Now you have some light for the hero. Push the lily pad to the left until the hero steps on a Moon Switch.

light source
You can use the Monocle to enlarge the fire pit again if the hero doesn’t move.

Next, move the lily pad to the right until the hero returns to the previous room.

Back in the first room, the hero will move automatically to hit the switches counterclockwise.
Use the block whenever the hero is atop the button to help him activate it, but you need to figure out the order as well.

Use the hammer on the torches around the room (including the one at the center) to reveal hidden symbols. Each set of pillars has a symbol, and the number of pillars of each set relates to the order.

This might take a while…

So, for example, the symbol you see at the one-pillar set is the first symbol. So on and so forth.

Now, use the hammer at the center torch to uncover the symbols on the switches. Now, with the Home sing, activate the switches in the correct order.

Once you do this, you will get the Boss Key. The hero will move to the Throne Room automatically.

The key has a convenient “protective light” around it.

The good, the bad and the princess: the Dark Lord battle

The fight against the Dark Lord starts with the hero running away from a fireball.

Whenever the hero runs across a vase, enlarge the vase, so the fireball hits the vase. Do this a couple of times. (You may need to enlarge the fireball as well).

As always, Hero is useless on his own.

The Dark Lord now moves to the center to summon another fireball. Enlarge the fireball and the Dark Lord, so he hits himself.

Then, the boss will throw bombs at you. You can shrink these bombs to reduce their damage. However, if the bombs are close to the Dark Lord, use the Monocle to hurt your enemy instead.

There is No Game: Wrong Dimension. How to defeat the Dark Lord.
The smaller bomb explodes first. It gives the hero the time to move downwards and avoid the bigger explosion.

After a while, the boss will launch spikes at you. Use the Home block to make the hero jump to avoid the spikes.

Finally, when the hero moves to attack the Dark Lord, enlarge the hero and shrink the boss.

There is No Game: Wrong Dimension. Defeat The Good the bad and the Princess.
You will jump the spikes and then hit the boss various times. Follow the same steps.

Chapter 4: Free2Play

A new cutscene sets the new scenario. It’s The Legend of The Secret all over again. However, it’s a free-to-play game now, so this means loot boxes and ads.

Free2play has similar mechanics as the chapter before.

Back in control, use the hero’s bed to generate coins. Once you have enough, put the currency bag in the alarm clock space.

You’ll gain in-game currency during Free2play. Then, you’ll need to spend the currency to move forward.

Getting out of the room is equally obnoxious. Keep generating coins until you can get all of the furniture back. Then, get inside the shop and buy the shoes.

The shoes will increase the hero’s speed.

Next, pay your way through the door, onto the front yard.

Free2play: back to the Sword

Outside of the house, you need to tap the hero to help him get back his stamina. Also, tap a gold vase to generate currency.

Back in the shop, buy Hero Energy for 100 coins. You can also buy another barrel to generate more currency.

The hero will open a loot box. The reward is an ad: use the ad’s spoon to dig the mount on the left.

There is No Game: Wrong Dimension. Free2Play guide.
You can repeat the process and get another loot box if you miss the spoon.

Now, you need to fill the hole you made to cross. Fill it with coins!

Back on the lake, you need to find a way to cross. You need to wait for a loot box with the “Ninecraft” ad. Tap on its letters to reveal nine puzzle pieces, and move these pieces to the spaces below.

The Ninecraft ad has an easy puzzle to solve.

The puzzle reveals a pickaxe. Use it to it break the “Super Cold” to get ice blocks. Then, use these blocks to cross the lake.

super cold
The hero will cross the lake automatically after you freeze it.

Back on the sword, you have to generate some coins to buy one of the “Snake Blades.” Buy the one that looks like a dollar sign.

Then, put the Snake Blade on the currency bag, and drag the currency bag to the Legendary Sword on the inventory.

dollar sword
You can always tap the “Help” button for extra guidance.

Free2play: defeating the Dark Lord Guard

After you get the sword, the hero will lose all of his HP, all you’ll be back on the title screen.

The game will ask you for three diamonds to continue. You can pick the diamonds from the screen with the pickaxe.

diamonds to continue
There’s one diamond on the sword’s hilt. There’s another at the left of the title. You have to click the continue bar to reveal the third diamond.

You have to wake up your character again, but you already have the Sword of Life.

Next, he will continue to the river to fight against the Dark Lord Guard. Gather some resources to buy the bridge first, though.

river fight
Use the orange barrel to gather resources. Then, spend your coins on more barrels until you can raise the bridge.

You have to wake up your character again, but you already have the Sword of Life.

Next, he will continue to the river to fight against the Dark Lord Guard. Gather some resources to buy the bridge first, though.

Once you’re on the bridge, raise it. This will send the hero flying so he can reach the path ahead. Then, when the guard is atop the bridge, raise it again.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension. How to defeat the Dark Lord Guard.
You can keep generating coins as the fight goes on.

Free2play: the Season Pass

The temple’s door asks for a 1M coins Season Pass to go in. You need another way to enter.

Keep generating coins and tapping the hero to find a loot box. Stop the roulette add on the “RaPappa The Paper” ad, and keep it open until the ad’s character looks like he’s falling. Unlock the bomb with currency to make him fall now.

Don’t close the ad!

When you get the mascot, open the “Please Paper” ad. Knock on the ad’s door and…pass him Rappapa. The ad will give you back a plunge.

A sad story for Rapappa the Paper.

Use the plunge to choose the “Million Coins” coupon on the ad roulette, and get inside the temple.

When the 1M coins coupon falls, use it on the door to enter.

Free2play: return to the Dimensional Temple

Inside the temple, you’ll be gathering coins as well. Use them to buy all of the furniture and reveal seven switches (you have to buy them as well).

inside the temple
Ad-bars will appear on the lower side of the screen.

You must complete the first part of the puzzle by referring to the QR code at the bottom. If you look closely, it has three numbers. Buy the switches in that order, and then the hero will press these switches in the same order.

In my case, the switch at the middle right is the first one. So on and so forth.

Afterward, the switches will reset for a new puzzle. There’s also a new ad with a Sudoku chart. Once again, you can find the switch order inside the Sudoku.

You have to complete the Sudoku. Here’s how: each 3×3 section can have numbers from 1 to 9, but they can’t repeat themselves. Numbers can’t repeat on any column or line either.

The Sudoku grids correspond to switch locations. The missing numbers mark the matching buttons.

Each 3*3 section has numbers going from 1 to 9. There’s a number missing in each section

The switches will reset a third time. Wait for the lower banner to spill the answer. You’ll get a key to enter the room to the left.

Use the Free Gift (a light source) to guide the hero in the dark room towards the gate and then towards the switch. Next, unlock the barrels, gather resources, and buy the other items.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension  gude
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension has no official guide.

Now, use the Sacred Feather to tickle the Ticklish Guardian a couple of times. This reveals the Shrinking Hammer.

The “unsold goods” will appear when you enter the dark room.

Finally, use the hammer to shrink your Stamina bar.

Free2play: search for a expansion

After a cutscene, the hero must find an “expansion” to leave the dimension.

Mr. Glitch won’t let you out.

Now, you can explore The Legend of The Secret by sliding with arrow buttons. Use them to explore all of the areas to complete a map.

You’ll get the map after you visit all of the areas.

Go back to the portal room and use the map to open the lock.

There is No Game: Wrong Dimension. Free2Play chapter guide.
Drag & drop the map on the lock to continue.

Chapter 5: Loss of Control

A credit scene will begin rolling at the beginning of this chapter. Yet, Mr. Glitch will damage the credits’ scene.

The “Buster Chaplin” name will fall, and you have to put it back in the “Backgrounds” plate. Use the up & down arrows if you miss the place.

buster chaplin
Putting names on places gives different filters to the credits’ reel. Different filters reveal different objects.

As the credits keep rolling, use the pointer to get the pickaxe. Go back, and place the Buster Chaplin name on the FX space. This will deliver an “aged” look to the reel.

With the “aged” look, use the pickaxe to destroy the chain holding the name “Igor Alistovichazov.”

Remember to move the Buster Chaplin name from backgrounds to FX.

Now, put the Buster Chaplin name on the Character slot to reveal a short scene. Mr. Glitch asks you to free him, but you need to repair the pickaxe you just broke.

There Is No Game. Wrong Dimension. Chapter 5 walkthrough.
Your pickaxe breaks when you free the name slot.

Move Buster Chaplin back to Backgrounds, and use the broken stick on the bucket below the Special Thanks.

Then, move Chaplin back to the Character slot and simply pair the pick with the head to repair the tool.

broken pick
Use the up & down arrows to move around the reel.

Loss of Control: finding water

After you use the pickaxe to free Mr. Glitch, you’ll get the “My Cat” name block.

Move Buster Chaplin from Characters to Backgrounds, and put My Cat on the “Characters” slot. After the scene, click on the cat to acquire a Cat Toy.

Also, you now need water to free Mr. Glitch again.

my cat
Use your pointer to interact with the cat.

Now, activate the Character and Background slots. Then, use the cat toy to catch a fish peeking behind a wallpaper.

The wallpaper will open underneath the Special Thanks title.

Next, put “My Cat” on Characters and let the cat eat the fish. You will get a skeleton.

thumbnails tnt
The cats only appear if you use the name “My Cat.”

Next, activate the Background slot with either name, and cut the bucket’s rope with the skeleton. You’ll acquire a bucket.

As usual, drag & drop the skeleton to cut the rope.

Activate the character slot and fill the bucket of water with the boat scene.

The boat scene is where you found Mr. Glitch.

Put My Cat on “Characters” again. Then, pour the bucket on the pink cat to free Mr. Glitch and get the “Tim Elfman” name block.

Each time you release Mr. Glitch, he will take a name out of its slot.

Move Tim Elfman to Backgrounds and pour the water on the grave. Then, touch the skull until you get it.

The next part is quite complex. Mr. GLitch has disappeared, and you have to find him. Here’re the steps:

First, move Tim Elfman to the Backgrounds slot. After the scene, move Tim Elfman to the FX slot and My Cat to Backgrounds. Afterward, use your bucket on the radiator to get water again.

bucket with weater
The bucket will appear after the scene.

Move Tim Elfman to Backgrounds and pour the water on the grave. Then, touch the skull until you get it.

You have to touch the skull various times to get it.

Move Buster Chaplin to Characters and My Cat to FX. A red dot appears on the screen. Once you see the video footage of a soldier shooting, put the skull on the red dot. You’ll get a nut.

You can also move the red dot towards the skull as if the dot were Chaplin’s aim.

red dot
The footage showcases actor Charlie Chaplin firing a rifle.

Now, move Tim Elfman to Characters, and use the nut on the black & white creature. You’ll get a key, but a UFO takes it away.

Chapter 5 is getting crazy.

Now, move Tim Elfman to Backgrounds to make the UFO appear. Also, put My Cat into FX and Buster Chaplin on Characters. This way, Charlie Chaplin will destroy it.

Use the red dot to aim at the ship.

With the key in your hands, open the door above.

Loss of control: beat the beatbox

With the new musical setting, place My Cat inside the Game Design slot. This opens Atomic Cucumber, a mini-game.

You need to catch the fish with the cat to complete the game. This rewards a coin to unscrew the nameplate. You’ll get two pieces of wood.

Enjoy the music while you’re at it!

Now, place Tim Elfman on Game Design to reveal the Laser Slice mini-game. Put the two wood pieces on either side of the game as a controller. Then, play it as a Tetris game to win.

After a while, you’ll open the door on the left and get a key. Use it on the lock to get a metal block.

laser slice
Tap the left wooden piece to move the blocks to the left and vice-versa.

Finally, put Buster Chaplin on Game Design to play the third mini-game, hit the road.

Drop the metal block to make the character jump, and play it as a regular obstacle course game.
After a while, You’ll get the “GG” name.

hit the road
The block works similarly to the previous Home block.

Loss of control: save GiGi

Put the GIGI name into the Game Design slot and watch the scene. Soon, a circle of cards appears, and they are rotating clockwise.

When you tap the cards, they reveal a number from 1 to 6. You must open them to solve the puzzle.

The cards will flip over if you don’t open them in order.

The next game has a series of symbols to put in place. You have to listen to the song, GiGi’s song, to understand the order.

The order is Zero, Cry, End, Game Over, Loop, and Home.

Chapter 6: Back Home

Welcome to the last mini-game, which appears to be the title screen yet again.

After the cutscene, use the letters below to write Load Game on the screen.

load game
You can start playing when it starts “raining.”

Use the scissors to cut the L and the W above. Use the W as a “V” to write Love Game instead.

love game
You can barely see the “W,” but it’s there, on top of the screen.

When Game asks you to leave, press either option; you won’t be able to leave either way.

Soon, he will start the Rogue Quiz. Play the game by choosing any option. In fact, play until you lose.

Don’t be afraid to lose.

After the short scene, press the pause menu to get the key. Then, try to move the key towards the door. A bubble will trap it, and you’ll need to tap it various times until you get a volume control.

If you tap on the volume control, it makes an arrow fly offscreen. You have to position the key properly to pop the bubble. Then, put the volume control on mute to open the door.

There Is No Game. Wrong Dimension. Chapter 6 guide.
The key has to be in the correct position to pop the bubble.

Back home: The Game Maker

A new look reveals itself within a smartphone-like display. Click the screen to enter a 3×3 puzzle grid.

If you push the help button, you’ll see: “There is no help, LOL.” So, draw the letters L, O, and L on the screen to continue.

Then, use the letters to open the lock.

Draw L, O, and L in that order.

There’s a scenario now, with a smartphone layout on the right and a room on the left. Check the Mail app, and then click Outbox. Open up these emails and implement the patches.

There’re patches on the Inbox as well, but you can’t use them yet.

Go to the GPS. After the scene, press Home and enter any code to get a recovery code. Check your inbox for the password, and put the password where it belongs.

code 2
The code might be different for you.

In particular, lower the temperature and then create a coffee. The coffee must be strong, long, and with sugar.

Make the developer cold, so he wants to drink the hot coffee.

Now, you need to wake up the creator. Engage the boost mode with the lighting menu, and then raise the room’s temperature.

You can do these tasks in any order.

Open up the Mail app and check the Kickfailer email on Inbox. There’s a phone number: 5558121. Use the same on the phone app to call the creator.

You may open the Kickfrailer email at any time.

Back home: free-up Ram

We’ve reached the final part of the game, so we need to defeat the villain.

Once you regain control, things get easier.

First, the Creator asks you to free up Ram by closing the windows. Close the windows that pop up by pressing the X marks. Leave the “Virtual Beat Coin” window open, though.

You’ll see that closing the windows fills a gauge bar inside Virtual Beat Coin. When the bar is full, you’ll get a Coin as an item. Then, drop the coin into the coin slot.

Drag and drop the coin to the slot when it appears.

Now, look for a “Bomb Sweeper” window and keep it open. Then, play Super Fireshot IV on another window.

Play Fireshot with your cursor. Try to destroy all of the incoming ships and collect the six power-ups. Once you have the power-ups, the ship will fire a beam.

While the beam is still active, move your cursor to the Bomb Sweeper and click on a block. A bomb will appear (it’ll always appear, no matter which block you press). Move the bomb over to Fireshot IV to make it explode. Drag and drop the coin to the slot when it appears.

bomb 2
The ship is invulnerable while it has the beam.

Back home: face-to-face

While Mr. Glitch and Game play tic-tac-toe, you have to grab any symbols they use to play. As you grab the symbols, use them to set the transfer bar straight. Use the “O” to push it upwards or the “X” to push it downwards.

Use the O when the bar is on top; use the X when the bar is below.

When the transfer is complete, you’ll need to stop Mr. Glitch once again. Grab him as he tries to interfere with the code, so Creator can finish the input.

He will break free many times, so you’ll have to chase him across the screen. Be patient; you’re about to win the game.

mr glitch
Grab Mr. Glitch with the pointer before he crashes on the code. Rinse and repeat.

Enjoy the epilogue

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