How To Print Envelopes On HP Printer

While we generally use a printer for printing letters and A4-sized documents, we can also print envelopes with it. HP printers (both Inkjet and Laser) support a range of paper sizes including a few sizes for envelopes.

But, before starting printing you should know how to properly insert the envelopes into the paper tray. Then, you need to make a few adjustments to the printing preferences to get the printouts.

Step 1: Know Your Envelope Size

You should first determine the size of the envelope you will be using. Printers with display panels generally show the paper size after inserting it into the paper tray. However, if your printer does not display the size, you should know the exact size of the envelope to print correctly without any alignment issues.

There is a range of envelope sizes supported by HP printers. You can measure the envelope and know which option to choose.

Envelope Name Envelope Size (Shorter side x Longer side)
Envelope #10 4.125 inches x 9.5 inches
Envelope DL 4.33 inches x 8.66 inches 
Envelope C5 6.4 inches x 9 inches
Envelope C6 4.49 inches x 6.38 inches 
No 6 ¾ Envelope 3.65 inches x 6.5 inches
Envelope Monarch 3.875 inches x 6.75 inches
Japanese Envelope (Chou #3) 4.72 inches x 9.25 inches
Japanese Envelope (Chou #4) 3.54 inches x 8.07 inches
Envelope A2 4.37 inches x 5.75 inches
Envelope names and their respective size

Step 2: Insert Envelope Into the Printer

Once you know the envelope size, you should now insert it into the paper tray of your printer. Depending upon the location of the paper tray, the insertion process can vary. We have discussed the process for a few printer models below.

For safety purposes, we recommend you insert only 5 envelopes at a time. Also, refrain from using low-quality and glossy envelopes. Only use standard envelopes made for printers. Similarly, do not use envelopes with windows and clasps. They may cause a paper jam on your printer or even damage it.

On HP Inkjet Printers With Rear Paper Tray

  1. Bring the envelope.
  2. Place the envelope into the paper tray such that the flap lies towards the left and the printing side of the envelope faces upwards.
  3. Shift the envelope all the way right off the paper tray.
  4. Use the paper guides to fasten the envelope. Avoid bending the envelope. Else it can result in bad print alignment.

On HP Inkjet Printers With Front Paper Tray

  1. Get the envelope and insert it into the paper tray such that the printing side faces downwards and the envelope flap lies to the left.
  2. Position the paper guides of the printer to fasten the envelope.

On HP LaserJet Printers With Front Paper Tray

  1. Insert the envelope such that the flap lies to the left hand side and the printing side face upwards.
  2. Reposition the paper fasteners to maintain the position of the envelope.
Note: If you are using Laser printers, do not use envelopes with adhesives on them. The heat generated by the printer causes such envelopes to stick on the paper path and cause damage to the printer. Sometimes, it may also lead to an out of paper error message despite having papers in the paper tray.

Step 3: Change the Printing Preferences

After positioning the envelope correctly into the paper tray, it’s time to  change the paper size from the printing preferences of your HP printer. Your printer will then start to print in the selected envelope format.

  1. Hit Windows + R and type control. Press Enter key. It will open Control Panel.
  2. Click Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.
  3. Go under the Printers section and right-click your HP printer.
  4. Choose the Printing preferences option from the context menu.
    printing preferences of hp printer
  5. On the new printing preferences window, jump to the Paper/Quality tab.
  6. Click the drop-down under Paper Size.
    paper size in hp printer
  7. Choose your Envelope size and click OK.

Step 4: Start Printing

Now that you have set the printing preferences on your HP printer, you can start printing on the envelope. We recommend Wordpad or MS Word to print the envelopes.

Through Wordpad

  1. Launch Wordpad on your computer.
    launch wordpad on your computer
  2. Type the text and modify it the way you want it to be printed on the envelope.
    type envelope in wordpad
  3. Click File > Page setup.
  4. Choose the Paper size from the drop-down. By default, here you will see the paper size specified earlier in the printing preferences.
    choose envelope size in wordpad
  5. Then, select Landscape Orientation.
    landscape orientation in wordpad
  6. Uncheck Print Page Numbers.
  7. Specify Margins as per your preference and click OK.
    envelope margins in wordpad
  8. Now click File > Print > Print preview to know what your print will look like.
    print preview in wordpad
  9. Exit from the Print preview window.
  10. Then hit Ctrl + P shortcut.
  11. Choose your printer profile and click Print.
    print envelope from wordpad
  12. The print out looks like this.

Through MS Word

  1. Launch Word on your PC and create a Blank document.
    create blank document in word
  2. Click Mailings tab on the top and choose Envelopes.
    choose mailing envelope in word
  3. Fill in the Delivery address (receiver’s address) and Return address (sender’s address) fields.
    fill sender and receiver address in word
  4. Click the Envelope icon under Preview.
    preview envelope on word
  5. Specify the Envelope size. You can also change fonts and margins from here.
    specify envelope size in word
  6. Click OK and then click the Print button.
  7. The printout looks like this.

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