How To Pull IPs On Discord

IP (Internet protocol) address is a string of numbers that identifies your device on any network that you are connected to. As you use discord over an internet connection, discord will know your device’s unique IP address and vice versa.

The exchange of IP addresses will only happen with two devices that are connected over a network. So, if you want to simply pull someone’s IP address, you have to be connected to them over a network connection.

However, on Discord, you are not strictly connected to others users over the same network. So, if you are curious whether you can pull someone’s IP address from discord, we will show you if it is feasible and if there are any catches for doing so.

Can I Pull IPs on Discord?

Well, you can’t technically pull IPs directly from discord, as discord does not share the IP addresses of their users. While there are many contents online suggesting otherwise, most of them are false information.

discord doesnt reveal ip address

As a matter of fact, no application or website would have a built-in way to see other users’ IP addresses. Nonetheless, as an online platform, discord can be used for phishing attacks and malicious links to obtain other users’ IP addresses.

However, these are not ethical ways to obtain other people’s IP addresses. Most ways you can get other users’ IPs through discord are laced with ethical and legal concerns. For example:

  • Using phishing attacks to direct them to download tracking malware or lead them to phishing sites that can then access the device’s IP address.
  • Hacking into discord’s server to obtain user IP addresses.
  • There are other ways to obtain someone’s IP address that do not specifically involve discord and are borderline illegal.

Using the same network connection as the other device is the easiest way to get their IPs. The two devices will connect with each other through their IP addresses, meaning you can naturally see their IPs.

The other solution would be simply asking the user for their IP address. If you need your friend’s IP address for whatever reason, you can ask them to go to a website like whatismyipaddress and tell them to share their public IP address.

Is It Legal to Obtain Someone’s IP Address?

Rather than being legal, obtaining someone’s IP address is kind of normal, and there are not any laws surrounding it. However, what can be considered illegal is how you obtained that IP address and how you use it.

Whenever you visit a website or access online stuff, you voluntarily give the website server your IP address. Without it, you won’t be able to establish a connection with them, and you won’t be able to surf the internet.

Furthermore, an IP address doesn’t hold much information. An average user can only look up your country and the city you live in if they get access to your IP address. If they are really good, they may be able to look up your ISP.

However, things can get risky when people with the right skill and bad intentions get a hold of your IP address. Hackers might be able to exploit loopholes in your ISP and perform phishing attacks to further break into your system.

discord ip hacking

Furthermore, hackers can perform DDOS attacks with IP addresses. In DDOS attacks, the attacker floods your system with irrelevant traffic to disrupt your connection. All these malicious attacks using someone’s IP address are clearly illegal.

However, these attacks are rare cases, and you won’t really face these kinds of attacks if you take standard network safety. Avoiding clicking on suspicious links, downloading random stuff, and visiting shady websites will substantially decrease your risks.

For obtaining IPs, hacking and stealing users’ IP addresses are clearly illegal. Using tracker malware, phishing sites, and links falls on the grayscale of legality. Some aren’t technically illegal, but they can get you in trouble. (These laws differ depending on the country, but they are generally cited as unethical everywhere.)

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