How To Record A Meeting On Google Meet

Google Workspace has made remote working easier for many professionals out there. The package includes everything you need, including Google Meet, to host meetings with individuals within or outside your organization. However, as we’re still adjusting to the technicalities, you might need some assistance learning the specifics, like how to record meetings on GMeet.

If you’re looking for an article to assist you in recording a meeting on Google Meet, you’ve landed on the right page! This article mentions all the steps you’ll need to follow to start and stop a recording in Google Meet. We’ve also included additional details you might want to know about who can record a meeting.

What Are the Requirements to Record a Session?

After the Google Workspace administrator enables the configuration to allow users to record a meeting on Google Workspace, who can record Google meetings are still limited to a few roles. This limitation ensures that the meeting is not leaked to parties that the organizers are unaware of. Furthermore, you can only record a session from the paid version of Google Meet.

Here is the list of roles you must meet to record a session on Google Meet:

  • Meeting Host
  • Co-host
  • Same organization as the host (if host management is disabled)
  • Teachers/Co-Teacher (For Google Classroom)

If you do not meet these roles, you can request the meeting host to promote you as the co-host of the meeting. Only then will you be able to record a meeting in Google Meet.

How to Record a Meeting on Google Meet?

When you’re sure you meet all the criteria to record a meeting and that your administrator has enabled the permissions for recording, you can move on to recording the meeting. 

Make sure you’re on a desktop, as the feature of recording a meeting isn’t currently available on mobile devices. However, when you start the recording, Google Meet will inform all participants that the session is currently being recorded. Also, remember that the recording will automatically end after 8 hours, when all participants leave the meeting or when the meeting ends.

Here are the steps you can follow in recording a session in Google Meet:

  1. Join the Google Meet.
  2. Select the shapes icon (Activities).
    Google Meet Activities
  3. Head to Recording > Start Recording.
    Start Recording Google Meets
  4. Select Start in the new window.
  5. Carry on with the meeting. When you want to stop the recording, select Activities, then select Recording > Stop Recording.
  6. Select Stop recording to confirm your action.
    Stop Recording Google Meet

Where Can I Access My Recording?

After the meeting has ended, Meet will store the recording in the meeting organizer’s Google Drive. In some cases, the meeting recording will also be saved on the meeting creator’s Google Drive. If you have any of these roles, you can head to your Google Drive and look for the Meet Recordings Folder.

You can share the recording by either sharing the link, or you could even download the video and share the video externally. To share the link or download the video, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your drive. 
  2. Open the Meet Recordings folder.
    Meet Recordings Folder
  3. Right-click on the video:
    • To share the link: Select Get link > Change General Access to Anyone with link > Copy Link.
    • To download: Select Download.
      Share Google Meet Recording

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Can’t I Record My Google Meet?

You cannot record sessions in Google Meet using a mobile device. Google Meet currently only offers the feature of recording meetings on a desktop. Similarly, you cannot record meetings using the free version of Google Meet. If you’re attending a meeting from another organization and are not the co-host of the conference, you will have inadequate permission to record the session.

Is Recording Option Free in Google Meet?

No, the option to record is limited to only some of the paid packages of Google Workspace. You cannot record a session if you are using a free version of Google Meet. Before purchasing a package from Google Meet, always make sure to compare the versions to see if the version supports recording Google Meet.

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