How To Reset Network Settings On IPhone

When you’re having connectivity issues with your network, resetting the iPhone’s network settings is one of the fail-proof troubleshooting methods. Resetting your network means removing all data about your currently known networks. This affects networks, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data, and such.

This feature includes erasing your Wi-Fi name and passwords, login records, devices paired through Bluetooth, previously used VPN and APN settings, and custom DNS server settings. After resetting your networks, you’ll need to later reenter the credentials on the iPhone. 

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone?

If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve tried other simple network troubleshooting methods before proceeding to reset network settings. For instance, restart your router, reconnect your network and disconnect and re-pair your Bluetooth devices. You may also check if there are any issues with the lightning cable. 

Here are some easy steps on how you can change network settings on your iPhone.

  1. Go to your Settings.
  2. Next, select General
  3. Scroll and tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone
  4. Go to Reset and then Reset Network Settings
  5. Enter your passcode to continue. 

The above steps are for iOS 15 and 16. If you’re on an older iOS version like 14 or earlier, follow these steps to reset network settings:

  1. Go to Settings and then General
  2. Tap on Reset and then select Reset Network Settings

When you reset network settings on your iPhone, here is a detailed view on all the changes that will take place: 

  • Data + data roaming is off and removes data usage stats 
  • Wifi- networks SSID are removed. 
  • Bluetooth preferences – visibility timeout and bluetooth display names are changed to default settings. 
  • VPN is turned off and login credentials are erased. 

Is it Safe to Reset Network Settings?

Resetting Network Settings is unlike resetting your other data or performing a factory reset. So, it is safe to change your network settings. This setting will only affect your network-related information and not other data, like your Contacts, Photos, and such. 

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