How To Send Apps Via Bluetooth?

You might be used to transferring files such as pictures and videos with Bluetooth. But, did you know sending apps through Bluetooth is just as easy? This method comes in handy, especially if you are unable to download apps from the internet or if it is removed from the play store.

Before You Begin   

You can’t directly send apps via Bluetooth on other devices. Before transferring apps, you must first use a third-party tool to convert them to.apk format.

Install the apk converting app on the sender’s device. For reference, we have selected an APK extractor to perform this activity.

  1. Open the APK extractor app.
  2. Find and simply tap on the app. Then, your app will be converted to APK.
  3. You can find the converted app on your file manager. In my case, it’s inside File Manager > Storage > ExtractedAPks.

How to Send Apps via Bluetooth?

Once you’ve converted the app, you’re ready to start sending apps. But remember that the sender and recipient should be close together and that there is no interference while transferring. 

Sending Apps From Android to Android

Android users can easily send apps to each other if they have an APK file. Here’s how you can do it.  

Step 1: Go to Bluetooth Settings

Once you enter the Bluetooth settings, turn it On for both the sender and receiver devices. Then, follow the below steps.

  1. From the sender’s mobile, tap on the receiver device’s name.
  2. Then, a pop-up menu will appear. Tap Pair on both devices and Allow the necessary permission if prompted. Now, your devices will be paired and ready to share apps.

Step 2: Sending Apps

Depending on the app size and Bluetooth technology, sending apps may take a while. If the app size is small and both phones support Bluetooth 5.0 or higher, your apps may transfer quickly. 

  1. From the sender’s mobile, find the APK app and long tap on it.
  2. Tap Send.
  3. Now, under the share files via. Select Bluetooth.
  4. Then, tap on the receivers Paired device to send the app.
  5. Now, tap Accept from the receiver device.

Step 3: Installing the Apps

Once the app is successfully transferred to the receiver device, now it’s time to install it.

  1. On the notification file, you will find the received file. Tap on it. (If you don’t see it there, you can go to the files manager and open it from there)
  2. Tap on the file again and then tap Install.
  3. Once the file is installed, tap open.

Sending Apps From PC to Android

If you want to transfer apps from PC to Android, the app’s format should be in .apk format to make it work on Android. Else, the apps won’t install on your phone. If you have an APK file to send, follow the below steps.  

  1. Toggle on Bluetooth on both devices.
  2. Launch the Bluetooth settings on your PC.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and Click Send or receive files via Bluetooth.
  4. Click on Send files.
  5. Select the Android phone. Then, tap Next.
  6. Browse the Apk file you want to send to the phone. Then, tap Next.
  7. Once the transfer is complete, you can install it on your Android.

Still Unable to Send Apps?

There are other alternative ways to send apps from Android to Android. You may be unaware, but you can use your play store to send apps. Also, there are a few third-party apps that make the process extremely easy.

Use Playstore

If you are still having problems sending apps through Bluetooth, you can do it through Google Playstore.

  1. Open the play store on both the sender and receiver’s mobile.
  2. Tap on your Profile.
  3. Go to Manage apps and devices.
  4. If you are a sender, tap on Send. (Give necessary permission if prompted)
  5. Then, select the apps you want to send and tap the send icon.
  6. If you are a receiver, follow the same steps until you go to manage apps and devices.
  7. Now, tap Receive. (Give necessary permission if prompted)
  8. From the sender’s mobile, it will search for a receiver. Once it finds the receiver device, tap on its name. Then, tap receive. (It will start installing on your phone)

Use Third-Party Apps

There’s no official way to share apps via Bluetooth from Android to Apple devices or vice versa. So, you may need to use third-party apps. You can try apps like ShareIt, Xender, etc. These apps are also supported on the PC platform. So, you can use it to transfer files from mobile to PC or vice-versa. 

However, you shouldn’t blindly trust some of these third-party apps because they can steal your data or infect your phone.

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