How To Sign Out Of One Google Account?

It is normal for us to have at least two or more Google accounts on our devices. Although you may be inactive on some, you will keep receiving mail notifications on your device. So, you might be looking for a way to sign out of only one account.

But, many users are having trouble doing so as they can see only the “Sign out of all devices option. Well, there are a few tips to navigate through the Sign out button for a single account. Once you locate it, you can log out or completely remove it from your browser and mobile apps.

How to Sign Out of One Google Account?

By default, you can remove your Google account on all devices at once. However, depending on the device or browser, you can also find several other ways to sign out of only one account. Let’s check out each in detail below.

On Browser

If you are using a Google account on a browser, there are two ways to sign out of one Google account. You can sign out of all accounts and then remove your intended single account. Similarly, another way is to sign out of your account from each device. It works both on PC and mobile browsers.

Below, we have compiled the steps taking the Google Chrome browser as a reference. You can check it out.

Sign Out and Remove One Account

  1. Launch Google on your browser.
  2. Then, on the top-right, next to Google Apps, click on your Profile icon.
  3. Choose Sign Out of all accounts.
  4. Click Continue if prompted.
  5. Now, again, on your Google page, navigate to Sign In menu at the upper right. 
  6. Choose an Account appears on your screen to Sign In.
  7. Pick Remove an account option.
  8. Click the Delete (-) icon to remove account.
  9. Confirm by choosing Yes, remove on the pop-up
  10. You can sign in to your preferred account only.

Sign Out Through Devices

  1. On a web browser, launch
  2. If prompted, Log in to the account you wish to sign out.
  3. Click on Security. Then, scroll to locate Your devices.
  4. Choose Manage all devices.
  5. Click on Device.
  6. Choose Sign Out.
  7. Again, pick Sign out on the pop-up to confirm.
  8. You should see Signed Out on your device.
  9. Now, repeat the process for all devices.

On iPhone

For iPhone users, Apple ID is the default account. So, to sign out of your one Google account, you need to navigate to the Gmail app. You can find the toggle-off option for signing out. Moreover, you can also choose to remove the account on your device. Here are the steps for it.

  1. Launch Gmail application.
  2. On the upper-right, tap on your Profile icon with an image or name initial.
  3. Now, tap Manage accounts on this device.
  4. From the lists, you can locate the account and drag the Toggle Left to sign out.
  5. Tap Done to confirm.
  6. If you wish to remove that account from the device, again, go to Manage accounts on this device screen.
  7. Then, on your preferred account, tap Remove from this device.

Note: When you remove the account, it will not delete the account permanently.

On Android

For Android devices, a Google account is the default account. So, two ways exist to sign out of one account on your device. You can do it from the Gmail app or from your phone settings. You can follow the steps given below.

Here’re the steps to remove account from Gmail App.

  1. Launch Gmail application.
  2. Tap on your Profile icon at the upper right corner.
  3. Open Manage accounts on this device.
  4. From the lists, Click on your Preferred account.
  5. Then, tap Remove account option.
  6. Again, pick Remove account to confirm.

Alternatively, you can also do it from the Settings app on your phone.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Accounts and backup > Manage accounts.
  3. Locate and tap on your Google account.
  4. Select Remove account.
    Select Remove account
  5. Again, choose Remove account.
    choose Remove account

How to Sign Out of All Google Accounts at Once?

Signing out of all Google accounts at once is easy, as you can find the default option on your profile settings. However, you can do this only from your PC’s web browser. You can follow the given steps below.

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Hover over your Profile icon on the upper right corner and click on it.
  3. Click on Sign out of all accounts.
    Click on Sign out of all accounts

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