How To Transfer Save Data From PS4 To PS5?

It’s not as easy as it should be, but there’s an easy method, a seamless process. Still, the interfaces and services are different on both consoles. Therefore, you must learn a few tricks to transfer save data from PS4 to PS5. 

Transferring your saved data won’t overwrite your PS5 console. Moreover, you can do it during the initial PS5 setup or at any other moment.

How to Transfer Save Data From PS4 To PS5

ps4 to ps5 data transfer

The PS4 is getting close to the end of the road, and we can’t deny the PS5 is impressive. If you want to make the final switch, there’re some things you need to know first.

  • Some PS4 games won’t let you transfer your data to the PS5. For example, Minecraft is not officially available or retro-compatible for PS5.
  • The process is easier if you have a PS Plus account.
  • PS4 game discs you own won’t transfer to the PS5. Most likely, you’ll have to repurchase these titles again as a digital copy.
  • If it’s a compatible game, you can insert the PS4 disc on the PS4 (non-digital edition) and play it.
  • Most games you transfer over will require an additional download or update.
  • You may require uploading the saved file manually for some games. It means using the disk to transfer the saved data. 

Let’s check how to transfer save data from PS4 to PS5 and games. The methods include using the network (Wifi or Ethernet), PlayStation Plus, or an extended storage drive.

Initial steps

First off, you must get your consoles ready to transfer data. Here’s what you should do: 

  1. Update the PS4 and the PS5 to their latest software version
  2. Ensure you’re using the same PlayStation Network account on both consoles
  3. Ensure both consoles are plugged wifi the same wifi

On top of that, you need to understand what you can and can’t migrate from one console to another.

What you can migrate
What you can’t migrate
Users and system settings
Saved data of other PSN users
Games, apps, and saved data for games
Trophy information not synced with the PlayStation Network
Screenshots and videoclips
Password data (like Netflix or Amazon passwords)

Sync Your Trophies

Because the data transfer won’t migrate the trophy information, I’m explaining how to manually save it:

  1. On your home screen, go to Trophies ps4 trophies
  2. Press the Options button on your controller options button ps4 controller
  3. Select Sync with PlayStation Network. It will work even if you don’t have a PS Plus account sync trophies

This way, you’ll get your achievements on the PS5 as soon as you log in to your account.

Transfer Save Data Using the Network

The first method is automatic during your initial PS5 setup. In other words, if you plug the PS4 into a PS5 with the Ethernet cable during the setup, it will happen immediately.

Therefore, we’re teaching you how to reset the PS5 later on. However, there’s an alternative. Even if your console is already up and running, you can use the Data Transfer menu to initiate the transfer.

Also, even though this method is the easiest one, we’re explaining it step by step.

Update the PS4

The first portion is updating the PS4. Let’s see how to manually update the older console in case the PS4 is not updating its games and software automatically:

  1. On your PS4, go to Settings ps4 settings
  2. Select System Software Update system software update
  3. If there’s an update available, select “Update Now” and follow the tutorial to complete the process. After it finishes, the PS4 will restart. 

Update the PS5

If the PS5 skipped an update, here’s how to manually put it up to date:

  1. Go to Settings ps5 settings
  2. Select System system reset options ps5
  3. Select System Software
  4. Select System Software Update and Settings ps5 system software update
  5. If there’s an update available, select Update System Software and follow the tutorial update system sofrware ps5

Transfer the Data Between the PS4 and the PS5

Your PS4 should be ready to transfer data to the PS5 through the newer console’s Data Transfer menu. The feature will pass over apps, games, and saved data from the PS4 to the PS5

If you haven’t done its initial setup, ensure you log in to the same wifi network and PS5 account. Then, follow the screen prompts to complete the data transfer. However, if your PS5 is already running, do the steps below: 

  1. On your PS5, make sure you use the same profile and network as the PS4.
  2. Also, plug the PS5 into the PS4 with an Ethernet cable. This is optional, but it makes the transfer faster.
  3. Go to Settings ps5 settings
  4. Go to System ps5 system menu
  5. Select System Software
  6. Select Data Transfer data transfer option ps5
  7. Turn on your PS4 (You don’t need to do anything on your PS4 other than turn it on)
  8. Select Continue  continue with data transfer
  9. The PS5 will search for the older console. Once it finds it, it will ask you to press the PS4’s power button for one second until it beeps. Do that power button ps4 data transfer
  10. Select the data you want to transfer by checking the items. Alternatively, you can choose “Select All.”
  11. Select Next select saved data
  12. Select the games and apps you want to transfer, and select Next select games and apps for data transfer
  13. Select Start Transfer to begin the process confirm data transfer
  14. Wait for the process to finish. It will happen in the background, so you can use the console as it happens. Even if the PS5 restarts, the data transfer will continue as long as the PS4 is on and connected to the newer console.

After the process, compatible games and apps will be in your Library, but you may need to download an extra patch or update to play them. 

Also, the method enables you to transfer games, apps, and saved data from the PS4’s internal storage and an external USB storage plugged into the console. 

If you can’t find the data for a particular game, you’d probably have to play that game with its physical disc.

How to Reset the PS5

Of course, the process works better during the initial PS5 setup. So, if you’re wondering, here’s how to factory reset your PS5:

  1. On the PS5’s home page, go to Settings ps5 settings
  2. Go to System ps5 system menu
  3. Select System Software
  4. Select Reset Options system reset options ps5
  5. Select Reset your Console reset options
  6. Select Reset reset your console ps5

The PS5 will restart and take you back through the initial setup process. It means you’d be able to transfer data from the PS4 in easy mode. 

Transfer Save Data Using an USB Drive

There’s an alternative way to transfer your games and save data from the PS4 and the PS5. You’d need to use a USB flash drive or a portable HDD / SSD storage.

Either device requires a USB 3.0 connection to work and can range from 250GB to 8TB of storage.

That said, there’re three parts to this. First, you plug and format the storage on the PS4 if you’re not using one already. Then, you pass over your data, games, and apps. Lastly, you transfer the data to the PS5.

Format the External Storage on the PS4

The first step is formatting the drive to work with the PS4. If you’re already using one with the console, skip this step. Otherwise, follow the instructions: 

  1. Plug the external drive to the console via its USB cable
  2. Select Settings ps4 settings
  3. Select Devices devices ps4
  4. Choose USB Storage Devices usb storage device
  5. Select your drive
  6. Choose “Format as extended storage.format storage drive

Transfer Save Data to the Extended Storage

  1. On your PS4, go to Settings ps4 settings
  2. Select Application Saved Data Management application saved data management ps4
  3. Choose Saved Data in System Storage saved data in system storage ps4
  4. Choose ” Copy to USB Storage Devicecopy saved data to usb storage
  5. Select the data you want to move delete saved data
  6. Select Copy
  7. Confirm the process confirm saved data transfer to usb

Transfer Games and Apps to the Extended Storage

Similarly, you can move apps and games to the external storage. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Go to Settings ps4 settings
  2. Select Storage storage ps4
  3. Select System Storage
  4. Select Applicationssystem storage menu ps4
  5. Highlight the app or game select system storage
  6. Press the controller’s Option button options button ps4 controller
  7. Select Move to Extended Storage move to extended storage
  8. Repeat the process for every game and app you’d like to move to your PS4 

Transfer Data From the Extended Drive to the PS5

Go back to the PS5 to transfer all of your goodies like so: 

  1. Plug the USB drive on the PS5. The console will read the drive automatically
  2. Go to Settings ps5 settings
  3. Select Saved Data and Game/App Settings saved data ps5
  4. Select Saved Data (PS4)
  5. Select USB Drivetransfer ps4 data to ps5
  6. Select the data you want to copy, and confirm by selecting Copy ps4 transfer save data to ps5 with usb drive

As for the games, you can play PS4 titles straight from the USB drive. You’d find them in your Library.

Otherwise, simply putting the PS4 game disc on the PS5 would prompt an update install and allow you to play it. Also, some titles migrate their saved data through the disk, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Transfer Save Data Using Your PlayStation Plus Account

If you have a PS Plus account, the process becomes easier. It’s about uploading the saved data on the cloud from the PS4 and then downloading it on the PS5.

Upload Your Saved Data to the Cloud

Let’s complete the first part on the PS4: 

  1. Go to Settings ps4 settings
  2. Click Application Saved Data Management saved data ps4
  3. Select Saved Data in System Storage application saved data management ps4
  4. Select Upload to Online Storage upload to cloud
  5. Select the files you want to upload and confirm by selecting Upload select saved data to upload

Download Saved Data From the Cloud on the PS5

Lastly, on your PS5, here’re the steps to get back your saved data from the cloud:

  1. Go to Settings ps5 settings
  2. Select Saved Data and Game/App Settings saved data ps5
  3. Select Saved Data (PS4)
  4. Select Cloud Storage cloud storage download ps5
  5. Select the data you want to download, and confirm

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