How To Transfer Servers In ARK Survival

You can move your player character, items, and dinosaurs from one ARK server to another. While there are limits on which servers you can transfer between, they’re relatively generous, and you can move a lot of items and creatures between compatible servers.

Most transfers are done at the Obelisks or with a Tek Transmitter. 

How Does Transferring Servers Work on ARK Survival?

When you transfer a server, you upload your character data, items, and dinosaurs from one server to another. There are a few things to remember when planning a transfer:

  • You can only transfer within a server cluster. In other words, the servers have to be set up so they’re linked together to transfer characters, dinosaurs, and items between them. The server owners have to be the ones to set that up.
  • You can only transfer from an official server to an official server or from an unofficial server to an unofficial server – and only if they’re clustered together. 
  • You can move from a PVP server to another PVP server or from a PVE server to another PVE server, but you can’t transfer from PVP to PVE or vice versa. 
  • You don’t have to only move between the same maps. You can transfer from The Island to Crystal Isles, for example.
  • You can only move between maps that you own. If you try to transfer to a map you don’t own, you risk losing your character. 
  • You can’t move artifacts between servers. If you’re trying to summon bosses, you must get the artifacts on the map where you’ll do the summoning. 
  • You can’t move specific boss trophies, element, gacha crystals, coal, plant species X seeds, full fish baskets, or mistletoe between servers.
  • Not all creatures can be transferred between servers or maps.
  • While you can transfer creatures in cryopods in your inventory, there are some drawbacks and considerations to be aware of that I’ll detail later. 
  • Always save a backup of your world before doing any transferring in case you have to undo it later. Some people have lost characters or items during the process. A backup ensures that it’s easy to return to your world as needed. 

The process of transferring is pretty straightforward. The hardest part is gathering what you want to carry with you. There is no transfer process for items that aren’t in your inventory.

How to Transfer Servers on ARK Survival

When you’re ready to transfer from one server to another, you need to find a console. These are the devices that let you connect to the other servers. Fortunately, they’re effortless to find! Just look for the enormous obelisks at various points on the map. The consoles are located at their bases.

  1. Approach the console at the base of the obelisk.obelisk
  2. Press E to open the inventory.
  3. Click Upload Survivor.upload-survivor
  4. Click Accept.
  5. Exit the game and go to the main menu.
  6. Open the server to which you’re transferring.
  7. Click Download Survivor at the character creation screen.
  8. Choose to spawn as usual.

This is how you take your survivor from one server to another. If you want to transfer items, follow the next set of instructions.

  1. Approach the console.
  2. Press E to open its inventory.
  3. Click the ARK Data tab.ark-data-tab
  4. Drag the items you want to transfer from your inventory into the console’s inventory.
  5. Exit the game and go to the main menu.
  6. Open the server to which you’re transferring.
  7. Log on with a character.
  8. Approach an obelisk.
  9. Press F to open its inventory.
  10. Select the ARK Data tab.
  11. Drag the items into your inventory. 

The process for moving tamed creatures between servers is very similar. However, you must have the creature near the console for this to work, which can be hazardous as dangerous enemies are often located near obelisks. Be prepared and keep your tame safe. 

Remember, tames can only be transferred every 12 hours. Plan accordingly. 

  1. Bring your tame near the console. 
  2. Press E to open the console’s inventory.
  3. Click the Creatures tab.creature-transfer-tabs
  4. Click the tame you want to upload in the list. If it isn’t appearing, it isn’t close enough to the console, or it isn’t eligible for transfer.
  5. Click the paw print icon at the top to initiate the upload.
  6. Exit the game and go to the main menu.
  7. Log onto the server where you want to download your tame.
  8. Approach an obelisk.
  9. Press F to open its inventory.
  10. Click the Creatures tab.
  11. Click the tame you want to upload from the list at the bottom.
  12. Press the paw print icon to move the creature to the new server. The tame will appear in the spawn zone, which must be empty, or you might experience issues with your game.

Creatures can’t be transferred with an active inventory or a saddle. These items will be destroyed when you switch between servers.

Using a Tek Transmitter to Transfer


You can also use a Tek Transmitter to transfer your characters, items, and tames between servers. The rules are the same as those for using a console – you won’t be able to get around any of the guidelines or restrictions. However, using a Tek Transmitter can be more convenient for some players.

You can only get it after defeating the Dragon or the Crystal Wyvern Queen. 

Once you access the Tek Transmitter’s inventory, it works the same way as the console. The benefit to using it is that it can be placed almost anywhere.

Crafting the Tek Transmitter


Once you can access the Tek Transmitter by unlocking the engram, you can craft it in the Tek Replicator. You must have the following ingredients to make it.

  • 40 Element
  • 80 Black pearls
  • 250 crystal. You can swap these out for primal crystal, but primal crystal is much more difficult to obtain. 
  • 320 polymer. You can also use organic polymer or corrupted nodules.
  • 2500 metal ingots. Scrap metal ingots also work.

Fighting the Dragon

You can find the Dragon on The Island, Ragnarock, and Valguero. You have to use the obelisk on these maps to summon the Dragon. Once you’ve emerged victorious from the fight, you’ll be able to use a variety of tek engrams, including the Tek Transmitter. 

To summon the Dragon, use:

  • Allosaurus Brain
  • Basilosaurus Blubber
  • Giganotosaurus Heart
  • Tusoteuthis Tentacle
  • Tyrannosaurus Arm
  • Yutyrannus Lungs
  • Artifact of the Cunning
  • Artifact of the Immune
  • Artifact of the Skyloard
  • Artifact of the Strong

Once these items are placed in the Tribute section of the console’s inventory at the obelisk, you can start your fight with The Dragon. 

Fighting the Crystal Wyvern Queen

The Crystal Wyvern Queen is available to fight on the Crystal Isles map. You have to engage in combat with her to unlock late-game tek engrams, including the Tek Transmitter.

Leave the following items in the Tribute section of a console’s inventory at any obelisk on Crystal Isles to summon the Crystal Wyvern Queen.

  • Ten primal crystals. That number increases to 20 or 30 if you’re doing beta or alpha difficulty.
  • Five crystal talons. That number increases to 20 or 15 if you’re doing beta or alpha difficulty.
  • 1 Alpha crystal talon. Increase it to 3 or 5 talons if you’re increasing the difficulty.
  • Artifact of the Brute, Artifact of the Devious, Artifact of the Immune, Artifact of the Massive, and Artifact of the Skylord for gamma difficulty. 
  • Artifact of the Clever, Artifact of the Cunning, Artifact of the Depths, Artifact of the Devourer, Artifact of the Hunter, and Artifact of the Strong if you’re doing beta difficulty. 
  • Artifact of the Crag, Artifact of the Destroyer, Artifact of the Gatekeeper, Artifact of the Lost, Artifact of the Pack, ARtifact of the Shadows, and Artifact of the Stalker if you’re doing alpha difficulty. 

In addition to the tek engrams, you’ll also get a trophy, element, and the Crystal Wyvern Queen flag once you defeat this boss. 

Other Considerations for Transferring Servers in ARK

Transferring servers also has other considerations, especially if you plan to transfer dinosaurs in cryopods. These ingenious little devices can store even the largest dinos, but you risk losing your tames if you transfer them this way. Always save a backup so you can return to an earlier save in case things don’t go well. 

  • Sometimes dinosaurs transferred in a cryopod lose their stats, including their level, color, and even gender. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to have a backup because if you have a high level difficult tame, it’s very disappointing to see it lose its stats.
  • Dinosaurs transferred in a cryopod can’t be released just because the cryopod survives the transfer. Some maps don’t allow you to bring particular creatures out of cryopods.transfer-dino-in-cryopods

Players tend to have more luck transferring items if they keep the item in their inventory for at least 15 minutes before making the transfer. Find something to do for a bit before initiating the upload to ensure you don’t lose your item. 

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