How To Turn Off Phone Without Power Button (Android And IPhone)

You may believe that pressing the power button on your phone is required to turn it off. But what if you accidentally break it or don’t have access to it? Is it possible to turn off your phone without the power button?

Turns out, you can. We’ve compiled a few simple and easy-to-follow guide that caters to both iPhone and Android phones. 

How to Turn Off Phone Without Power Button on Android

There are numerous hidden methods to turn off your Android phone without using the power button. Some of these methods can be complicated but not hard to follow.

Turn Off Phone From Settings

You can do a lot from your settings, including turning off your phone. Android phones can have different settings depending on the brand. But, every phone has this fundamental setting. 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Search for the Power Off and click on it.
    This option may be named differently. So, if that doesn’t show up, try searching for either Switch Off, Shut Down, or Turn Off.
  3. You can now view all your main settings.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Power Off option.  

You can turn off the phone using this method, but you won’t be able to turn it back on without using the power button.

Turn Off Phone With Scheduled Power Off button

For turning it off and on, you can use the Scheduled Power Off feature. 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Search for the Scheduled Power Off option in the search bar.Scheduled Power Off Option 
  3. Schedule the time to turn off your phone. 

You can schedule when you want your phone to be turned off and it will work accordingly. 

Turn Off Phone from the Assistant Menu

Almost all Android phones already have the Accessibility feature. It is a tiny floating box that helps you perform various actions with just one tap. It is similar to the Assistive touch on the iPhone. Once you enable this feature, you can turn off your phone easily. 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Look for Accessibility in the search bar.
     Shortcuts and AccesibilityOn Samsung phones, you can enable the Assistant menu from the Interaction and Dexterity option. On other phones, like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, you can search for Accessibility and directly enable the Accessibility Menu shortcut.Accessibility Settings
  3. Once you’ve enabled the floating box, tap on it and find the power button. Accessibility Menu Power Button

It’s best to note that you may need to enable a navigation bar on some phones to access Accessibility. So, if you’re having some problems, checking the navigation bar can help. 

Turn Off Phone Using Third-Party Apps

For another easier alternative, using a third-party app can help. Power Menu is one such app that’s simple to use. 

  1. Install Power Menu from the play store and open it.  
  2. Select Take me to Settings screen option.Permissions Required 
  3. Grant Accessibility permission to the app.
  4. Now, go back to the app and tap on Open Power Menu.Open Power Menu
  5. Now, you can select the Power off option

Note: If your phone is running on low battery, you may not need to take any steps as your phone will turn off automatically. Simply, turn your phone back on by plugging it into your power adapter.

How to Turn Off an iPhone Without Power Button

The solutions for the iPhone are similar to Android phones. You can turn off your phone from Siri, settings, and Assistive touch. Let’s go into detail on those. 

Turn Off iPhone Using Siri or Google Assistant 

You can simply command Siri with your voice to turn off your phone. Unfortunately, Siri can only lock your screen and cannot enable Shut Down. Still, this ability is handy if you are busy cooking or doing something else and can’t touch your phone.

As for Google Assistant, it can neither lock nor power off your phone. However, Google might introduce this feature in the future.   

Turn Off iPhone From Settings 

  • Simply go to Settings and then, General.
  • Scroll up to find the Shut Down button at the bottom of the page. Shutdown Iphone
  • Tap on it and then slide the power off button to the right side. 

Turn Off iPhone with Assistive Touch 

If you don’t already have Assistive Touch enabled, you can do it from your settings. 

  1. Go to Accessibility.Iphone Accessibility
  2. Select Touch and go to Assistive Touch.
  3. Slide the toggle to enable Assistive Touch.Assistive Touch On
  4. Tap on the Assistive Touch circle on your screen and select Device.Device Assistive Touch
  5. Tap on Lock Screen.Lock Screen Assistive Touch
  6. This icon will not shut down your iPhone. But, if you want to restart your phone, tap on More and select Restart.Assistive Touch Iphone

How Do I My Phone Back on?

You’ve turned off your iPhone without a power button using one of the above methods. But how to turn it back on? 

Since the buttons don’t work, we can only rely on one thing, and that’s charging your phone. Simply allow your battery to drain. Once drained completely, plug the cable into your phone, and an Apple logo should automatically show up.

It’s best to remember that these solutions are quite inconvenient for daily use. So, we encourage you to repair your power button when to avoid any further damage.

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