How To Update Games On PS4 And PS5

You’ll see two ways when you learn how to update games on PS4 and PS5. You can let it happen automatically or update individual titles manually.

All you need is an internet connection and the latest software update for the system. Every file comes through the PlayStation Store, so there’s no need to visit other web pages to get an update. 

The process is rather similar on the PS4 and the PS5. But because these consoles don’t share interfaces, we’re explaining each separately.

Automatic vs. Manual Games Updates on PlayStation

update games on ps4

Like the console’s software, the PS4 and the PS5 update games and apps through the PlayStation Store.

Updates fix issues like bugs, crashes, or glitches. Moreover, it adds new content and deletes old content. They can also improve performance, balance the experience, and introduce new mechanics.

You can’t play multiplayer games without installing the latest updates. Luckily, you can enable automatic updates and forget about them altogether. In particular, the console may update games while on Rest Mode. 

However, suppose your connection is unstable, or you don’t play too often. In that case, you may need to update your games and apps manually. Additionally, random bugs can prevent the automatic system from working normally. 

Also, you can save broadband connections and energy by disabling automatic updates while on rest mode. As a result, you’d need to do some manual updates. 

How to Download Games on PS4 Automatically?

You need to enable three settings to ensure your PS4 downloads games automatically:

  • Enabling Rest Mode downloads
  • Enabling games and apps automatic updates
  • Accessing Rest Mode

Enable Rest Mode Downloads on the PS4

The first step is ensuring the console can download games and updates while on Stand-by mode. 

  1. Go to Settings on the PS4’s Home ps4 settings
  2. Go to Power Saving Settings ps4 power save settings
  3. Select Set Features Available in Rest Mode ps4 set features available in rest mode
  4. Enable Stay Connected to the Internet
  5. Enable Turning On PS4 from Network. This option allows you to use the PlayStation App or Remote Play to turn on the console or purchase and download games ps4 enable rest mode download

These settings will allow your console to download all pending content while on its standby mode, Rest Mode. Rest Mode saves energy, lowers the heat, works silently, and is more efficient in using the internet.

These features are also available for the PlayStation 5. In particular, keeping games and apps up to date is the easiest way to fix PS5 crashes

Enable Automatic Downloads on PS4

The next step is enabling automatic games and apps downloads:

  1. Go to Settings ps4 settings
  2. Select System ps4 system settings
  3. Select Automatic Downloads ps4 automatic downloads
  4. Tick the System Software Update Files box
  5. Tick the Application Update Files box automatic download features ps4

These features mean every game or app requiring an update will update automatically, as long as your PS4 is on or in Rest Mode. However, you can’t play or use games or apps while they are downloading content.

Enable Rest Mode on PS4

Lastly, you’d want to learn how to enable the PS4’s Rest Mode:

  1. Press and hold the controller PS button to open the Quick Menu ps button playstation controller
  2. Select Power
  3. Select Enter Rest Mode enter rest mode
  4. The power light on the controller will turn orange, which indicates the console has entered into standby mode. 

How to Update Games on PS4 Manually?

The secondary option to update games and apps is manual updates. This is the case if you prefer skipping the Rest Mode features or if your connection is not very reliable.

Here’re the steps: 

  1. Hover to the game or app you want to update on your Home Page
  2. Press the Options button on the controller options button ps4 controller
  3. On the side menu, select Check for Update check for update
  4. If the game is updated to its latest version, you’ll see this message: “The Installed application is the latest version.” check for update
  5. If there’s an update available, select Go To – Downloads to download the update file manual updates ps4
  6. You should see the update file on the Downloads page download updates

How to Access the Downloads Page on PS4

PS4 games, apps, patches, and updates become available after download.

All these commands go to the Download page, where you can manage all downloading content.

The download list is hidden in the Notifications menu. Here’s how to access and manage the items:

  1. Press the Up button on your controller (on the left analog stick) up button
  2. On the What’s New area, select Notifications
  3. Scroll down to downloads
  4. From this menu, you can pause or cancel downloads

How to Download Games on PS5 Automatically?

The process is the same on the newer console. it means we’re going through three steps:

  • Enable Rest Mode downloads
  • Enable automatic updates
  • Enter Rest Mode 

Enable Rest Mode Downloads on PS5

Here’re the first steps:

  1. Go to Settings ps5 settings
  2. Select System ps5 system menu
  3. Select Power Saving
  4. Select Features Available in Rest Mode features available in rest mode ps5
  5. Enable Stay Connected to the Internet
  6. Enable Turning On PS5 from Network. As before, it allows you to use Remote Play or the PlayStation App enable updates ps5

Enable Automatic Downloads on the PS5

The PS5 has settings to enable auto-updates. You may want to check them to keep the system, apps, and games updated:

  1. Go to Settings ps5 settings
  2. Select Saved Data and Game/App Settings save data menu ps5
  3. Select Automatic Updates automatic updates
  4. Enable Auto-Download
  5. Enable Auto-Install in Rest Mode enable automatic updates ps5

You don’t have to worry anymore after turning these features on.

Enter Rest Mode in PS5

Lastly, you should learn how to enter Rest Mode on the PS5. As on the PS4, it is a standby operation that saves power, heat, and broadband. Still, it can download games and apps, even those you purchase on the PlayStation App. 

  1. Press the PS button on the controller playstation 5 ps button controller
  2. Select Power
  3. Select Enter Rest Mode enter rest mode ps5

How to Update Games on PS5 Manually?

Lastly, you can check your games and apps on your dashboard and see if they require an update.

These are the instructions for the manual process:}

  1. Turn on the PS5
  2. Go to the Home Screen
  3. Head to the top of the menu
  4. Select the Games tab games tab
  5. Scroll to the game you want to update
  6. Press the Options button on your controller ps5 options b utton
  7. Select Check for Update on the new menu check for update  ps5

This method will help you find updates on the PS5 missed and handle the process immediately. 

How to Access the downloads page on PS5

The PS5 download history is easily accessible. The menu allows you you pause, play, and cancel downloads.

Here’s how to access the download menu: 

  1. Press the PS button on your controller to open the Control Center playstation 5 ps button controller
  2. Select Download/Uploads (it has a downward point arrow icon) download updates ps5

Here, you’ll see all of the downloads in process. You can press the controller’s options button to pause all downloads if you’re having online issues. 

You can also highlight a download and press the Options button to prioritize that game or app on the queue. 

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