IPad Sound Not Working? Try These Fixes

The first thing to check when your iPad is not making any sound at all is to see if it’s on Silent Mode. Besides this, if your iPad is making distorted sound or keeps pausing at times, the reasons point towards software-related issues. For instance, the iOS might be outdated, or you might be facing network issues. Then, also check if there is any hardware damage to your iPad speakers. 

Check if iPad is on Silent Mode

This is a feature you can find from the Control Center. There are chances that someone else might’ve accidentally enabled the Silent Mode. When this mode is turned on, all the sound effects while tapping or typing, or any media doesn’t play

To turn off the Silent Mode, follow these steps: 

  1. Reveal the Control Center by swiping down from the upper-right corner on your iPad. 
  2. If you can see a red bell icon, it denotes that the Silent Mode is on. Tap on the icon to turn it off. Now, the icon will display in gray. 

If you have an earlier version of the iPad, check the Ring/Silent switch on the side of the device. If you can see that the button has the red side showing, it means that your iPad is on Silent mode. Move the switch forward and it will be back to Ringer Mode.

Force Reset iPad

Some unknown apps on the iPad might be using the microphone, leading to no sound at all or muffled sound. You can always delete such suspicious apps. But in the meantime, you can restart your iPad. Doing so will turn off and restart all the apps, which can help bring back the sound. 


First, hold down the top button as well as the Home button. Continue doing this until you can see the Apple logo.  Then, let go of the buttons. 

Disconnect Devices Paired with Bluetooth

If you have other devices, like headphones connected via Bluetooth right now, your iPad will not play any sound. So, check and disconnect any such devices. 

  1. Swipe down from the upper-right corner on your iPad to open the Control Center. 
  2. Tap on Bluetooth and check any connected devices. 
  3. Select the device once to disconnect. 

You may also tap on the Bluetooth icon once to turn it off entirely. 

Reset Network Settings

The iPad may not play sound properly if there are issues with networks, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, or such. In a few easy steps, you can reset network settings. What this does is reset all your networks and remove any data about them. For instance, you’ll lose your Wi-Fi passwords and will need to pair devices via Bluetooth again. 

To reset network settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and then tap on General
    tap on General.
  2. Select Reset > Reset Network Settings

Update iOS 

Audio issues on the iPad can be one of the bugs that sometimes come with certain iOS versions. To verify if that is the case, try updating your software. 

  1. Go to Settings and then tap General
  2. Select Software Update
  3. Download and install any available updates. 

On the other hand, new iOS version updates can also include bugs. One way to fix it is by downgrading the iOS. For a detailed guide on downgrading your iOS version, give this article a read. 

Clean iPad Speakers 

If your iPad is quite old, there are probably accumulated dirt particles in your speakers. As a result, you might hear muffled or distorted sound. 

Cleaning the speakers can help the audio become clearer. To clean your iPad speakers, don’t use sharp objects or rinse with water. Instead, use a small cotton swab or a soft-bristled brush/toothbrush. Make sure to clean the headphone jack as well.

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